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    Nobody Saw Them Arrive // Literate Rune Dragon Roleplay//



    Nobody Saw Them Arrive // Literate Rune Dragon Roleplay//

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    Nobody saw the letters arrive.

    But there they were; innocuous things in plain white envelopes, left in plain sight, in places they never should have been. On the front, in a nondescript hand, the name of the recipient lay alone.

    Did you open your letter? Most did. Human curiosity is a wonderfully predictable thing. What did you find? A date, yes, a venue... But that wasn't what caught your interest, what held it. What kindled your interest was the assurance that you were not the only recipient.

    And what took your breath away was one word or phrase, one intensely personal, secret word or phrase, printed nonchalantly on the bottom of the summons for the world to see.

    Did you go to the Dancing Dragons Inn? Do you await an explanation? Are you watching the tables, wondering who else received a letter, and, more importantly, who sent it?

    Whether you're there or not is inconsequential. The sender will find you. You will all be brought together.

    Your destiny is decided.

    It is time.


    This Roleplay takes place in Eldemore, at the height of Rune Dragon and human bonding. Magic is on the wane, but the political climate and anything else is entirely left up to the roleplayers to decide. You're literate; you can make choices. We trust you.

    The letter could have been sent anywhere from a year before meeting date to a couple of days, so your character could have come from anywhere and everywhere. I leave that up to the members entirely.

    The Dancing Dragon Inn is in a small village, tucked away nowhere very special. It's a completely unexciting location.

    Except for what will go on inside it...


    I'd like to hope that anyone considering themselves literate knows basic roleplay rules, so I'll keep this brief:
    1. Anyone deliberately powerplaying or godmodding will be asked to leave the roleplay.
    2. Repeat offenders of the above (intentional or not) will be asked to leave the roleplay.
    3. No rude language or obscenity (it's not necessary, and goes against the rules of the site).
    4. One character per member! This will allow focus on a single character's development and be less confusing for everyone involved.
    5. A summoner of an ancient and said ancient are the only exceptions to this rule.
    6. Please stay literate! Repeated illiteracy will result in a request to leave the roleplay.
    7. Posts have a minimum limit of two hundred words. If this is difficult for you, this is probably not the right roleplay for you.
    8. This roleplay is only open for six members at the moment. If there is a great deal of interest, more places will be made.
    9. Minor characters are welcome to be created and used! Make as many minor characters as you wish to further the plot.
    10. All site rules apply.

    Requirements for Roleplay:

    To join this roleplay, you are expected to be literate. This means, in short:

    Very good grammar. No run-on sentences, no incorrect word use ('your' and 'you're' confusion, for example), correct capitalisation, etc.

    A broad vocabulary, containing expressive words. Figures of speech are also good.

    Good format and structure to posts.

    Strategic ability and the ability to run a plot. This plot is free to interpretation, so if you get a cool idea, run with it, and we'll follow.

    A 200-word minimum. If you struggle to write at least 200 words, this is not the roleplay for you.

    If any of these categories do not apply to you, then perhaps this isn't the right roleplay for you at the moment.

    Contents of the Letter:

    The envelope is simply addressed to its recipient, by their most commonly-used identity (be this their real name or a false one).

    Inside, the letter reads:

    Before midnight
    Five weeks precisely before Winter Solstice

    The Dancing Dragon Inn

    You will not be alone.

    And, right at the bottom, in red ink and in a bold hand, that terrifying, heart-stopping secret word or phrase.


    Note: This form is simply a guideline. If you wish to add to it, or leave parts out, please feel free to.


    [b]Name of character:[/b] this is their commonly-used name
    [b]Occupation:[/b]  (what are they currently doing)


    (This can take the form of an image or a written description, but preferably both. Use detail please.)

    [b]Likes and dislikes:[/b]
    [b]Skills and weaknesses:[/b]

    [b]Summary of history:[/b]  (this can be kept more or less secret, but please write at least 100 words about how they came to be where they are, glossing over any secrets)

    [i][u]Rune Dragons[/i][/u]
    (Characters may have as many runes as they want, although runes used must be owned by the member playing the character. This is not applicable if the character has no runes.)
    [b]Type of Rune:[/b]
    [b]Appearance:[/b] (written or image)
    [b]Brief personality:[/b]

    [i][u]Pertaining to Plot:[/i][/u]
    [b]How they came to find their letter: [/b] (where or how they found it, where they've travelled from, etc. This is optional.)
    [b]Special phrase: [/b](optional, as well as an explanation of the phrase. Both can be discovered through RP)

    [i][u]Sample Writing[/i][/u]
    This is to give us some indication of how you will roleplay. Please, I do not want to see your best piece ever which took three days. Try to be realistic, and give us an indication of how you will write in this setting.


    Available: 5

    1: Seth, roleplayed by Verdana.
    2: Sophie, roleplayed by maluruloki
    3: Aiden, roleplayed by Benathorn
    4: Calliope, roleplayed by Commander Shepard
    5: Caedan, roleplayed by Nellas Lissësúl
    6: Open, but only selectively.

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    Re: Nobody Saw Them Arrive // Literate Rune Dragon Roleplay//

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    Name of character: Sophie LeClaire
    Nickname: "Soph", "Chickadee" by her parents, "Dear One" by Delyth
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Occupation: Apprentice Veterinarian


    She stands about 5'7", with a fairly athletic build - but certainly not a gymnast or a body-builder, ohhhh no. Her strawberry-blonde hair is kept at just past her shoulders, all one length, and often tied back with a band of some sort. She prefers to keep it from her face. Her face is somewhat heart-shaped with higher cheekbones and hazel-gold eyes hid behind red-framed glasses. It's a face that manages to be pretty only if you stare at it for more than a moment; you really couldn't pull it out on the street in passing. She prefers practical clothing and is often found in jeans, a weather-appropriate shirt, walking boots, and a dark-blue weather-proof coat with many pockets. The coat has a large hood not only so she can wear her hair back inside it, but so Delyth and Genevieve can sit within it and help her listen. She would be loathe to part with the tan hiking backpack always found on or nearby her.
    Image linked


    Sophie is a young lady who you'd probably get along with unless something about her bothered you; in which case, she'd drive you nuts because she's more at ease with herself than most people are. She accepts that she is who she is and won't change unless absolutely necessary.
    When working on something or at her job, she becomes intently focused. Sure, she'll take a moment to address you and maybe consult with you about a problem if you have one, but there will be a point where you realize that she did stop listening to you about five minutes back. If given too many tasks, she's almost perfect about completing them all, but will inevitably forget something. This makes her feel quite guilty and she'll do her best to make up for her mistakes, since she does her best to avoid making them. If they are mistakes she caused, expect them to never happen again. If they are mistakes you caused and she has to clean up the mess, well...let's just say you get a rather icy wall of contempt. Especially if you flew in the face of common sense. Logic is one of her best friends.
    When not working on a task and relaxing, you'll find her quite amiable and even dryly amusing in her choice of humor. She'll be working on making herself comfortable or making others happy, whatever suits her plans most at the moment. She has a bit of a sweet tooth, so chocolate will generally factor into the equation. She likes to be on the side-lines in any sort of social gathering, influencing but not being directly involved. In a council meeting, she would rather listen and give advice after a long period of patient thought. Impulsiveness, unless logical, earns a sharp response from her. She prefers plans that work, not plans that might work unless they stand a good chance of working.
    Her being half-deaf influenced her basic personality quite a bit. She has a deep empathy for anyone with any form of a handicap and prefers her relationships to be meaningful, not brief. This means her circle of friends is rather small, but loyal. She is hypersensitive to being mocked due to her hearing loss and while she has learned to hide it well over the years, it isn't wise to earn a spot on her black list. Sure, she'll treat you like a human being, but that's about it; you've lost most of her respect.

    Likes and dislikes:

    - Pleasing herself and others by solving problems.
    - Quiet time with Delyth and Genevieve; she can't handle being around people all day.
    - Chocolate, warm autumn days, the simple stuff in life. X)
    - Clever jokes and witty conversations with sustenance.

    - Prideful personalities without good reason to be prideful.
    - Individuals who lack "common sense".
    - Unnecessary responses to dangerous situations; "Get in, get out with the least amount of collateral damage."
    - Deliberate mocking of her hearing loss.

    Sophie is eternally questing to improve her perceived faults. She gets a big self-esteem boost when she has successfully helped someone solve a problem. She also likes making herself happy, however, and that can impede in her personal relationships at times.

    Skills and weaknesses:

    - The ability to read and write, which can become very useful in certain situations.
    - The ability to sketch, so she can draw out useful plants or create a tactical map.
    - The ability to read into body language and read lips from a distance. She can figure out how to blend into a crowd by watching how everyone interacts.
    - Strong mental communication skills with her Rune, up to a fairly long distance.
    - Magic: the ability to relax other beings with her soft singing, enhanced by Delyth's presence. It hasn't backfired yet, but one wonders...could a half-asleep state be a good state for hallucinations as well? Genevieve hasn't yet shown any magical talent.

    - Not so hot with arithmetic. Math definitely drives her nuts.
    - Half-deaf; without Delyth around, she would make a horrible guard and probably scare herself half to death jumping at imagined noises.
    - Being incredibly sensitive to any form of negative commentary about her hearing.
    - Can't see too well without her glasses either.

    N/A...at the moment.


    Sophie was blessed to have been born into a family of a high-middle-class standing and therefore received what was considered to be a proper education, according to her parents: reading, writing, basic arithmetic, geography, painting and some science. She wasn't spoiled, not at all. Her parents believed in basic equality and fairness. She was also born half-deaf. Being an only child, she spent much of her time amusing herself while her friends were busy and this influenced her basic personality (along with her hearing loss). It didn't take long for her to become interested in the one thing that she had been deprived of in her learning: biology. It wasn't uncommon to find her immersed in a book about the life of domesticated animals.

    Summary of history:
    It took her many years, until she was about 20 or so, to come across the Rune Dragons in person. Many books had been devoured before she encountered Delyth.
    She had been up late reading during the summer and while the sun was still just above the horizon, as it always is during those sultry evenings, she was bored enough to take her book-related musings out to her window-ledge. The window had been always easy to open and it let in peaceful wafts of warmed grass along with pine needles. It took her a moment, so deep in her daydreaming was she, to hear the whuffling of feathered wings. She had time to throw her arms up across her body before the Rune landed on her windowsill with a soft, vibrating chirp-like sound. It only took a second for their eyes to meet before Sophie realized that Delyth wanted to be with her - she had been lonely for so long, looking for something, no - someone to understand her. What deeply bonded her to Delyth the most was the Rune's solemn promise to be her ears as well as her shadow. It wasn't long before Sophie also discovered that Delyth enhanced her musical ability: when Sophie focuses and hums softly, her voice can act as a soothing way to relax others. Delyth herself can cause other beings to experience a form of narcolepsy, but this happens incredibly rarely and only in self-defense. Genevieve was won over after Sophie returned her feather to her when they met in a forest glade.
    Sophie now works as an apprentice veterinarian in the middle-sized town of Tuldaringa, located along the ocean. She sees mostly normal house pets in the forms of dogs, cats, hamsters, parakeets, etc, etc. Very rarely does she see a Rune Dragon and she is known as the "technician to go to" when they have a problem. Delyth aids her in keeping the distressed Rune calm while she takes the stats and waits for the veterinarian to come help. Genevieve provides another calm presence and seems to get along very well with the baby Runes.

    Rune Dragons

    Name: Delyth
    Gender: Female
    Type of Rune: rare Sunset Rune
    Appearance: Image
    Brief personality:
    She is a one-of-a-kind Rune with colors that reflect a spring sunset. Delyth isn't a young Rune, but certainly not an Ancient in any way. She provides Sophie with a compass bearing and reminds her to not be so serious. She doesn't understand all of the ways of the humans, but they continue to fascinate her in their interactions with her Sophie. You'd be hard-pressed to find a Rune who is generally more relaxed and more concerned about keeping the atmosphere peaceful.

    Name: Genevieve
    Gender: Female
    Type of Rune: rare Flash Rune
    Appearance: Image
    Brief personality:
    Genevieve takes many of her cues from Delyth, as she sees the Sunset Rune as an older mentor. She still doesn't understand humans very well and makes some big faux-pas every once and a while when interacting with them. She relies on her charm in order to redeem herself and can come off as quite flirtatious as a result. Usually, it's unintentional and that has left some broken hearts in her wake.

    Pertaining to Plot:
    How they came to find their letter:
    In the town of Tuldaringa, mail travels by mail-carrier. She was at work when the main mail-carrier came by to personally deliver the letter to her, as it was marked for immediate delivery. Needless to say that she was glad she opened it in the break room, as she had to sit down immediately. Delyth was equally shocked. Genevieve is still confused about it all.
    Special phrase:
    "Qui audet adipiscitur" - "she who dares wins". This phrase has a special meaning to her.

    Sample Writing
    A portion of a post from the old Runes of Eldamore RP on CS:

    Time seemed to just pass in grey silence as Sophie chose to merely exist behind her closed eyelids. Delyth was still warm, solid, comforting bundle of weight on her upper thighs and stomach, an eternally-soothing coo issuing from cracked mouth. She didn't know what exactly drew her to open her eyes once more, but when she did and the Sunset Rune shifted her wings, the young woman realized that it was nearing sunset now by the angle of light slipping through the thick canopy of branches above. A crackly groan escaped her grimaced lips as she moved, noting immediately how her back was creaky from sitting in one position for so long. Maybe she had fallen asleep....?
    "Yes, dear one, you slept for a time. I could not bring myself to disturb you, not while you were so peaceful," Delyth admitted softly within her mind. Sighing, Sophie blearily looked around them. While the small glade had been light in her memory, it was now rapidly darkening and Sophie didn't want to admit that she was already getting nervous of the encroaching night. She had never been in the forest after dark, especially alone. "But you are not alone!" Delyth admonished with an arched eyebrow. Sophie winced and gave a half-smile.
    "True. I'm sorry, Delyth," she replied aloud. Swallowing against the pain of her dry throat, she gently deposited Delyth beside her on the ground as she tried to stand. It took some help from the raggedy bark of the tree, but she was eventually on her feet and moaned again as more pains assaulted her. She took account of her physical state. Her clothing had survived the helter-skelter dash into the woods with very few tears - thank goodness. Where there were tears, her skin had some scratches and only two or three were bleeding, and lightly to boot. She knew the bruising on her knees and shins would be much worse and linger. She bruised so easily. Water. Water would be good...oh wait. Wincing and reaching around, she rummaged for the canteen and took a long drink, offering some to Delyth as well. The Rune accepted and smacked her lips after savoring the water.

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    Re: Nobody Saw Them Arrive // Literate Rune Dragon Roleplay//

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    Name of character: Seth
    Nickname: Some call him the Lord of the Underworld. Not in his hearing, of course.
    Gender: Male
    Age: Young adult (his precise age is difficult to determine)
    Seth's job is very difficult to pin down. It makes him an unexpected amount of money, and gives him a surprising amount of power. What he actually does, though, is almost certainly doing something wrong. There is something fundamentally immoral about the work he does and the twisted way in which he manipulates people to his will. However, it's not clear, or easy to prove, whether what he does is actually illegal or not. It's even harder to define what he does to make money. He seems to travel from place to place, send letters, and stand around looking ominous, but very little else. There's a secret to it, and a trick to it, but whatever it is, Seth's not telling.


    Seth is not unattractive, and uses this to his advantage.

    Tall and thin, with long limbs and extremities, there's something spider-like about Seth, in the way he is built and the way he moves. This could easily look awkward, but Seth brings a carefulness, a calculation into his motion which makes him regal rather than ungainly.

    Seth has his father's dark skin and hair (complete with silver streak, courtesy of his father's genes), sharp nose, thin lips and chiselled chin. He has his mother's high cheekbones and bright witch eyes, as well as the wavier texture of his hair (which turns quickly into a mane of curls if not carefully tamed) and slender build.

    He is a neat mixture of his parents in far more than his appearance, as it happens.

    Seth took the worst from both of his parents' personalities.
    From his father he inherited a detachment from humanity (which rapidly morphed into a feeling of superiority over common humans), a brilliantly rational mind with an ability to read the world, situations and emotions beyond human comprehension, and incredible self-confidence.
    From his mother, he inherited a hunger for power, a hot passion, a deep pride, burning ambition and drive and a sharp tongue.
    In his parents, these qualities were diluted and redeemed by others. In him, they have massed into a dark, antagonistic personality, leaning into immorality, cruelty and darkness rather than fairness and light.

    Seth hides the empty darkness in his heart well. He is slick and charming, dashing and unerringly well-mannered. He keeps his ambition buried and his hunger at bay. Still, these qualities seep out of him occasionally, and there's something about him, difficult to name or place, which makes an observer faintly uncomfortable. He is outwardly faultless. His image is perfect. But there's something, just below the surface, which is faintly sinister, and yells out at a watcher to run, run fast and never to look back.


    There's something about him, something not quite right, even in his image. He plays the villain almost too well. It's as if he's studied bad people, and applied his knowledge.
    Perhaps this is just wishful thinking.
    Perhaps not.

    Likes and dislikes:
    Seth likes power, and the feeling he has when he has any sort of power, control or superiority. He likes this very much.
    On a less sinister note, Seth likes the colour grey, tailored clothing (his attire is always impeccable, if he can help it), cold weather and thunderstorms.
    He's less shallow than this, but the rest remain for you to discover.
    Seth's main dislikes are sensible, and to be expected. He doesn't like being or appearing to be weak, weakness in those close to him. He dislikes not being taken seriously, or being laughed at. He finds very hot days uncomfortable, and is scornful of flaws in others.
    Seth is motivated mainly by his need for power and superiority. However, he also does a lot of what he does as a sort of jab at his parents, scorning their peaceful, mediatory ways. Perhaps, for some part, Seth does what he does to be noticed.
    Skills and weaknesses:
    Seth has a formidable strategic brain and linguistic skills. He speaks excellently and is usually quite convincing.
    He is trained in unarmed combat, and can overpower most opponents long enough to make an escape.
    Seth can read a situation well, and is very good at coming off as well as possible.
    If you need a man to get something done for you, go to Seth.
    Seth is nowhere near as infallible as he'd like to make out. He has unexpected physical strength and knows how to fight, but he is uncoordinated and ill-versed in combat. He prefers to talk his way out of trouble.
    Don't give him a weapon. Don't. Someone will get hurt, but not who you wanted to wound.
    Seth does not relate well to people. He can't do it. He knows the motions, and plays them out dutifully, but there's something fundamentally wrong about the way he goes about it, and rather than putting people at ease, it makes them uncomfortable. He is good at convincing people, manipulating people, but makes no friends.
    Seth has some abilities which come uniquely from being the son of an Ancient Rune Dragon, more specifically the dragon of Death. He can fade into the background (quite literally, in fact) if he needs to, but he can also make himself incredibly noticeable, snatching attention and keeping it.
    He has a Hybrid, dragon-like form, but either he has never slipped into it, or nobody has ever witnessed it, for there are no reports of what his dragon form looks like.
    He had another skill, one rarely used, but the threat of it is enough to inspire obedience.
    He can drain life force. Not enough to kill, but certainly enough to either shorten someone's lifespan or make them feel very, very unpleasant. He uses this threat to keep his servants obedient, but rarely makes good of it, for he has never mastered the skill of using the life force he accumulates, and once he has done it, becomes very unstable until the amassed strength is, one way or another, discharged.

    Quintessa, of no title in particular.
    Mbarim, the Ancient Rune of Death.
    Summary of history:
    Seth's parents were instrumental in bringing about the end of the Rune/Human war. However, after all that excitement, they made the choice to fall out of the limelight, choosing to raise their family in seclusion, tucked away from civilisation and the prying eyes of the world.

    Seth was the only child from the couple, born about ten years after the War had ended. Despite this, he was never spoilt, for his parents lived in comfortable simplicity. They were responsible parents, and educated their son well and in all facets of life, from fairness and civic duty to world history. He was taught about his unusual skill when it manifested, and overall Seth had a balanced, happy childhood, with no apparent secrets or skeletons in closets, and he looked set to grow into a balanced, happy, intelligent young man.

    He didn't.

    Why didn't he?

    Nobody but Seth can truly answer this, least of all his confused, hurt parents. He seemed set on the right path until he was about fourteen years old. Then, something changed him, or changed inside him. Only Seth knows what it was, but with astounding rapidity, he swerved, turning onto a criminal, immoral, dark path instead of the path of light and wisdom provided to him. He bided his time, hiding his thoughts and new, stirring plans from his parents until, one morning, he left without a word.

    He has not spoken to his parents since.

    Seth made his own way in the world from then on. He joined the criminal empire by choice, and was quickly achieving notoriety in his chosen fields. He seemed to thrive on causing mayhem and misery. The operative word here is 'seemed'. There was, and is, an underlying falseness to his cruelty. He plays the part well, but one can never quite shake the feeling that it is all a bit of an act.

    Is it? Only Seth could tell you.

    And he keeps that knowledge under lock and key.

    Rune Dragons
    None at present.

    Pertaining to Plot:
    How they came to find their letter:
    Seth's letter appeared, two weeks before the assigned meeting date, on a desk at an inn he had taken lodging at during one of his 'little errands'. He had left the room for only a moment, and when he returned, the doors and windows remained unaltered, and there was the letter, lying in plain sight. This kindled his curiosity, and after checking said letter, he opened it.
    He did not like the contents.
    He did not intend to go. He intended to stay well out of the whole business. But the human part of him didn't work like that.
    One way or another, he found himself waiting at the Dancing Dragon Inn.
    Special phrase:
    Ingemar. Peace, Seth?

    Sample Writing

    [I am going to try to keep to my literate rule, which is to have no posts under 1000 words. I may drop to 900 on a bad day, but let's hope that it never comes to that. Here's the sort of quality I produce in a literate setting:]


    She'd told them to be ready for her.

    She surged out of the office, all haste and lazer-beam-focused intent. She didn't ignore the strange looks and startled exclamations that her attire received. She simply did not notice them. She had no time for other people. She never had, but even less so then. She also no longer particularly cared about cultivating her image. She was leaving. It was over. It had been fun, in a sense, the way a teenage rebellion was 'fun'. She'd gone through it. It had been necessary. And now it was time to place it in the past, where it belonged. The Wren had always been a side-path for her, and in her heart she'd always known it. It was never meant to be her life's work. This was Bree's life, not hers.

    Shay had just been setting it up for her.

    She strode through the hallways, lost in her own thoughts. She toyed with an engraved metal disk restlessly. She was sure that it was growing steadily warmer. She discovered, to her own surprise, that she wanted it to be warming, heralding the arrival of her transportation. She was ready for what was in store for her. She may not have been looking forward to it, but she knew herself to be as ready as anyone ever was. She felt herself smiling, but the expression dropped. Her hand slipped onto her stomach, barely distended, but still beginning to fill out.
    Were the babies ready, though? Could she sustain them?
    It was time to find out.

    Shaygrin pushed open the doors to the morgue in a flurry of heavy, satiny blue-grey material. She looked something like a snowdrift, coming through the door. She tried not to think about how ridiculous she looked. She could pull it off only if she believed herself not to look like a fool.
    It wasn't easy.
    The two of them were waiting for her, just as ordered. She was relieved. She looked over her tall, strong, hopelessly inept son, and felt her throat constrict.
    She couldn't. She couldn't leave her children. It wasn't right. It wasn't fair.
    She hardened her resolve. It was done.

    She'd practically already left.

    "Well?" she demanded, folding her arms.
    "You've had more than three months now. What have you come up with?"

    She hoped that it was good. She needed it to be good.


    Bree's sanctuaries were rapidly dwindling. Her bedroom had served as a dumping-ground for paperwork since she could forge her mother's signature (at the ripe old age of seven. She'd been a slow learner) and began to help with the admin of the Wren. Her precious secret room was not nearly as secret as she'd believed. In fact, she suspected that most of the assassins had known of its existence and had just feared her wrath too much to say anything about it. There were few places which regular assassins couldn't get to, and even fewer which weren't bugged by Ty.

    This left only one place for her. It was safe because it was common ground, but outdated and therefore unnecessary. Nobody else would lower themselves to using it by choice.

    Thankfully, Bree wasn't choosy.

    She was doing something very important. Recently, she had discovered a flaw in certain items of clothing. They split. This was all very well and good until one got stuck up a tree. She'd been embarrassed, and vowed never to let it happen again. The result of that vow was evident in the clothing on the floor. Had it been anyone else, the outfits would have been lumped in a pile. However, Bree was Bree, and so there was several neatly-folded stacks: One for untried clothing, and five for the various levels of efficiency.
    So far, leggings were the most effective leg-wear. Sweat pants, to her surprise, came a close second. They looked baggy, but were actually very effective.

    She had worked herself into a light sweat. The little red cocktail dress (a bad colour for her; red made her look even paler than she was. She hadn't had a choice, though. It had been the only one available in her size) stuck to her body as she swung lightly on the gymnastics bar. She probably wouldn't need to do it on a job, but one never knew. The dress yielded, and the stockings (didn't want to flash anyone, did she?) caught sweat and held it stickily. Despite this, the outfit itself wasn't a complete disaster. Bree was pleasantly surprised. She couldn't do the splits, exactly, but she could certainly manage to fight her way out of trouble and look good doing it.

    She was trying not to think about The Problem. Despite what her mother insisted, there was never any neutral ground in a war. Bree worried about her assassins as individuals, and about the Wren as a whole. Measures needed to be taken. They would probably need to be taken behind her mother's back. Shaygrin didn't believe in unnecessary distractions. Bree would need allies. One name sprung to mind, but she pushed it away.
    No. She'd need other allies.

    She heard the door to the gym squeak open. Bree rarely oiled the hinges, after she'd had a surprise attack sprung on her. She'd always know when somebody was coming or leaving. She was proud of her own foresight. She dropped down lightly from the beam, turning to face the intruder just as it, he, Marcus Malberry (she needed to say it, even if just in her head) spoke. She tried not to stiffen. She tried to appear nonplussed. It wasn't easy, but she thought that she'd pulled it off.
    "Yes?" she asked impatiently.

    Then she saw his face.

    Her own grew very serious.
    "Who died?" she asked, and meant it. In the Wren, like in any group of mercenaries, it was not uncommon for things to go wrong. It was not an unlikely assumption to make. Furthermore, Bree could not fathom what else could make Malberry look so unhappy.
    She noticed the letter clutched in his hand. He was holding it out to her. He smiled, but didn't mean it. Bree didn't smile back. She still respected him, and too much to fake emotion.

    She took the envelope, and opened it. The piece of paper inside instantly began to degrade, but Bree was a quick reader. She read it through once, and then once more, before the sheet dissolved into nothing. Bree continued to stare at her hand, her face stony.
    Then she looked up, grinned, and laughed.
    "It's okay," she reassured him.
    I"t's a joke. It's just a joke. She always used to tell us that it was a joke." The cocky smile on her face began to fade.
    "It was a joke, wasn't it?" Her mask cracked open a fraction.
    "It was never a joke at all, was it." This was not a question.

    Bree was not faint-hearted. She did not swoon. She didn't even drop to her knees. She just stood, staring at her hands.
    "She's gone to be the goddarn Empress..." she muttered, unbelieving. She shook her head.
    "But Father always said that if she went back..."
    Bree met Malberry's eyes, and let him watch when nobody else had ever been allowed to, as something inside her shrank, bent and shattered.
    "They are going to kill her. She's never coming back."

    She said it with utter conviction. She knew her words to be true. Even if Shaygrin did come back, she'd never be the same. The woman that Bree had known as her mother was gone forever. She'd left as soon as she gave up the Wren, and she would never return.
    "She's dead," Bree said, as if testing the idea out loud.
    "The Commander is dead."
    She bowed her head, her face schooled into expressionlessness.

    "My mother is dead."

    She looked up again, and her face was hollow, despite all the filling-out she'd been so desperately trying to (and she'd been succeeding, too) achieve. Grief ages people.

    "It's just us now," she whispered.

    'Just me, and the man who doesn't love me,' she thought, but swiped the invading idea from her mind. There was nobody she'd rather work alongside. There was nobody in the Wren that she respected as much, or trusted as much.

    That was the problem.

    More samples from that RP

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    Re: Nobody Saw Them Arrive // Literate Rune Dragon Roleplay//

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    Name of character: Aiden
    Nickname:Just Aiden is fine.
    Occupation: Aiden's current occupation is traveling the lands of Eldemore in search of the cause behind the disappearance of magic. A serious situation which he deems of the up most importance.


    This is the best I can do for his appearance since he looks like his father mostly. Just imagine a mask on him and voila! You got Aiden...

    Aiden is 6'2" tall with a dark complexion and is very lean with sharp looks. Though his skin is lighter than his father's, he still appears as if he spends most his days out in the sun. His hair is a dark raven color with a single strand of silver going through it and long bangs. Eyes are a soft green with flecks of gold, this may be the only trait in which he shares with his mother, and also the only thing which gives him a human appearance. However, his face is rarely seen and Aiden is often wearing a skull-like mask that only reveals his sharp eyes. This often unnerves people, and Aiden rarely takes the thing off so his appearance is not truly known to others. What does make him stand apart from most humans are his markings. like all Ancients who take on a human form, Aiden has markings which line his face and other parts of his body. They are gold and will shine when he uses magic. They outline his eyes, chin, and arms mostly, and are the tall tale sign that he is not mortal.

    Aiden often wears loose clothing to allow for easy movement. Common pants and a loose fitting shirt is what he adorns, as well as leather leggings, boots, vest, and arm guards. He was taught to always be ready for a fight and Aiden prefers to be quick in his actions. All in all, he is very easy on the eyes and quite the individual. He often carries with him a single sword and two boot daggers. Aiden is lean and swift in his fighting style so he prefers weapons that are the same. Although, when it comes down to it, he will fight with his dragon claws and devastating time magic to devastate his enemies.

    Aiden's Ancient form is much like his fathers as well. Although being a hybrid does limit his ability to transform, Aiden's dragon appearance is dark furred with spectral golden wings. He can slip through time effortlessly in this form, but like any Hybrid, he must be careful. He can not keep up his form for long and often goes berserk, such are the side effects of having both human and Ancient blood. He can only transform when in dire need and even then he is careful not to do so. A hybrids mind is often overtaken when in such a powerful state and Aiden fears he will lose himself if he transforms into a dragon of legend. No, it is best to rely on his limited time skills and perhaps changing his hands for claws when he has no weapons.


    Aiden is a more respectful and reserved individual than his boastful father. He takes after his mother in this, and is in tune with the world around him. Aiden was taught by Thorn that magic flows through everything and passes through humans as a filter to be cleansed and reused. A never ending cycle, which is now beginning to wain, Thorn simply says that the world always finds a solution to it's problems and that the solution are hybrids. Aiden is a very sharp individual, but even he has a hard time understanding his mother's wisdom in this. He is not blind to what he is and accepts his difference with ease. What does bother him is that others do not, and constantly insist that a dragon and a human should never breed. Such nonsense really, when hybrids are now the only creatures able to both use and filter the magic of Eldemore, while everything else fades.

    Though Aiden shows more restraint in his actions than Numair, he has indeed inherited some factors that are his fathers. He is headstrong at times and will often not care to listen to another's opinion. Believing his magic is often superior and can always get the job done, Aiden is a bit prideful, and would rather do things his way. Although he does have a good deal of patience, he is not afraid to voice his dislike for things, and his pride often prevents him from admitting when he is wrong. He does know his faults though, and is always trying to temper them with understanding and great patience like his mother teaches, but he is still young and youth always has a hard time learning.

    Likes and dislikes:

    Aiden is proficient at living on his own and in the wilderness. His ability to communicate with Runes has helped him in this as well as his teaching from his parents. However Aiden has terrible people skills since he rarely ever interacted with them. He does not know how to judge another's reaction and will often lash out in frustration if he does not understand their ways of doing things. He is limited in his time magic and can only use them in short bursts. He will often create time slips that will suck his enemies into an abyss or stop time completely if just for a few moments. This drains him however, and he must pick and choose when to use his abilities. His greatest power though, and indeed any hybrids greatest asset, his the ability to transform into an Ancient. This calls forth a great deal of magic and a hybrid must be careful when doing this, for risk of going berserk or insane. They lose themselves in this overwhelming state and can only keep it for so long. Aiden is more weary of this than anything and for good reason, he would much rather just call forth a half transformation; where is simply takes on part of the form but not full. Though he keeps his human appearance he has dragon-like traits as well, such as claws, teeth, and enhanced magic. This form is what makes the hybrids unique all on their own and what they can often rely on most.


    His motivation is in his very being. Associated greatly with Time and Space, Aiden is driven to keep the balance by any means. He does not care for what is good and evil, simply that it is all kept at equal grounds and that neither receives the upper hand. This trait will also explain his actions towards killing his enemies and his detachment towards life. To him, it is better to kill so as to avoid a problem later. Others view this as cruel. He simply states it is necessary.

    Skills and weaknesses:

    ~Skillful in Time and Space Magic.
    ~Agile movements and precise attacks makes him deadly.
    ~Does not rely on brute strength and prefers wit instead.
    ~Does not associate with people often, thus creating poor communications skills and a lack of insight on another individuals feelings.



    Aiden is the result of an Ancient and Summoner breeding. This is not uncommon, but rarely transpires. His mother Thorn, a well known individual for her findings on Runes and a key figure in the Great Wars, eventually fell in love with her Ancient of Time. Thorn always had a vast amount of patience with the arrogant dragon and his deepest wish was to make her smile on his own merits. Numair has learned much in his time spending with Thorn and is still trying to understand how best to communicate with emotions. When he became a father, these skills were truly tested, and it is more than surprising how much the usually short tempered male has mellowed out for the sake of his family.

    Summary of history:

    Aiden is the child of Thorn and Numair. Two well known individuals who fought in the great wars thirty years ago and who have not aged a day. He has resided at Thorn's cottage for seventeen years, both being birth and raised in the quaint forest home. Aiden was educated in everything having to do with the runes and how the magic of Eldemore works. Thorn made sure that he was well versed in the knowledge of the dragons around them and Aiden is even able to speak with them due to his hybrid birth. He has read through all her journals and marveled at her stories when he was a child. Thorn made sure that her son was well taught in both understanding and communicating with his surroundings.

    While his mother taught him knowledge, his father Numair taught him about magic and power. Aiden is the offspring of Time and Space itself, so even when he was born he was already creating slips in the universe and throwing the odd toy or two in it's depths. Numair made sure to teach the boy how best to use his abilities, even though he could not summon them as often as his father. For Numair being quite selfish and childish, he has grown much during his time with Thorn and has shown a surprising patience with his son. All be it the two constantly get into arguments due to their identical stubborn pride, leaving Thorn to quell their anger and show her unending patience with them.

    Aiden has spent the last ten years traveling now and has rarely visited home. He has been sent by Thorn to investigate the disappearance of magic and has received a disturbing letter that summons his presence. He is 27 now, and has spent most of his time tracking down individuals who harm Eldemore's balance, and extracting information on the disappearance of it's magic. His methods for gaining this knowledge are less to be desired but what he has learned has spurred him to find out the recipient of the letter and to try and find the meaning behind it's words. The world itself is a living thing, and it will always find a solution to live on. Weather the hybrids are this new solution has yet to be seen but the world is indeed losing it's magic, it's living blood, and what the residents of this land do not understand is that if the magic is lost then so too are they as well.

    Rune Dragons

    Aiden has no Rune of his own since he is a hybrid. He does receive letters from Thorn by Tiddly Winks. The little Rune always has a knack for finding him and a sharp word or two for the stoic man as well.
    Name: ~
    Gender: ~
    Type of Rune: ~
    Appearance: ~
    Brief personality: ~

    Pertaining to Plot:
    How they came to find their letter:

    Aiden was given his letter by Rune Carrier Service (RCS), by the messenger Rune Tiddly Winks.

    Before midnight
    Five weeks precisely before Winter Solstice

    The Dancing Dragon Inn

    You will not be alone.

    "Power is tempered with ignorance..."

    Sample Writing

    [Here is one of my more shorter posts which is not the greatest but details most of my writing skills in short bursts. It was meant to be quick and to the point. Focusing on key elements and showing that I can get right to the action if need be. It will also show that I am not afraid to write up more intimate posts, as well as posts which will obtain more violence or which contain bar scenes. I assure you however, that I mostly write anywhere from 9-12 paragraphs if those I RP with are of equal length. If not, I try to keep my paragraphs in length to others. ]

    Ғɛℓιϰ ˩ɛɛ Δяcтʋяισʋƨ

    ~. Turian .~ Male ~. 31 ~. Soldier .~ “Just follow my lead and I’ll give you a night to remember.”.~

    Felix had been here for almost an hour now and even he was growing impatient. This informant was either terrified to show himself or perhaps he was already dead. That tends to happen a lot in this place. He waved the bartender away as he tried to refill his drink, Felix would not indulge on too much alcohol tonight, and he needed to be sharp since he could feel that he was being watched. Another patron soon sat next to him, a human male and a young one at that. “Are you the one they call Archangel?” Felix threw a sharp glare at the young male which made the human jump. What the hell kind of informant was this?! The guy was just a pup and had pulled a very bad mistake. “Listen kid, if you want to survive in this place you better learn what to and not to say. You never know who might cut your tongue out…” He was not trying to be threatening to the boy and was quite serious actually. But the human looked pale and Felix could smell his fear as he shook his head. “Look, do you know the location of where the Blood Pack is storing their Red Sand?” His voice was soft but he gave the young man a sideways glance as the human nodded, “Sure I do. They are holding it down in the lower wards near the living quarters and close to the docking bays. Easy access in and they are also using the residents there to store most of it for them.”

    Felix clicked his mandibles in thought; this kid had to be on something, because he did not believe a word about handing red sand over to a bunch of residents who would probably use it for themselves. “You don’t believe me?” The human’s voice broke in as Felix looked up, “Well it certainly doesn’t add up now does it.” Felix voiced his opinion as the male shook his head, “You don’t get it do you. All those people are far too terrified to use that sand for themselves. They use us like human shields, keep the place in public but out of site, If we so much as even look at the stuff they would kill everyone on the whole block.” Felix tilted his head to this info, so the boy was a part of all this? He was also taking a very big risk in informing him and would probably not last the night for his courage. “Thank you for the information…best get home before they find you missing though.” The boy shook his head once more, “I’m no fool. I’m a dead man for even telling you this, but if there is a chance you could help us then it was worth it…” Felix was stunned, chivalry like this was not found often on Omega and this child was sacrificing himself for his friends and family. Felix suddenly felt respect for the lad even though the human was clearly terrified of his fate. “I will do everything in my power to make them suffer for their crimes.” He had not meant for his voice to rumble so deeply as a growl escaped his throat. This was why he was here after all, to help the poor souls who were tormented by criminals like these, or at least that was how everyone viewed him to be. Felix would make sure they suffered slowly though, like they deserved, he was here to simply kill these thugs and he would make sure to do just that.

    Felix got up from his seat and left the man there. There was nothing he could do for him now and already he had noticed two individuals get up and follow him. So they were watching? Of course they were, well he would have to lose them somehow. He just really did not want to start something in the very place where Aria laird. His pace was brisk as his strides were confidant and precise. He carefully made his way back up to the upper bar of Afterlife and the thrum of music vibrated through his bones. Mandibles clicking in thought as he weighed his options, Felix caught site of a lone patron and decided to try and blend in before he made his move in getting the hell out of this place.

    The female was young and with fair dark skin. Her fringe was dark like his but her scent was that of metal and of the earth. All humans seemed to carry that same earthy scent, though it did vary from human to human. He took a seat next to her and casually introduced himself, all the while keeping an eye on those who were watching him and noticing how two soon turned to four. “Hey, how’s it going? I can’t help but notice that you’re sitting at a bar without a drink. Probably means you have no credits to spend. Am I right?” He gave the human female his best Turian smile as his mandibles flared and clicked. His sharp green eyes inspected hers and he knew almost instantly that she was someone who could kill, who had experience in fighting, and best of all, she had a pistol. “So no drink, no credits, and just sitting here looking for a job to land in your lap. I guess it’s your lucky day. See, I have a slight problem. See those four individuals eyeing us?” Felix gave a nudge in the direction of the two Turians and two Batarians who were certainly keeping an eye on them. “I am pretty sure they want to kill me. So I want to hire you to walk out with me and have a little fun. How about it? You look like you could use some excitement in your life.” He said this all so casually as if the two had known each other all their lives. He made sure to give her a charming smile as he leaned against the counter and passed a few credits her way. “I’ll pay the rest after we’ve had our fun. Just follow my lead and I’ll give you a night to remember.”

    Felix looked over his shoulder quickly to see that they were starting to make their move. The four were weaving through the crowd and towards Felix and his human companion. He looked back to her, his eyes lit up with excitement for what was about to come. All they had to do was walk out of here casually and find a nice dark place to get rid of these guys, and done. Easy as pie, as the humans would say. These idiots were sure to follow and he could tell the human had skill and needed the credits. One little quick job couldn’t hurt now could it? Or would she be too afraid and not accept the challenge? Her eyes held pride and Felix knew as soon as he had shown her the credits that she would help him. Hopefully, she wouldn’t get herself killed in the process, but at least this would be some fun nevertheless.

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    ~Meet Numair!~
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    Re: Nobody Saw Them Arrive // Literate Rune Dragon Roleplay//

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    Name of character:



    Around 26, lost track of time during the years, so this may be off by a year or two.

    Currently Kat travels alongside her Ancient Falanon, basically they work as mercenaries, assassins, thieves, or in whatever capacity is needed of them. Essentially they are for hire to whomever is willing to pay a high enough price, and will do just about anything so long as it is within their range of talent.

    -currently I have no art of her, but in the future may have something to put here-

    Kat is not at all unattractive, most people who wish, or are willing, to go against the law tend to strive for a very unobtrusive appearance, not so with Katarina. Petite -standing at 5' 2" and weighing 105 pounds- she's hardly an intimidating or impressive figure, but her long curly hair and darkly vivid blue eyes garner attention from all sides. Her complexion is also very smooth and almost childlike, a pale but healthy colour which refuses to tan and burns easily. She has a very nice hourglass shape as well and often uses her feminine wiles to draw her victims into the shadows. From her mother Kat obtained her dark brown hair and pale skin, her father left her with wild curly hair and dark blue eyes. It's safe to say that she has a good mix of both parents in herself.

    As far as physical strength goes Kat is also quite unimpressive, truth be told; if she didn't have Falanon's assistance in their "missions" it's highly likely that she never would have gone into the profession she chose. That being said she does do her best to keep in good shape, running and upper body strength are two areas that she is most proud of, able to carry quite a load for her size, and highly agile on her feet.


    Likes and dislikes:
    Skills and weaknesses:

    Summary of history: (this can be kept more or less secret, but please write at least 100 words about how they came to be where they are, glossing over any secrets)

    Rune Dragons
    (Characters may have as many runes as they want, although runes used must be owned by the member playing the character. This is not applicable if the character has no runes.)
    Type of Rune:
    Appearance: (written or image)
    Brief personality:

    Pertaining to Plot:
    How they came to find their letter: (where or how they found it, where they've travelled from, etc. This is optional.)
    Special phrase: (optional, as well as an explanation of the phrase. Both can be discovered through RP)

    Sample Writing
    This is to give us some indication of how you will roleplay. Please, I do not want to see your best piece ever which took three days. Try to be realistic, and give us an indication of how you will write in this setting.


    Re: Nobody Saw Them Arrive // Literate Rune Dragon Roleplay//

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    Name of character: Calliope
    Nickname: Cali
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Occupation: N/A, really-- she's a drifter who does whatever possible to earn a bed and food.


    Overall appearance here.

    Cali definitely has a unique appearance, and she enjoys showing it off. Her lifestyle has left her with a rather slim figure (a bit too skinny, really, she's spent more than a few nights struggling to sleep with an empty stomach), and a great deal of time in the sun has left her with a fairly dark skin tone. Hair is a very bright red, and her eyes are a very intense green, though there are faint hints of almost luminous yellow around her pupils. Clothing tends to be somewhat close fitting, and she's not fond of very long pants or sleeves; partly because she enjoys showing off the strange red markings on her shoulders, left arm and left leg. She often wears all sorts of jewelry-- bracers, bangles, ankle bells; anything bright and shiny and pretty.

    An eternal optimist, Cali firmly believes that, no matter how bad things get, there will always be a happy ending-- though sometimes, to get that ending, you have to put in a good bit of work to earn it. She is a rather restless woman, always fiddling with something or another, her mind always churning with some question or another.
    She is fairly friendly too, but rather flighty, Calliope often forgets arrangements she has made.

    (Will mostly be shown in rp, if that's okay D: I'm not great at totally listing the personalities of untested characters.)

    Likes and dislikes:
    Open spaces, freedom, the ability to come and go as she pleases. She loves the night sky (though she enjoys the daytime as well) and watching Rune dragons fly by. She likes to help others as well, whether it's splitting her profits from the day or providing a listening ear, she'll do whatever she has the time and means to.

    The fact that she's never been able to bond with a Rune dragon, for one. Nor does she like the odd things that seem to keep happening to her, and the fact that others will often avoid her when these things kick up. She can be quite sensitive if someone immediately looks down on her for how she grew up, or for the fact that she has difficulty reading and writing. Hates it when people refuse to accept change, especially if what they're trying to stick to will only lead to failure and misery.

    To see as much of the world as she can, I suppose. She does have a slight drive to keep the world changing, though she has no idea how to even begin going about that task.

    Skills and weaknesses:
    She is extremely adaptable, able to survive (even if it may not be the most comfortable survival) almost anywhere she winds up. She can work with change, able to improvise whenever necessary. Good sense of direction, and while she cannot bond with Runes, she is capable of speaking to them, something that has always mystified her.

    Possible future skills/drawbacks:
    Throughout her life, Calliope has shown potential to be incredibly powerful in magical skill, despite all reason saying she shouldn't be able to do anything with it. Like her father, Calliope is able to work with the forces of chaos itself, though the results can be... varied. At the very least, things would be guaranteed to change. At the moment though, this only happens when she is extremely upset or in danger of dying, she has no conscious control over her magic. Nor is she able to tap into the dragon form all hybrids possess. (In her dragon form, should she ever be able to access it, Cali would look much like Nyarlathotep-- very large, mostly red, with a thick mane of fur on her neck. The only major difference is that she would possess large, bat-like wings.)

    Calliope has a terrible memory, and even with Silha's help, she often forgets anything from a person's name to whether or not she's actually eaten that day. She is also, physically, quite weak due to her lifestyle. She's not exactly the speedy sort, either. Cali is also fairly poor at reading and writing, struggling even with picture books should she ever come across one.

    She doesn't know her actual parents, and she was rather communally raised by Eldmore's travelers. However, children of other Ancients may recognize her uncanny resemblance to the Ancient of Chaos, Nyarlathotep, and his summoner, Gabriella. Due to this, she is also a cousin to Aiden, though she doesn't know this fact.

    Summary of history:
    Calliope knows very little about her own history, just that she was found as an infant and raised in the caravans. She was treated just like any other children present, though, despite her... oddities. She was capable of actually speaking to and understanding Rune dragons, but seemed incapable of bonding to one. While Rune bearers struggled to perform even the simplest magic sometimes, Calliope would sometimes show bursts of incredible power. During calamity, Calliope could come up with all sorts of plans on the fly, while others simply tried to adjust to whatever change had happened.
    She never had any explanation for any of these things though, and in the end, everyone decided it was best to just take things in stride. After all, nothing bad seemed to come out of it, so why waste time worrying?
    There's not much else to say on Cali's history after that. Once she was old enough, she left the caravans to roam on her own. During these travels, she came across the drell Rune, Silha and befriended the creature, and the two have drifted from place to place until finding the letter.

    Rune Dragons
    Calliope has always lamented her apparent inability to ever properly bond with a Rune dragon (even though she's the only person she knows who can actually properly talk to Runes), but she has developed a close friendship with one she's met on her travels.

    Name: Silha
    Gender: Female (though no one's ever been completely sure).
    Type of Rune: Drell.
    Appearance: here.
    Brief personality: Distant, haughty and always scheming, Silha's personality seems quite unusual for such a young dragon. Perhaps this is because of her power-- drell Runes possess perfect memory, and Silha is no exception, she can clearly recall every moment of her life, even going back to shortly before hatching. Silha is often best described as 'grumpy', and this may have something to do with Cali constantly asking the young Rune if there's anything she's forgotten.

    Pertaining to Plot:
    How they came to find their letter: She found it not too long ago, just lying on the corner where she had been staying for the day. Calliope no longer had any real motivation to stay where she was, so what harm was there in checking this place out?

    Special phrase: Cali can't exactly read well, nor is she great at writing. Her phrase is instead an image she's always come across throughout her life, whether it was painted on somewhere else or she happened to doodle it in the dirt. It is a Chaos star-- a circle with eight points radiating outward.

    Sample Writing

    (Random post grabbed from the Rune of Eldmore rp, this is what I often average. Intros tend to be larger, and I will do my best to keep up with others here.)

    "Eh. If you say so," Gabriella said with a shrug once Thorn had replied to her. Adrian gave a slight snuffle and nudged Gabby's leg with her head, causing the young woman to give a sharp gasp of pain. "The hell was that for?" she muttered, nearly glaring at the large Rune. Adrian simply shook her head, her dogtags clinking together with the movement. Gabriella was pretty sure what had upset the Paragade Rune, though-- until quite recently, Gabriella had been a fairly selfish person, only interested in herself and the safety of her own personal Runes. Adrian seemed to loathe that, and the Rune had taken it upon herself to remind Gabby to look out for others. Apparently, asking if someone was okay wasn't enough, but really, Gabby was tired and hurt and hungry, she'd make the effort later.

    She simply turned the meat over while Thorn was gone, ensuring (well, as far as she could tell) that it was cooking evenly on all sides. The color was changing anyway, and despite the fact that the look of it made her stomach twist, Gabby had to admit that it had a very appetizing scent. Perhaps not quite as savory as she liked in meat, but it was enough to convince her to give the bizarre flesh a chance.

    After Gadzooks (she felt a pang of pity for the poor dragon, once she saw his face) had tasted it and given it a seal of approval, Gabriella-- with Oriana's aid-- divided the meat between herself and the present Rune dragons. After a moment, she looked over at Thorn and gave a weak smile.

    "I dunno if this is... rude or dumb or anything, since it was one of your dragons that brought it, but... ah.. would you want some?" she asked, offering Thorn a portion. 'There, see?' she thought, glancing at Adrian. 'I can be considerate of others, now will you get off my back about that?!'

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    Re: Nobody Saw Them Arrive // Literate Rune Dragon Roleplay//

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    Name of character: Caedan Hasting
    Nickname: Most call him Caedan, and that’s what he prefers.
    Gender: Male
    Age: He looks to be in his mid-twenties.
    Occupation: He’s a skilled in the ways of herblore and a practiced healer, one of the best. But in truth he’s a traveler by heart, with that restless spirit for adventure, come what may. Though he was born in Eldemore, he often just takes up and goes for “a jaunt around the woods,” as he wryly likes to call it. He’ll pop up in this town to stay for a night or two, earn some money, and then disappear again, appearing in some other town leagues away a month later. Some say he’s searching for something… some say he has unfinished business. But whatever he’s up to, no one’s aware of it. Does Caedan himself know what he’s looking for?

    {I’m testing my limited drawing skills but most likely it will be too much of a fail to post :3}

    If anything, one might say he looks dangerous. Maybe it’s the light in his eyes, the determination in his voice, his strong and supple movements. Maybe it’s the way he talks; quiet but assured, with a faint air of authority. Maybe it’s the sheer amount of weapons on his body. But whatever it is, one can tell he’s used to taking care of himself in a single glance.
    He is tall and well-built; muscles just hidden under seemingly simple traveler’s clothes: mostly leather and simple linen. Dark linen pants, supple leather boots, a dark brown semi-fitted jacket over a dark leather vest and a paler cream long-sleeved shirt. A black cloak pinned with an intricate silver brooch billows elegantly off his shoulders for all his simple forest garb of greens and browns; perhaps betraying a hint of something more than he seems at first glance.
    His dark brown hair hangs to just above his shoulders in slight waves that become more pronounced when wet, and his bright grey eyes are intent and almost unbearably intense, all his emotions flickering in their depths; a dark almost blue dove’s wing in hue, with a ring of lighter silver around ebony pupils. His jaw line often shows a bit of stubble, as he can’t always take the liberty of shaving; however he would never let it grown into a beard. His face is what they call ruggedly handsome, a straight nose and strong jaw with defined cheekbones catching the light, a sight for many sore eyes. Often an air of slight humor sparkles in his bright eyes, and though he doesn’t smile or laugh often, when he does the sun shines just a little brighter. His fingers are long and deft; as used to swinging a sword or throwing a knife as much as playing a fiddle or whittling a stick. His voice is usually quiet and can be a little raspy depending on when he last talked; but it seems to have an air of dignified authority in it that makes people want to listen. When he talks, there’s just that elusive quality, that kind of quiet assurance that’s alluring, in his singular and unusual way, a voice that one could listen to forever. In fact, he has a fine voice when singing as well; but it’s very rare to hear, and one shouldn’t hope.
    He carries everything he needs on his back; a pack with food, water bags, and most of his money inside, a satchel hanging at his waist containing all his instruments of healing, a blanket for cold nights. There’s even an extra blade or two hidden in his pack or the folds of his bedroll.
    And his weapons; however many you take away, there’s always one more. Knives line his belt, with two daggers each in a boot; blades, large and small, are strapped to the inside of his jacket. A bow is strapped across his back next to its quiver, and the string is in a pouch on his belt next to his coin pouch. A sword hangs at his belt; of impressive length, the iron is perfectly balanced and strong, but flexible, truly the expert work of an expert smith. With a wire wrapped hilt, a graceful guard and a black diamond set in the pommel for balance, it is a beautiful thing to see, deceptively simple, deadly and razor sharp. A sling and a pouch of stones hang on his other side, and his fists and a good kick or two have never failed to help.

    Caedan is… complicated. That really does sum him up. To give him a stereotype would be very interesting indeed.
    Perhaps one of his most obvious traits is that he’s always had an affinity towards animals. He and they share a kind of mutual understanding that he rarely finds with other people. They accept him and grow fond of his presence; he befriends them and truly knows and understands them; they have simple, uncomplicated motives, and know the truth when they see it. At the moment he is with two animals; a grey mare called Lumni with a very unusual lacing pattern over her back; and a young red-tailed hawk known as Jaff.
    Caedan is undoubtedly brave, and valiant, with an insane amount of courage that will lead him up against any army if the need be honest and great; however, he is wise as well, and has learned his strengths and weaknesses, and his limits and boundaries, both in his time in cities and towns and out on his own in the wild.
    He has patience, but it is well tempered by his natural restlessness; he can wait a long time if need be, or help an injured child limp home over a mile away; but if he can get it done quicker and better, he will. ‘If there’s something to do, get it done.’
    He’s not fond of buildings at all; like a caged bird, he is used to being free, able to see the sky and the land around him. He wants to be free, to run or gallop across the land in exuberance, to live his own life, to search for danger, to be himself. And buildings have never granted him that kind of freedom. He understands that it is, in fact, safer when one has walls around them, but the fact that he can know whether there is actually danger beyond them is what unnerves him. However his iron control keeps this from showing; control is another thing life in the wild has granted him. If a hand twitches so much as once when it lets the bowstring go, the arrow might not kill the deer; or worse, it might miss entirely. He’s learned this the hard way.
    It’s hard for him to verbally admit his weaknesses, because in the wild, fighting for your life out there, you can’t dwell on weaknesses, you have to dwell on your strengths. To admit his weaknesses to someone else is like breading that code, that law of survival. But he’s not vain; he knows he has soft points, and knows each and every one of them. But he’s not about to talk about them, is all.
    Caedan may seem harsh at times, but at all times he’s obeying the rules of survival; he’s not without a quiet empathy and a gentle kindness that one may not even realize is being applied to them until it’s too late to thank him. He is at all time grateful for what he has and accepting of what troubles him; he knows one can’t have everything, so of course something’s going to go wrong, and is prepared for it. He does indeed have a sense of humor; it doesn’t often have the chance to show out in the wild but with others it is accompanied by a slight smile and a twinkle of his eyes; if you’re lucky, a full out grin and lilting laughter. He’s not cruel in the slightest though he may at times seem it; he only does what is necessary to survive. It’s just another reason he’s rather sleep out on the ground in a rocky moor than inside a nice warm inn with soft cotton sheets; it limits his choices and he’s less able to exert the fullness of his free will.
    He’s usually fairly friendly; though he’s not always comfortable around many people he isn’t openly hostile. If one manages to break down his barriers of reservation they may find him to be funny, intelligent and unexpectedly sweet with even a small romantic flair. He’s not without a wry sense of humor; it’s just not always obvious. He’s a skilled storyteller with an unusual amount of eloquence and a knack for knowing just how to play with other’s emotions to get them to fully experience what he’s trying to show them. He’s actually fairly comfortable around people, though he doesn’t spend much time around them; is it really so different than being out in the wild? One has to take care of oneself in a crowd just as much as than without.
    Caedan is a surprisingly intensely emotional person; his anger terrifying, his sadness unbearable, his joy the start of spring. His passion literally burns in the depths of his eyes and he never does anything without reason. However, he has a strong will, and though his emotions play out in his eyes his body is not tempered by emotion; his movements are strong and steady, well-balanced and with a surprising grace.
    He often views other people with, not really superiority, but simply a kind of parent-to-child “that’s right, honey”. He’s used to relying on only himself, and it comforts himself to know that while this king of this kingdom may be angry at him, it doesn’t matter in the slightest; he can simply skip off and go do his own thing without a care. He doesn’t have to listen to what others say, unless he chooses to, because he can fully take care of himself. This make make him seem cocky, but he knows he can safely trust himself to make his own decisions based on logic and past experience and know that most of the time, he’s right. Where would he be by now if he wasn't?

    Likes and dislikes: Likes: Nature, peace, quiet, animals, Lumni and Jaff, Rune dragons, singing, wielding his blades, the heat of battle, healing, laughing, love.
    Dislikes: Cruelty, cold hatred, recklessness, vanity, storms, surprises, being indoors, cages.
    Motivations: He is almost knightly in way of his motivations; his sense of right and wrong is what drives him. Courage, loyalty, integrity, honesty, and humility are as important to him as finding shelter or obtaining his next meal. But above everything, he wants to find the cause of the decline in magic, and at the moment that is what’s driving him on.
    Skills and weaknesses: He is skilled in the ways of herblore, which includes impressive healing talent as well as an innate talent for seasoning meals just the right way. He’s a practiced fighter, and is very good with animals. However, though he’s good at reading people he doesn’t always find it easy to interact with them, and he’s uncomfortable being indoors. He’s not great with managing a group of people, but will is necessary- though he’s a natural leader and will if he must, he doesn’t like to take advantage of it. Sometimes people can cheat him and he is often mocked for his knightly sense of honor; some people have no boundaries and don’t respect those who do.
    Other: -

    Family: He never knew his parents, or if he had any siblings. The only family he has now are his animal companions; his mare, Lumni, and his hawk, Jaff.
    Summary of history: This is just going to be a quick summary… I’ll expand on it later, of course, but for now I’ll leave it like this.

    Caedan was one of those who were ‘stone-born,’ seeming to just appear in the city with no parents, no name, no titles or money. He was taken in by a physician and his couple assistants, along with several other kids who had nowhere to go, and from them he learned everything he knows about herbs and the art of healing. But the physician was old already, and when he passed away, Caedan couldn’t stay. He was only fifteen. He went out into the forest, knowing he could never bring himself to steal and beg off the streets. And since he knew how to heal himself, it shouldn’t be that hard to hunt, right? Wrong.
    But eventually he got the hang of it, learned how to make a shelter, find food, survive. And after surviving, came learning to truly thrive. Of course, it was never without its dangers and they were part of what made him who he is today and he is grateful for every experience, good or bad. Living alone in the wild has taught him to appreciate the simple things in life, know his strengths and weaknesses, and recognize the things that really matter.
    At one point, he rescued a fallen red-tailed hawk chick and raised him as his own; a little male called Jaff, small for his age, but fierce. He helped Jaff to learn how to fly and eventually hunt; eventually Jaff would hunt for him, and they would share kills. When he was older, he saved up to buy a horse; a mare called Lumi, an orphan like him, who, when he bought her, was a tiny, weak little filly, but with his patient care and understanding of healing herbs, he’s raised her into a fine young mare.
    Sometime after this, Caedan found a Rune Dragon, a little healing Rune that he immediately bonded to. She was called Ladhia, and had a laugh as musical as the springtime. What he lacked in healing matters, skilled as he was, she easily filled in, teaching him more than he could have ever hope to know, and they were soon a pair to be reckoned with. People would seek him out for his healing talents when he appeared in town, and word spread that he was one of the best. But when the magic began to fall, and Ladhia tried to use her power, it backfired horribly and she was killed. Caedan was scarred terribly by this, and doesn’t like to think about it.
    After that he was changed; instead of being a bright young man, always with a smile or quick joke on his lips, he was subdued, quieted. He became more silent, less talkative. People’s attempts to warm up to him were harshly quieted, and he wanted to learn about townsfolk’s ways less and less. There lived a new, bitter side of him, and when that side became angry it was frightening to behold.
    And he began to search for the reason magic was failing.
    That was a year ago.

    Rune Dragons

    Pertaining to Plot:
    How they came to find their letter: A messenger Rune must have come, for the faint claw imprints in the letter betray it, but he never saw the Rune; the letter was simply lying by his sleeping roll when he came across it.
    Special phrase: Take caution; even the wisest are fools.

    Sample Writing
    -Removed. Because I hate leaving my writing samples up once they've been accepted.

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    [Alright, everyone. I'll be starting the roleplay tomorrow. Please finish up your forms so that you can join in ^^ I will only add completed forms as characters.

    This is not a race! Please finish posts within a week unless this is impossible, in which case please let us know. Please wait for members to post, and try not to go off on a tangent, tempting though it is.

    So, tomorrow we begin!]


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    [I did warn you ^^. I'm short about 50 words. I'm terribly sorry. With any luck I'll improve with time.]

    The inn was identical to hundreds of inns all over Eldemore.

    The building was worn, but not derelict, and the light streaming out from it to tickle away the darkness was warm and comforting. The lower floor, the bar area, hummed and throbbed with cheerful voices and human unity. The ale was locally-brewed and very fresh, the innkeeper's wife was as round and jolly as the innkeeper himself, and even the floors were moderately clean. Upstairs, the rooms were simply but well-kept. The whole place sang of familiarity, community and proud keeping.

    This was not the sort of place that Seth frequented.

    Seth liked shady pubs surrounded by dark alleyways. His companions were very often brutish, sullen and in some way disfigured. They made conversation in grunts, and made their points with well-aimed blows and an assortment of weapons. Seth lurked in corners untouched by camaraderie. He did not settle into places where friendship was sought, or even considered acceptable practice. Seth lived for the underworld, and all of its scummy, dirty inhabitants. That was his world. He did not belong in places of light-hearted community, jokes and banter.

    Yet, there he was, tucked away from the wholesome interactions around him entirely purposefully. He wrinkled his nose in distaste, but made no move to leave. That choice was not available to him. He had to stay, whether he liked it or not.

    He had to stay because of the letter.

    He cursed that letter, and whoever had sent it. He'd thought of almost nothing else since he had opened that blasted envelope. Seth was not used to being stuck on puzzles, and the letter was most certainly a puzzle; the most intricate he had ever seen, in fact. Everything about it was enigmatic and veiled. At first, Seth had expected that the sender had been his mother. His father was incapable of subterfuge, and even if it was in his range of abilities, he would never have met a family member with such guile. His father was honest. He thought himself noble.

    This what what made him so disgustingly weak.

    That left Seth's mother, who, unlike his father, was perfectly capable of dishonesty and quite enjoyed reminding people of it. It had to be one of his parents, after all. Who else could possibly know about... About that? Seth's parents had lived in seclusion since before he was born, and the man himself had done his utmost best to forget about that awful detail.

    Yet there it had been, bold and blatant at the bottom of the page. But he didn't like to think about that.

    Seth wished that the answer had been so clearcut, and could have been explained away so easily. However, the more he examined the note, the more convinced he became that his parents had nothing to do with its existence. He could have solved the problem by confronting his parents, of course. In theory. But Seth had successfully disowned them both, and had no intention of giving them the satisfaction of hearing from him. He had searched for the answer, but had found nothing. No sender, no point of origin. Nothing.

    It was all terribly vexing.

    What choice had he had, but to come to the rural tavern in the middle of nowhere? At the very least, he reasoned, he would be able to satisfy his curiosity and gain some answers. If all went well, he would even be able to root out the holder of such a valuable piece of information, and ensure, one way or another, that this piece of information was never spread.

    And he was not alone, either.

    The note was so concise that Seth assumed this piece of information to be important. He had arrived early (but of course; nothing else would do for one of his reputation and skill) and had settled himself with an untouched pint of ale. Seth despised ale, but he disliked standing out even more, and amongst the throng of farmers in the tavern, he was as ostentatious as a raven in a chicken coop. The pint was a weak prop, but thankfully the peasant folk who frequented the tavern were not bred or groomed for their abilities of deductive reasoning or keen thought processes.

    But he was not alone.

    He could not become complacent. He could not forget that. Soon, soon, amongst the peasants and farming folk, other strangers would appear. Seth was almost sure of it. He watched the door, his eyes hooded by languid lids which did little to soften his stabbing gaze. Every now and again, his stare would stroke a bench or the bar, tugging at drinkers and merry-makers and trying to identify flecks of gold amongst the straw. The note-sender, whoever he was (or she, Seth supposed idly. It didn't do to make assumptions) would stand out. He was not a peasant. He could write, for one thing, and write well.

    And even a very clever disguise could not hold for very long under Seth's glare. Seth's eyes picked out truths.

    Whether he used them or not was another story.

    And so, trying to appear innocuous, and fading into the background (the former was unsuccessful, but fortunately, Seth was well-practiced in the latter art), lifting his ale to his lips but never draining a drop, Seth waited for his questions to be answered. He did not rush into confrontation. He was not impatient. He could wait. It never did to rush.

    Rushing was for the weak and the uncontrolled.

    Seth was neither of those things.

    Evening faded away as nighttime slunk into position. Inch by inch, second by second, midnight, and all of the answers it held, drew closer.



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    Her breath puffed out in clouds that glowed from the hanging lanterns that she passed beneath as she walked. She had to keep moving; it felt good, with her blood warmly coursing through her veins and staving off the chilled evening air. Genevieve was soundly asleep in the tan backpack, probably dreaming of past glory days in her home forest, and Delyth was faithfully on her right shoulder, her gentle sighs brushing against Sophie's cheek.

    It had been a long train ride from Tuldaringa and she could feel her nerves getting frayed from weariness. She already missed the ocean breeze, as laden as it had been with icy water from the late-night storm. This area, in the middle of nowhere... She had been hard-pressed to even find where this dratted Dancing Dragon Inn was in this isolated town of Shingleshire. She rolled her eyes and adjusted the straps of the backpack across her shoulders, feeling the old ache in her middle back begin to flare up. Blinking to clear her vision and mind, she began looking up at the hanging street signs. Shropview Ave...nope. Dingleberry St...nope. The Dancing Dragon Inn was apparently on the main road through Shingleshire, with a big obvious sign that she hadn't seen yet. A huff of a sigh escaped her lips and woke Delyth from her light doze.
    Have we arrived yet, Dear One? The Sunset Rune sounded as weary as her and Sophie reached up inside the hood to stroke under the Rune's chin.
    "Almost, Delyth, almost. I know it's up here somewhere..." The cobblestone seemed to pound back on the soles of her feet with every step at this point. She just wanted to get there and settle down with some apple cider. That is, assuming this little backwoods town even had apple cider on tap. "Stupid letter..." the strawberry-blonde grumbled as she kicked a loose stone into the road. All this mysterious nonsense about 'before the Winter Solstice' and 'you won't be alone'. What on earth was the lunatic writer trying to do, conduct a live mystery novel? Sophie laughed breathily at herself; she was roped in too easily. That phrase... The smile dropped from her face and her searching stare became more focused.

    It was an invasion of her past to have used that phrase. She would punch the writer, once she found them, for even daring to use it.

    I believe this is the Dancing Dragon? Delyth's soft voice rang in her mind, bringing her to an abrupt halt a few steps shy of a wooden door. Shifting the backpack's straps again, she observed the outside of the Dancing Dragon. Golden-red light poured out through hazy glass windows and as Sophie pushed open the pitted wooden door, a wave of noise spilled through to greet her. Lively conversations, some accented by too much drink, felt like an unwelcome slap to the face - it did wake her up, however. Feeling perspiration break out on her forehead, she stepped to one side of the door and shrugged off the backpack gently. Delyth was smart enough to step close to her head in order for her to remove her rain jacket and shuffled back into place after ruffling her feathers. Sophie didn't feel any mental prodding from Genevieve in the knapsack and assumed that she slept like the dead. A quick scan around the room made the young woman feel better. This didn't appear to be the sort of inn that her mother had warned her about growing up. It was friendly, in a sense, with mostly middle-class patrons. She made her way into an open space at the bar and ordered a pint of apple cider, two cinnamon sticks please. The bartender was charming and flirted as he took her coins, inviting her to return for something stronger. She grinned and gave a noncommittal shrug in reply. Men always seemed to fall for the girl-next-door routine. There was an empty chair at a small side table-for-two away from the main hub and she settled there, her knapsack near her feet. Delyth hopped onto the table and pulled over the bowl of pretzels with a dextrous foot.
    I love these little human crunchies! What are they called again?
    "Pretzels," Sophie replied, grabbing one to munch on. "Maybe Genevieve would like one?"
    I shall ask her, the Sunset Rune replied and cocked her head, an indicator that she was speaking to the Flash Rune. Sophie smiled indulgently and turned her attention back to the room once more. Where were these others that the letter suggested...?

    (( Hey, my writer's block went away!!! WHEEE!!! ))

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    Re: Nobody Saw Them Arrive // Literate Rune Dragon Roleplay//

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    The lights of the afternoon sun began to fade over the horizon as a lone figure walked steadily along the earthen roads. He was tall, wearing a clock that covered most of his body and a white skull mask that was stark against his dark features. The sounds of the night began to echo aimlessly as they woke for their midnight serenades, and the even scuffle of footsteps was the only sound to break the dark. A flutter of wings was heard overhead and a small Rune Dragon dived down before the dark man with a gleam in her eyes. "Aiden! By the Ancients, it took me forever to track you down. Can't you dress is something less dark?"

    Aiden looked up at the young rune as his soft deep voice echoed behind his mask, "Tiddly Winks. What brings you here in search of me? Does Thorn send a message?" Aiden watched as the talking messenger rune gave him an exasperated sigh and pulled a note from her satchel, "No, but I do bring an unexpected letter. No sender's name or nothing. Just a note addressed to you." Aiden reached out a gloved hand to retrieve the note and look upon it's contents. Only his mother and father knew him personally, and he had no ties to anyone else, who could possible wish to contact him? The letter itself was well written but the last sentence gave him pause. 'Power is tempered with ignorance?' that was odd, but a phrase he had heard used by his mother many times before.

    Aiden wondered why it requested his presence though and did not like to be taken away from his work. His ongoing search to the disappearance of the magic from Eldemore was far more important than some silly meeting. He tucked the letter away in his cloak and kept on his current destination. However, the gentle prick of claws on his shoulder was followed by the annoying intrusive voice of Tiddly Winks. "Hey! No one reads a letter and then doesn't pay!" She tapped her claws on his mask and glared at him, "I don't care how scary you look, one glass bead per every message." She held out her talons as Aiden reluctantly gave in and handed her the bead. Only runes prized the little colorful orbs, and he watched as she tucked it in her satchel with great care.

    "Thank you. Now, when will you be attending this meeting?" Aiden stopped his current trek and looked to the small rune still perched on his shoulder. "You read the letter beforehand didn't you." Winks averted her eyes to this and scratched her furry chest. "Maybe...Come on! I had to make sure it wasn't from some lady friend or an assassin! You should be thanking me for my concern." She promptly turned her nose up at him and looked at him through narrowed eyes. Aiden sighed and shook his head slightly, "I have no lady friends Ms. Winks and no assassin would send a letter before trying to kill me. Besides, I have more important things to do than go to some meeting because of a few words. He did not admit his nagging feeling that seemed to urge him to go nevertheless, but he was too proud to admit this to her. "You on the other hand, my take your leave." Tiddly Winks gave a snort, "Pfft, I flew for more than a week to give you that silly letter and I expect adequate rest at this inn!" She stomped her little foot to prove her point and Aiden could not help but smile behind his mask.

    "Very well Ms. Winks. we shall rest up then. I have not been to an inn for months now, so I suppose it could not hurt to look into it." The nagging feeling he had felt before now seemed satisfied that he would sait his hidden curiosity. He knew where Shingleshire was but had never frequented the Dancing Dragon Inn. Aiden preferred to sleep out in the wilderness or alone, so interacting with people was not really his strong suit. The fact that his father was an Ancient and his mother Thorn was a renowned human, did not aid too well either. Which was partly why he hid his face and his appearance. His Rune marks were like tattoos upon his skin and he would rather not have others stare for being a hybrid.

    His walk to the small farmers town did not take but a few hours at most. Tiddly Winks made sure to chat the whole way as he provided a patient ear to her never ending rumbles. By the time he arrived though, it was almost midnight and the candle lit windows from the town cast their orange hues into the dead of the night. The Inn was the largest building in the small town and the modest structure stood out with a Rune Dragon dancing across the sign, as it's tail weaved the words "Dancing Dragon." How appropriate, Aiden reached for the handle of the large door only to stop midway. He could feel another Hybrid's magic seep from inside and pushed back the invading force with his own. He had never met another of his own kind but had been told by his Father that there were other Ancients who had children such as he. Like an Ancient, a Hybrid could feel the presence of another, and Aiden gripped the handle in frustration. Perhaps there was indeed more to the letter than he had previously given credit for.

    Aiden finally opened the door and could feel Tiddly Winks grip his shoulder in apprehension. He was not the only one to feel it and was grateful for the young dragon's presence as many eyes looked up at him. Hostile glares from the shadows and bar told him that they felt weary of his presence, and he assumed a man in a mask was not well taken by others. He did not pause though, and confidently walked to the bar before taking a seat, his back turned to the rest. He did not have to search for the other Hybrids presence. Feeling that he was there and locating him in the shadows with his magic was enough. He was not even trying to find the other, their magic's just simply were invasive and seemed to clash at each other's close proximity. He felt this way when he was around his father, Numair, or his Godfather Riki. Though this hybrids magic was not string as a true Ancients, it nagged at him all the same.

    His thoughts were cut suddenly by the jolly innkeeper as she offered him a Drink. Aiden obliged and was given a flask of ale that stung his sensitive nose and ripped at his senses. 'How do humans drink this stuff? It plagues the mind and withers one's wit.' He spoke inwardly as Tiddly Winks hopped to the the rim of the flask and dipped a toe in the liquid before tasting it. "Yuck! Hey Innkeeper! Give me a cup of water, extra clear with a hint of mint, please." Well at least Tiddly Winks was no stranger to humans. Indeed, she acted more human then he, and he watched the young dragon gulped the cup of water down as the mistress cooed at her cuteness. Another Rune Bearer seemed out of place as the female was accompanied by a Sunset rune. His mother had showed him every species that she had documented, so it was out of habit that he identified every dragon he saw. The woman was younger than he and appeared to have come from someplace more industrial. Perhaps she was one of the recipients of the letters as well? He could not say for sure nor did he focus on her too long. He was weary enough as is.

    Aiden ignored the exchange between Tiddly winks and the innkeeper, and hoped that he would come across as a simple Rune Bearer to these people. Although, judging from the stares he assumed that many probably thought of him as a mercenary or rouge with the way he was dressed. He found his cloths practical and well worn, these farmers on the other hand, sneered and looked away every time his sharp green eyes returned their challenge. He did not like this place, nor did he know how best to speak with these people. He was not exactly sociable and decided to ignore the unidentified hybrid and everyone around him for now. The letter seemed to incline that there would be others and he was curious to see what others it meant...

    ~Meet Numair!~
    "Tell them to stay away from me or I shall cast them into the abyss!"


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    Seth was good at many things.

    Some of those things he had worked very hard to become good at. For example, it had taken him years, snatched hours gathering into weeks spent standing in front of any reflective surface on hand, to cultivate the right facial expressions. He was known for those expressions: Haughty disdain, superior boredom, and of course, the look of patience wearing dangerously thin. He had taught himself hand-to-hand combat, after the excitement of a split lip or sprained wrist gained from coming off worst in a fight had worn off. He had learnt to speak with an undertone of menace. He had taught himself to get what he wanted, not by being frightening, but by suggesting that he could become frightening very quickly if pushed in the right (or wrong, depending on who one was in the interaction) direction.

    However, he was also naturally good at some things. He was far more proud of the skills he had worked to develop than the ones which he had been born with, but had no scruples about using the latter set. If he had it, he would use it. Morals be damned.

    One of the latter set of skills, one of the skills which had always been there and would never fade, was his ability to read a room.

    He was utilising this talent to its full potential as he sat in the tavern. The yeasty-bitter reek of ale snuck into his nostrils, no matter how hard he tried to chase it away. He did not mind human wine. Ale, however, had never sat well with him. It was a peasant's drink. It was an inferior drink. Still, he tolerated it, because it served its purpose by helping him to blend in. Seth would tolerate anything, as long as it served its purpose. When it stopped being useful, though...
    Well, then he simply stopped being tolerant.

    Seth's eyes were half-closed, because he didn't need to see. He needed to hear the chatter and listen for breaks and changes in the natural rhythm. It was more than that, though. Seth needed to feel for changes. He had never been able to explain the sensation of a room changing to anyone who had never experienced it themselves. He suspected that it was not a human skill. It was one of those skills in the unique little sub-grouping. The Other talents.

    He tried not to question those talents. As a rule, Seth did not ask questions which he wasn't sure he wanted the answers to.

    The rhythms were stable for quite some time. Seth was a spider, though, so he was not particularly put off by this. He would wait for the flies to come to him, however long that took.

    At last, he was rewarded.

    A young woman entered the inn. She was instantly greeted with a stir from the farm folk. They were interested, but not as men interested in a female. They had not seen the woman before. She was a stranger.
    Strangers were always fascinating.
    Seth may have blown this off as coincidence, if the woman had not been so clearly out of place. She was metropolitan in her attire. She was certainly no rural wanderer.
    This too could have been coincidence, but the Sunset Rune settled on the woman's shoulder was just one step too far for Seth.

    The woman was important.

    His eyes opened, bright slivers of jade in his dark face. They honed in on the girl like arrow tips, but before he could shoot, before he could subject the woman to thorough scrutiny, something else caught his attention.

    No, 'caught' was too gentle a word. Something took his attention into a chokehold, and kept it there.

    Seth was far too smart to turn around, or even to stiffen. He straightened slowly, and turned casually, boredly, to the door of the inn, where someone else was causing far greater ripples in the peace. Seth focused past the pressure in his head. His eyes were half-lidded again, his hands lazily tapping on the wood of the crude table in front of him. He watched the newcomer, the man in the mask.

    The man like him in the mask.

    Oh, yes. Seth knew that feeling well. Different magics did not react well together. As Seth's magical prowess had developed, he had his father had spent less and less time in each other's company. They couldn't bear it. Even he and his mother had stopped hugging one another. Such close proximity was simply too jarring to tolerate on a regular basis. Seth had outgrown such petty displays of affection by that time, in any case, and had not missed them much.

    The man was magic. Was he the sender of the letter, though? Seth longed to snatch onto that explanation, but he liked the truth, and his gut told him that Mask Man was not the culprit. The sender of the letter was subtle, and thrived on being unnoticed and underhand. The mask was not subtle. It was noticeable.

    It was too obvious!

    More than that, though, it was simply wrong. The two identities did not merge. The man in the mask had not sent the letter.

    However, he could certainly been the element which made Seth 'not alone',

    Was the woman one of those, too?

    Or was she the sender of the letter?

    Once again, Seth's attention turned to the woman and her Rune Dragon. His brow furrowed. She wasn't the sender, either. He was sure of it. She was too happy and too relaxed.

    Maybe that was a front; a disguise to put him off of the scent.

    His gut told him differently, though. And Seth had learnt to trust his gut.

    The clock struck ten, and Seth was growing bored. He wanted answers, and he wanted them quickly. He did not so much as glance to Mask. His focus was on the woman. He knew that he couldn't charm the Mask, but he had a chance to get the woman onto his side early, and he would use it.

    He stood, confident but not belligerent, and slipped out from behind his table. His path to the woman meandered. Straight paths threatened. They were too purposeful, and disarmed the recipient. Eventually, though, he sat down opposite the girl with the rune. He pushed his long hair out of his face, and threw a charming smile like a dart. Seth was very good at charm. He'd learnt it by trial and error. From a distance, he was the perfect flirt. He hoped that the image would hold close up, too.

    "Excuse me for saying so, milady, but you stick out from this rough-hewn crowd like a sore thumb. I thought that some more civilised conversation might keep the rough-necks from hounding you. I shall hold
    them at bay for as long as possible, but I fear that I cannot keep them away for long. It's only a matter of time before they begin to fall over themselves for your attention.

    So, what brings you to this pitiful little town?"

    Small talk? It could be. If it became so, Seth would listen politely, nod attentively, and take his leave as soon as possible.

    However, if she noticed, if she found the question within the question, then perhaps Seth's own uncertainties would be swept away.

    He could hardly wait to unravel the whole sordid drama and go back to his life.


    Re: Nobody Saw Them Arrive // Literate Rune Dragon Roleplay//

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    Boy howdy, he sticks out like a freshly-popped zit. Youch.

    She couldn't keep the thought from crossing her mind as her hazel eyes automatically flickered towards the inn door's opening movement and drank up the arrival. Another stranger, oddly dressed with that...well, geez, GARISH mask on his face had entered the inn and she could have sworn that the temperature of the room dropped at least a degree; even the ambient conversation seemed to fade and swell once more, like a wave passing over a pond. Placing her hand beneath her chin and leaning back into her chair, she watched him over the rims of her glasses. Ooh, such disdain... Uncomfortable to boot. I bet there's more than one mask there. ...you give me the heebie-jeebies. Something about the male made the hair on her nape rise.

    If your thoughts were any louder, you wouldn't need a megaphone. Sophie felt the blush touch her cheeks quickly as Delyth hopped up onto the table once more, followed by a sleepy Genevieve. Judgmental at all, Dear One?

    Disagree with me, Dragon? The young woman gestured with her eyes and Delyth's gaze followed.
    What happened afterwards gave Sophie cause for an insidious squirm of concern in her stomach: the Rune Dragon froze. It was a stillness of genuine interest laced with one part fear and one part incredulity.

    By the blessed shards... Not for decades! The mask, Sophie. He's not a human. Sophie knew she couldn't help the slightly wider tilt to her eyes now as she watched him interact with the bartender. Even Genevieve was staring now, blatantly confused.

    There is something very weird about him, the younger Rune mused, her ears lying back. It's like...Delyth, what is it like? He's like us but not like us. Sophie could hear the Dragon's mental speech waver as she tried pitifully to convey the mixed feelings shared by everyone now. All three females had their attention abruptly broke - nay, shattered like a pane of glass - as a man sat down of his own accord at the table. Sophie sat up in her chair, pulling her arms from the wooden surface and tucking her drink to her chest with both hands; it was instinctive as he had very much invaded her personal space with no permission given. Even the two Runes shuffled back and Delyth quickly bumped Genevieve for the barely-audible hiss that escaped the Flash Rune's lips. Sore thumb, what? Fall over themselves for my attention? Oh god, he's laying it on thick. Sophie couldn't help but smile - as it was an automatic response to such flattery - and also frown slightly. There was a delay, she knew there would be a delay, in her response as she assessed him.
    Something about him put her immediately on guard: too much charm, too much, all at once. Even as her reply to his smoothly-phrased words escaped her lips, she was barely able to ignore how her subconscious was snarled up in escape plans.

    "Hounding? Hah-hah-hah! I'm not sure where you've been the last few minutes, but you're the first visitor to my table. Maybe you should get your eyes checked." Even as she said it, she met his gaze. Green, a lovely sea-green akin to glacial sea-floes. With those dark lashes lining them, she wasn't too surprised that he would go for charming first.

    She was certain that she wasn't the first woman to feel a tug at her guts.

    "As far as what brings me here..." It was hesitantly said and she averted her eyes to her cider, which she swirled in a stalling gesture. The cinnamon sticks clunked against the pint glass in response.

    Careful, Dear One. I don't like him any more than you do. Delyth's voice echoed softly in her head as the Sunset Rune settled, still on-guard. Perhaps he is the letter-sender... Hazel met jade again as Sophie tilted up her chin, assuming a facade of indifference and praying she could hold it. She was terrible at hiding things if she was focused on trying; unconsciously, she was incredible.

    "I suppose I just felt like a weekend in an unknown place. See the world, travel a bit, explore a new area. I'm not from this region originally. I guess you could call it curiosity, ultimately." A small smile curved her pink lips; it was a white lie, partly truth. No mask could have blocked how concern flickered over her face as Genevieve's voice whispered through her mind:

    He feels wrong too, Sophie. Like us, not like us.

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    Re: Nobody Saw Them Arrive // Literate Rune Dragon Roleplay//

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    Aiden could feel the stares, the way the appraised and looked at him from behind, burned into his back as he tried his best to ignore them. What was the feeling he had right now? Embarrassment? He did not feel it often, so he could not as easily associate the word with what he felt. He placed a hand on his already hidden face, even though no one could truly see him, he felt as if they could. Tiddly Winks looked up from her drink and gave him a softened expression. "Want some of my minty water Aiden?" She nudged the small cup towards him in a rare gesture to comfort his unease. His eyes softened at the act as he gave her a grateful expression, "Thank you Winks, but I am fine. Just not used to all the company." His eyes appraised the crowd through the slits in his mask, as he heard both the chatter of man and rune.

    The musky scents of this place threatened to overwhelm his senses, as he tried to focus on blocking them out and simply... listening. A talent his mother had taught him to try and make him relax when he was in these kind of situations. However, the peace was broken as the other Hybrid began to move. His magic was too invasive for his liking and the male did noting to quell it. Aiden could already tell he would not like this other hybrid and his suspicions were confirmed as soon as he heard him open his mouth and spoke to the woman. "Oooh, he's pretty smooth huh?" Tiddly gave an admiring glance to the tall dark man as Aiden flicked the small rune away while he rolled his eyes. He tilted his head to see the figure in the corner of his vision and listened as he laced his words with sweet sounds to the young human female.

    Something about him did not seem real though, he wore a confidant expression, but a much more sinister being laid behind his thin smile. Aiden could feel himself grip the wooden bar in unknown anger, this hybrid used his abilities to forcefully gain what he desired, he could feel the taint in his magic. Something Aiden greatly disagreed upon. But he was just going off of the magical feel, there was nothing pleasant about him and Aiden hoped that for the woman's sake, he would not try anything.

    Tiddly Winks fluttered back to him with her feathers ruffled as she glared at him. "What's the big idea!? Flicking me away like that, nobody flicks Tiddly Winks away, nobody!" Aiden ignored the runes scolding as he focused more on the other two's conversation. Perhaps they received the letters too? Maybe that was why the other hybrid was inquiring the young woman- a loud clink on his mask made him look up once more, as Tiddly Winks continued to glare at him, "Hey, listen to me when I am talking to you!" Aiden returned her with a sharp green stare of his own, "Hush winks. I am trying to see if they are recipients of the letters as well." The fluffed up dragon gave him a huff before darting over to the table where the man and woman sat. She promptly plopped herself in the middle of it and eyed the two strangers before blurting out, "Hey! Did you two get the same stupid letter that we did?"

    Aiden could have killed the arrogant rune right then and there. In the blink of an eye, he swiftly strode over to the table and plucked the gibbering rune, before throwing her into his coat pocket. Tiddly was abrasive and uncouth as a talking rune could be. However, he looked through his mask to the two before letting his eyes rest on the other man's. He showed little emotion as he kept their eyes locked. He could feel the challenging stare being returned as they both know what the other was. Aiden finally took a seat at the table, making it three, as he suddenly felt a headache coming on.

    The situation could not have been more loud and awkward than this, and he could feel himself grow hot behind his mask. He finally sighed and looked over to the female who had runes about her. He found himself growing more comfortable in their presence and was soon reminded of home. "Forgive my rune for her rude behavior...I fear she is still too young to have gained any guidance on when to open her big mouth." He could feel Tiddly Winks squirm in protest in his pocket, and finally relinquished his hold over it, so that she could peer out. Aiden looked over the young female and could feel the magic flow through her like all humans. It was the Runes that intrigued him most as he dipped his head politely to each of them in greeting.

    He noted the eldest of the dragons and politely remembered his mothers teaching on how best to address his elders. "Greetings, my respect to you, eldest Sunset Rune." He smiled behind his mask, forgetting his troubles for the moment and simply conversing with the Rune Bearer's dragons. "And to you mistress of the forest, a Flash Rune, am I correct?" He could feel Tiddly Winks tiny little claws dig into his hair as she sat atop his and peered down at the other Runes. She fluttered down quickly so as to be the center of the attention once more, and puffed out her chest fur to look a bit bigger. "And I am Tiddly Winks! The messenger rune, and this masked figure is my minion, Aiden." Aiden looked to Tiddly and shook his head, but could not hide his amusement and interest in the dragons around him.

    His attention was shot back towards the darker man as he could feel a hidden seething come from deep within him. It was blatantly obvious that they would not get along, and Aiden felt some regret since this was the first of his kind that he had met. "I suppose then, that you two received letters of your own, requesting your presence here?" He might as well go ahead and address it since Tiddly had so tactfully blurted it out. He would have preferred to remain cautious about the whole situation, but someone was adamant on getting to the point. He gave Winks a stare which pointed out he was not pleased with her previous actions, but the little messenger Rune simply ignored him and swooned over the other Hybrid. He rolled his eyes but leaned back and crossed his arms to get comfortable. He eyed them both but kept his focus mainly on the sunset rune and her colorful feathered hues. His mind mulled over all the traits that his mother had written about these dragons and was happy to focus on something more familiar to him. After all, the threesome certainly seemed to stick out in this tavern and Aiden was growing weary of overstaying his welcome among the locals here. Best to just get to the point now...

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    The runes did not take well to him. The runes always knew. It used to distress Seth, the way that the little dragons backed away from him, unwilling to meet his eyes. He yearned for their companionship. When humans fear you and Ancients scorn you, the road is lonely and you start to seek any form of companionship. Rune Dragons seemed ideal, in theory. In practice, they wouldn't come anywhere near him. It used to bother Seth. He used to try hard to gain the trust of the little creatures. He'd offer treats, and smile, and make all of the correct motions. It had never really worked. So he'd stopped trying.

    It didn't really bother him that much any more, anyway.

    Seth ignored the reaction of the runes, focusing on their bearer instead. She was pretty enough, he supposed, for a human. Seth did not understand romance. It fell under the heading of 'closeness' in his mind, and he deemed all of that quite unnecessary, not to mention rather foolish. He preferred to stay away from that sort of thing entirely. He hadn't found it difficult. Humans admired him, but instinct repelled them. Everything they did, they did at a distance. Intimacy had never been an opportunity for Seth, much less a problem.

    "Give them a moment to get their bearings, Ms. ... " he said airily, adding an unspoken question, but he was watching her face, and he noticed her hesitation. He noticed her lie. He offered up so many lies to the world that he was very good at spotting the signs in others. That was how he'd learnt to cover up his own untruths: By watching other people get caught out, and not making the same mistakes. He could see a lie on the face of an adept, and the girl didn't even deserve to be called an amateur.

    He smiled pleasantly, opened his mouth, and perhaps would have made a remark and pushed the conversation more clearly towards their mysterious messages, but before he could, a little Rune Dragon did it for him.

    Seth's face did not change expression. It did not even become more guarded. It remained supposedly open and charismatic, as he flicked a dapper smile at the little blue dragon.
    "What letter might you be referring to, pretty one?" he asked, his face brightly interested, slightly curious but not desperate. Perhaps he would have asked more (subtly; always very subtly) but the growing, gnawing discomfort in his head abruptly intensified as the Mask sat down with them, gathering the dragon up in one hand and shoving her away.

    Seth didn't like that. Not at all. He found the Mask's treatment of the little dragon cruel and a bit callous. Seth's dislike began to solidify as he began to find ways to justify it.

    Seth's smile became decidedly stiff. His eyes hardened, more in pain than in anger, and more in frustration than either. What was he doing, barging in like that? Had he no tact? Hadn't he seen that Seth was busy? If Seth made the woman uncertain (and he did; he could tell. He could always tell) then the Mask certainly would. She would shut up like a startled clam, and they would never get answers.

    Perhaps that was what the Mask wanted. Perhaps he was the sender, and they weren't supposed to interact. It was a tempting theory, but still Seth's instinct disagreed. The letter-sender and the Mask didn't match. This didn't mean to say that the Mask was not the letter-sender's lackey. That was entirely possible. Seth kept that clearly in mind.

    The Mask met Seth's eyes. It was a startling feeling. Their eyes looked so similar that, but for a few subtle changes of hue around the iris, Seth could have been looking into a mirror. Some sort of eerie cross-dimensional mirror, he supposed. Seth returned that stare pointedly. He was not one to back down, and would not admit inferiority to the Mask, who had been nothing but challenging and rude. Seth told himself that he would have given the Mask a chance, to give himself the mental moral high ground. He didn't know if it was true or not, but it made him feel superior, and enabled him to keep staring, calm and blank as freshly-settled snow.

    Once Seth had kept his stare for a while, there could be no doubt: The Mask was a hybrid, just as he was.

    Perhaps this was the letter-sender's purpose.

    Somehow, Seth thought not.

    The stare broke as the Mask greeted the woman. Seth fought the urge to curl his lip in disdain. He needed to be approachable. Or, at least, more approachable than the Mask. He needed to have support in that strange and potentially hostile situation. At present, the only support available was the woman. He would win the woman, if he could just be less unpleasant than the Mask. He'd lost the Mask's support. The glare had confirmed it. For whatever reason, the Mask already hated him.

    Seth was used to being hated. He didn't particularly mind. He could use that.

    He could use just about anything.

    He politely allowed the Mask his greetings, and smiled slightly at the Dragon's introduction.

    "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ms. Tiddly Winks. And that of your minion."
    The second bit wasn't entirely true, but the Rune's announcement had been useful: Seth had a name, and with a name he had power.

    The Mask (otherwise known as Aiden, but Seth preferred 'The Mask') brought up the letters. Right there. Out loud. In the open. Seth could have killed him on the spot. Anyone could have overheard him! Seth's smile became a fraction more glassy.
    "May we perhaps have this conversation somewhere more private? I have hired a room." He doubted that the Mask had thought ahead in that way, and felt a surge of triumph. He felt as if he'd won something. It was terribly childish, but he felt the instant need to outdo the other Hybrid. He tried to keep that urge in check. It could prove counter-productive if allowed to run rampant.

    Relaxing slightly (or appearing to, at least) he added:

    "And perhaps we should wait a while. Just in case there are any more to add to our little party. After all, it's not even the eleventh hour."

    It was an airy statement about the time of day to any listening. To one who had gotten a letter, however, it was a subtle confirmation.


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    What do you mean, Genevieve? Not like us?

    It had taken her the handful of years working daily with Delyth to focus her thoughts well enough to respond to the Rune's unspoken communications. She knew she wasn't perfect, and Delyth often laughed when various words or images flashed in the middle of a mental sentence, oftentimes having nothing to do with the current topic, but she got her point across most of the time.

    Like Delyth said, Sophie. Not like us. The Flash Rune still sounded somewhat unsettled, but the mental voice had gained some confidence, since nothing bad had happened...yet.

    She means half-breed, Dear One. Hybrid. Delyth's amber gaze slipped to her for a moment before her attention was back on the strange man.

    Sophie had left her eyes on Delyth while the mental words slipped silently through the air to their respective targets, not only to aid her concentration, but avoid eye contact with the male stranger. Those eyes still didn't sit well with her, as gorgeous as they were. She had to admit it. Those eyes had power. She heard the inflection in his question as he asked her name, but never had a chance to reply.

    The abrupt arrival of a little teal-colored baby Rune with all sorts of leather gear to their table nearly made Sophie spill her cider everywhere. As she placed a hand over her heart, eyes wide, her two Runes shuffled back further towards her. Genevieve appeared thrilled to see the little Rune while Delyth was giving her the arched eyebrow of mild annoyance. Sophie knew the older Rune had limited patience for blatant displays for the sole purpose of drawing attention. The man with the mask was quick to follow and the young woman had to take a sip of cider to wet her suddenly-dry mouth. There was an air about the mysterious man that really set her on edge; the combined personalities of the two males, so close to one another, was enough to make any human uncomfortable. As the man addressed both of her Runes with graceful politeness, her shoulders came down from her ears a bit. He had at least enough sense to treat the two wonderful creatures with the respect they deserved.

    He reminds me of the Phantom of the Opera a little bit...that one musical... The thought slid unbidden through her mind and she couldn't help the faint quirk of a smile as she quickly sized him up. Definitely a similar front as the infamous fictional character. She couldn't help how the smile broadened at the impish baby Rune's statement of "minion". Adorable little thing, she thought.

    I'm getting close to reminding her to keep it down... The young woman reached out and ran a soothing hand down Delyth's back, scratching at the favorite spot.

    Delyth...leave her be, Sweet One. She's young still, and not in our family. The Sunset Rune turned and nimbly crept up Sophie's arm until she rested in her customary perch on her right shoulder. Cooing softly, the two shared a brief quiet moment until the masked man spoke again. Her hazel eyes flickered up to meet his through the shadows of the mask; another set of green eyes, darker this time, more like clover-leaf or grass-green. There we go, another letter. I bet they're both here because of the letter. Before Sophie could come up with a clever response to cover her surprise - it was surprise after surprise tonight, apparently - the strange man with the dark hair suggested they retire to another room for privacy. But why privacy...? What is so secret about these letters?

    "I would rather see who else enters the inn before midnight, personally,"
    she said softly, making her opinion known. "The more, the merrier, as the saying goes."

    Plus, we can see who gets their bearings, the female Flash Rune added in a snarky voice, causing Sophie to laugh under her breath. The Rune was a constant flirt, whether she knew it or not.


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    { I've finished my form, the last form on the first page. I'm going to start catching up on the other posts... Hopefully it's not too late for me to join?
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    Re: Nobody Saw Them Arrive // Literate Rune Dragon Roleplay//

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    Tiddly Wink's declaration of him being her minion made Aiden roll his eyes at the dragon's silliness. However did her father ,Gadzooks, keep up with this baby dragon? Also, how did Thorn get the darn thing to listen to her?! Tiddly Winks was full of unwavering confidence as she spoke, and Aiden wished he had some of it to converse with others so easily. One of the messenger rune's special traits he supposed, got to have people skills in that business. He kept his gaze forward as he sat tall in his seat. He was eager to get away from all these eyes and raised a brow to the offer the dark hybrid gave of a more private room. "I refuse to go anywhere till I know who I am speaking with." His voice came out hollowed behind his mask, and his request was of natural caution. The Rune Bearer he could judge by her runes but he still showed natural distrust.

    The darker hybrid's confirmation on him being Tiddly Winks minion in his greeting to her, felt like a childish jab on his part. Was he trying to one up him? Surely they were both grown men and thus no challenge should be ensued upon first meeting. Aiden narrowed his eyes at this, but said nothing as Tiddly Winks fluffed up her feathers more while the other hybrid complemented her and asked of the letters. Leave it to the little dragon to be so blunt about her feelings. "The letters you guys were trying to be so secret about, of course." She smiled an impish grin but finally refrained from saying anything more on the subject as she understood the seriousness of the situation.

    He watched as Tiddly Winks looked to their other guest and her two Runes. She examined them with dislike at the female human and stuck out a little pink tongue to the Sunset Rune, while showing a charming smile the Flash Rune. "Winks, show some respect to your elders. Surely Gadzooks or Thorn taught you this." He eyed the teal colored dragon with a sharp gaze as she seemed to hiss silently in being forced to show some manners. "Fine. I'm sorry. There!" She turned up her nose to the human female and turned her attention back to the other hybrid with a bright eyes. Why she was so interested in him was beyond Aiden. Tiddly was probably the only thing close to a sibling he had and recalled the day when the smart mouthed rune was hatched at the cottage when he was a child.

    Aiden grimaced behind his mask as the darker hybrid suggested they wait for others, and noticed his subtle hint to the time. It was the same time given in the letters and if anyone was around to hear it would understand it's meaning. Though Aiden did not wish to wait any longer than need be, he crossed his arms and leaned back into his hard wooden seat. Contemplating and trying to filter the magic that flowed endlessly in this world through him like a human. Anything to rid himself of this gnawing headache that made his teeth grit in pain. The slow steady flow filled his body like a cool liquid. Like cold water over a fresh wound, the magic flowed comfortingly till his mind finally went from a pounding force, to a slow numb throb. He let out a silent sigh as the pain finally subsided. He closed his eyes in thanks and was grateful of his ability to both store and channel magic.

    In their wait, Aiden was disturbed at how weak the magic felt when he filtered it. It reminded him of the ever present problem that Eldemore was facing and he would not stay here longer than need be. If no one was to show up soon and this letter sending was just some hoax, he would be on his way without ever looking back on this bizarre situation. There were far more pressing matters to attend to then figuring out where a silly letter came from.

    [Sorry for the short post, but there was just not too awful much to go on, and I do not want to push forward if we have others trying to catch up.]

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    ((Yes, my post won't be continuing the story-line much farther, since Nellas wanted to join.))

    Sophie nodded at the masked man's declaration in regards to names. She agreed, if not out loud; trust meant getting names. Names were powerful things, though she had yet to personally learn how powerful a name could truly be. Delyth had attempted to explain to her once or twice about how magic coincided with the true name of things; how once that true name was known, whatever object with its attachment became impossibly easy to control. It had shaken Sophie a bit, made her stomach turn sour and her soul quiver at the thought of such a devastating loss of control. Even now, cold unease slithered under her skin as she contemplated the concept.

    Names are power, Dear One. It was as if Delyth was reading her mind. The Sunset Rune had long since ignored the younger Messenger Rune and turned her attention back to her abnormally-quiet Bearer. I suggest giving them your nickname instead. Sophie couldn't help the grimace.

    Chickadee. Her nickname at home was Chickadee, like the charming little bird. So cloyingly sweet, this nickname.

    I understand why you're suggesting this, Delyth, but why that one...? The young woman knew that Delyth would understand her recalcitrance in choosing the nickname, but there had to be a reason why the Rune's voice held such conviction.

    It's a nickname given in pure love, Dear One. This name has protection against evil uses, against someone willing anything that goes against the basic definition of love. The young woman's heart melted a bit as she made eye contact with the Sunset Rune on her shoulder. There was that soft look that Delyth always gave her, that gaze of liquid gold and gentle light. Plus, it's not your true name and you'll respond to it if someone calls it out.

    I agree with Delyth, Sophie. The Bearer glanced down to see Genevieve sitting prettily on the table, munching on a pretzel stick. Just use that one. Besides, what if one of these males thought it was as adorable as we do?

    "You are ridiculous, Genevieve," Sophie said aloud, forgetting that her company could obviously hear spoken words. The laugh that escaped her mouth was sweet and breathy; she had been truly amused and forgotten to censor herself. "Oh, there I go talking to myself again." A weightless comment to save face. Sighing and forgiving herself for her silliness, the strawberry-blonde continued talking, gesturing towards both men with a sweeping motion of her free hand. "Since we're all strangers, let me introduce my crew. The Sunset Rune on my shoulder is Sunny and here eating a pretzel is Goldie. You can call me Chickadee."

    There. Names with power and yet without. Names given in love and protected by the emotion.


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    (Oh god, finally finished xD I apologize if it's not quite as long as the other forms-- Cali's still untested, so all I can rightly put down are the major traits. I'm catching up and writing out my intro now Smile)


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    The sky had long grown dark before Calliope had even reached the outskirts of Shingleshire, and to the woman's dismay, it only seemed to be growing darker. Large clouds drifted overhead, and these were rainclouds, she was positive of it. There had already been that hint in the air, that scent of cool wetness that was different from average humidity, because the scent didn't linger. It moved, washed over the world, heralding thick black clouds full of thunder and lightning and water. Sleet was likely as well, more likely than rain now that she thought of it.

    Rain could be pleasant. True, it was cold enough already and would have only made her colder, but it could at least have made for a good wash, something Cali desperately needed. It had been... what, a week since her last bath? No, wait, only a few days, she'd found that river on the way here. Still, three days of intense travel left plenty of time for dirt and grime to build up. It was a mercy she'd managed to cut her hair a little while ago. Dirty hair down to her shoulders was one thing, dirty hair down to her waist? Torture. And then there was the matter of her clothing-- she'd had to piece together what she could, and that had been nothing but what had once been a strapless dress and a violet vest, and black pants that were perhaps a little too small. In any case, they left half her legs bare, and while they weren't visible while she wore her patched cloak, the entire outfit did little to hide the red marks that covered her body. She hadn't been able to find any shoes.

    And now that autumn was truly transitioning into winter, it would do little to spare her from the cold. Her, or the tiny drell Rune currently curled up in a pocket of the cloak.

    "How're you doing?" Cali asked, pausing her walk for a moment so she could take a look at the little blue dragon. Silha had been her companion for nearly five years now, but in all that time, she hadn't grown an inch, still capable of fitting comfortably in the palm of Cali's hand.

    "Pitiful," was all Silha said, her voice keeping to its usual rumbling growl. She stared up at Calliope with wide, unblinking black eyes, and to anyone else, it would seem that the little Rune was otherwise content. Cali, however, could see the baby's discontent in the tiniest shift of her brow plates and the intensity of her stare.

    "Sorry. I'd do more if I could," Calliope sighed, gently tucking the dragon back into her pocket, this time keeping her hand closed over the creature, hoping to provide some extra warmth. With her other hand, Cali reached into her other pocket to ensure its contents were still there. The letter-- torn and dirty, but ultimately still together-- and a half-dozen coins, she wasn't sure how much it amounted to. That and the clothes on her back, her only possessions in the world.

    Cali began moving again, this time breaking into a half-jog. If she was lucky, it was still before midnight, she wasn't sure exactly what time it might be. Any chance of guessing it by the moon and stars was gone now, all the sky had to offer were silent clouds and cold rain.


    She had been working against the storm, it seemed. Shingleshire's cobblestone roads were still slick and freezing (probably, Calliope couldn't really feel much below her feet any more), but the sky was once again clear.

    "Thank the Ancients," Silha grumbled, pushing her way past Calliope's hand and jumping out onto the stone ground to shake herself off. The drell Rune had never done well in damp conditions, nor did she like the cold. Putting them both together... well, Calliope was impressed that the dragon did nothing aside from grumble. While Silha tried to dry herself, Cali took out the letter, trying to make out the letters in the silvery-blue moonlight.

    "Right, looking for the... Dancing... Dragon Inn," she said, her voice trembling from the cold. She'd worked on memorizing the place ever since she first pieced together the contents of the letter, which had taken some time; the only thing she had understood at first was the red symbol at the bottom of the page. Even then, she still didn't know just what the thing was, only that it was what she'd wind up with when doodling in the dirt.

    Cali stooped down and scooped Silha up in her hand, causing the little Rune to give a squeak of indignation, but she took no heed of it. They had to move fast. Usually Cali would take her time and admire the layout of a new town, but without knowing what time it was, she couldn't dally. Finally, her efforts were rewarded. She checked the letter twice to make sure it was the right place, and satisfied that she was reading the sign correctly, Calliope placed her hand on the handle... and then, she just stood there.

    She couldn't begin to describe just why she had stopped, there was just something. Some presence lingering in the back of her mind, pressing on her like the silence she often endured in abandoned buildings, or when she was alone and couldn't keep more... unpleasant thoughts at bay. There was something more to it, certainly, but the pressure was all Calliope could put into proper thoughts; the rest was just too difficult to even begin with. She felt a stirring in her pocket and looked down, surprised to find Silha seemed to be reacting as well, flaring her wings and the spiky bit of her frill.

    Well, whatever it was, it couldn't deter them. Someone had called Calliope here, and she was going to find out what was going on. She took a deep breath and opened the door, stepping into the warm inn without another moment of hesitation. It took a few moments to adjust to the light, and the wooden floors felt like fire against her bare, frozen feet. Calliope scurried out of the way of a couple patrons departing the inn, one of them shooting her a curious (and, at least as far as she could tell, disapproving) look before stepping into the cold night. She shook it off as much as possible though and looked around at the people inside, surprised to see how crowded the place was even at this hour.

    The crowd was... unsettling. If it were outside, during the day, that'd be one thing, but indoors and at night? She just wanted to find somewhere to sit and think. A sudden nip from Silha caught Calliope's attention, and the young woman looked down at the blue Rune who was peeking out of the cloak's pocket.

    "Over there," she said, staring at a table in the opposite corner. There were three people there, a woman and two men. One of whom, Cali noticed with a start, had his face obscured with a skull mask.

    Well. It would be a start.

    Ignoring any other stares as best as she could, Calliope strode over to the table, trembling slightly as she grew nearer, for that heavy presence only grew worse with every step.

    "Have... ah. Have you room for one more?" she asked once she was close enough, putting on the bravest smile she could.

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    It was like any other day. The late summer sunshine glittered through the forest canopy, coming to rest in a haze of golden fairy-dust, fiery leaves dappling a pattern of warmth and light onto the mossy leaf-carpeted floor. The eloquent warbles and trills of birdsong drifting on a warm, fragrant breeze, and bright feathers flashed in the gently waving boughs of hardwood trees; oak, elm, beech and maple, birch and willow and aspen standing together in the peaceful grove as the leaves changed and began to fall, flickering like butterflies to rest with their kin at the roots of the trees. A lone figure dressed in unassuming greens and browns slipped among the tree-trunks, with the long and silent strides of a cat, every supple movement betraying the grace of one who knows the forest well. Bright grey eyes shone out from dark brows lowered in concentration; ears perked and a sling prepared with stone in hand, Caedan Hasting crept through the forest like a wraith and then froze.

    The rabbit knew nothing. Its grey-brown fur was sleek against a well-rounded stomach as it snuffled among the roots to nibble on a bit of autumn grass; it would stop every so often and lift its head to look around, but noticing nothing it would drop back down to graze upon the grass… Unaware. It didn’t hear the faint whir of the sling as it starting swinging, nor the swish of the stone as it flew through the air. The rabbit lifted its head, expecting a small bird flying by, but it was too late; it could not even squeal before a knock on the head killed it mercifully. The stone thumped in the grass next to the not prone form of the rabbit, and he bent to retrieve it.

    Caedan bowed his head and murmured thanks in a soft, low voice with a strange sort of resonance. He might have been around twenty, but there was an ageless kind of look in his eyes and the set of his mouth that spoke of a great wisdom beyond his years. Rising swiftly in a single fluid movement, he swung the rabbit over his shoulder and uttered a piercing whistle that immediately silenced all natural birdsong into tense anticipation. And out of the trees flew a hawk; arrayed in multitudes of rich autumn hues from brown to gold to cream, his eyes were a determined bright amber and his tail was a deep rusty red in color. He glided towards the man on broad, powerful wings; landing with a soft thump upon his shoulder. For all his power and majesty, the red-tailed hawk was small for his age; but the sheer beauty of his feral fierceness and obvious loyalty more than made up for it. Caedan smiled and scratched the great bird’s neck, greeting him with the word “Jaff,” what could only be the creature’s name; as comfortable around such a dangerous and powerful creature as the start of spring.

    Clicking softly under his breath to the fearsome raptor, sitting now serenely upon his shoulder, he set off through the forest once more, rabbit thumping across his shoulder as he moved. Yet something seemed off; the birds sang less than usual, the sunlight, less golden. Or was it brighter? A strange feeling tingled in his stomach suddenly and he stopped; his heart flipped as his pulse raced suddenly through his body. Jaff cocked his head, unsure at the sudden change in his friend, and the grip of his talons tightened. Caedan bowed his head, dark hair hanging in a curtain around the strong features of his face. Something was about to happen, he knew. He'd gotten this feeling before, four times, all only a bit before something had happened to change the fate of his life; for good or for worse. Shaking his head, the light of his bright grey eyes sharpened and he set off once more through the forest with a new purpose. Jaff was relaxed and patient, with a rabbit swinging over Caedan’s shoulder it would mean a full stomach, but the hard line of his mouth betrayed his deep concern. Jaff and Lumni were his only family; the silvery mare had been left to graze near camp while he went on the hunt for their dinner, and he hadn't heard after her since he'd left only several minutes ago. Two times he'd felt the feeling, something good had happened. But the other two times, something horrible had happened; the death of someone beloved to him.

    His heart twisted and his pace quickened until the supple leather of his boots was audibly making noise as he strode swiftly through the looming forest. If something was about to happen to Lumni, he feared he could not bear it. They were a strange family, the hawk, the horse, and the man, but a family they were. And he would do everything he could to prevent something happening to any of them.

    And then the two came upon their makeshift camp; a bright sun dappled clearing, the fire-hued leaves of crimson, amber and gold glittering ever brighter as the late afternoon light sifted down, swirling in a ceaseless slow dance with shimmering amber dust motes. A yet unlit stack of wood for a fire rested in a circle of stones, and his pack and sword lay next to it. But it wasn’t what the man was looking for. “Lumni?” his voice rose into the quiet air, out of place. “Lumni! Come here!” he called, beginning to follow the trail she’d left behind when she went to graze. A slight indent in the moss here and there; a strand of silver hair where she brushed against a rough-barked tree; a twig broken off where she’d tried to nibble. Crouching to study several faint hoofprints in a row, trying to decide how urgent she’d been in wherever she’d been going and how fast, the crack of a twig snapping underfoot was loud in his ear.

    With a startled cry Caedan leapt upright, knives automatically appearing in his hands into a fighting stance. The mare shied in surprise and danced cautiously away from him, and after a minute he relaxed, dropping his knives to stride forwards, wrapping a pair of strong arms around her neck in relief to feel her muzzle drop comfortably over his shoulder. She was safe. Jaff clacked his beak in annoyance and moved to the other shoulder, pricking him with his talons, but he cared not. It was okay. Picking up the rabbit he murmured to the mare and they walked back to camp to start a fire for dinner. Lumni wouldn’t have to eat, for horses grazed constantly during the day, but Caedan’s stomach was howling and he was sure the couple of mice Jaff had found earlier hadn’t held him either.

    It was then he noticed the letter.

    Resting innocently upon his pack, it was of a pale cream color, with a bright red seal unmarred by any stamp. When he flipped it over, it was simply addressed, “To Caedan.” With a long-fingered touch he broke the seal idly, trying not to betray his sudden nerves. Who would be sending him a letter? No-one knew where to send letters to if they wanted to contact him, he was always traveling. And taking a deep breath, he unfolded the letter.

    To Caedan Hasting;

    Before midnight
    Five weeks precisely before Winter Solstice

    The Dancing Dragon Inn

    You will not be alone.

    And at the bottom, in blotted scarlet ink, a phrase that stopped his heart.

    Take caution; even the wisest are fools.

    His knuckles turned white as he gripped the parchment, breath a frosty plume in the chill air before him as he fought to control his emotions. This was not what he had expected. This was… impossible. No-one knew that phrase. No-one remembered his past. No-one should have been able to find him. Who had written this? And why? And how had it come to him? How much did they know about him? Did they realize who he was? What he’d done? Did they know about the downfall of magic?

    The questions rebounded throughout his head like a flock of frightened birds, echoing in the stunned confines. He tried to fight back the surge of emotion, all these thoughts, words, phrases, the letter, it brought back too much, too many memories, too much pain. Caedan did not know what to think. But he knew one thing: he had to get to the Dancing Dragon five weeks before the winter solstice. If he could guess anything, he would think that this place, these people… they must hold the answers. And he had taken it upon himself to find them.
    Dropping to his knees beside his pack, he untied the knots with deft fingers to reach inside for a certain pair of sticks; he kept them regularly, one stick filled with notched to mark the months, one to mark the days. He ran his fingers over the little indents carefully, counting… His heart skipped a beat as he realized. He had to be at the Dancing Dragon by… tonight.

    Singleshire. Why did it have to be Singleshire? He’d been there before, of course; he’d been almost everywhere throughout Eldemore. Singleshire was a long way if they were walking, as they usually did. It would have taken a day or two at least.

    But they could run.

    “Jaff, Lumni,” he called, rising to sling his pack over his shoulder, letter crumpled in hand. “We must fly.”

    And fly they did. At a gallop, Lumni was one of the steadiest horses in Eldemore. She would never come in first were they to race, but she was as reliable as the breed of small mountain-ponies to the north. And together, Jaff flying overhead, they would go far.

    Time passed as they travelled on, at times through forests in various states of leaf’s fall, or across a desolate and rocky plain. They cantered down deserted empty roads and through tiny villages, splashed across rivers and over a series of hills as the evening drew on. At one point after several hours of constant running, Caedan could feel his ever loyal mare lagging beneath him, and he dismounted to run beside her. And as they drew abreast a hill, he could see clearly the lanterns and lights of a town, their destination. It didn’t appear to be anything special, but it put a new strength in their steps and they continued on.

    At ten o’clock sharp they entered Singleshire. Jaff dropped down to land on Caedan’s shoulder, and they called the watchman at the gate to have Lumni stabled for the night and given gruel for her peace of mind. She had worked hard this evening, and she deserved a rightful rest. Jaff stayed on Caedan’s shoulder, tawny eyes watchful as the lone figure strode swiftly through the streets, black cloak billowing behind.

    All too soon, they arrived at the sign of the Dancing Dragon. Made of wood, it creaked in the soft breath of wind floating through the quiet late evening streets, illuminated by a lantern issuing a golden pool of light onto the cobble-stoned road. Lights and laughter shone from the windows, and inside he could see the kindly innkeeper and his wife issuing stew and ale to merry customers. Altogether a nice place, for an inn, but completely unsuspicious. Yet it was the right place. Taking a quick deep breath, he steeled himself. As a traveler, he had never enjoyed being within walls; it was cramped, claustrophobic, danger could be all too near with far too many distractions. A nice warm bed and a hot meal was no payment for the loss of safety walls and a roof entailed. He had to be on his guard this night. And so, hand on the hilt of his sword, Caedan pushed the doors of the inn open and stepped cautiously inside.

    Blinking to get his bearings as his eyes adjusted from the cool dark of the night street to the bright golden light of the inn, he realized the talk and laughter had momentarily quieted as he’d walked in, and several people had turned to look at him; he was thoroughly out of place, dark hair hanging over his piercing grey eyes; black cloak swirling off his shoulders and well-loved traveler’s clothes. It must have been the sword and the amount of knives on his belt that did it. However, as he avoided the innkeeper’s “May I help you, kind sir?” with a polite little nod, and slunk off to his own little corner to wait in the shadows, their attention turned from him and to their own business again. That was good. Caedan never did well being the center of attention.

    You will not be alone.

    The words whispered ominously in his mind, and subtly his gaze scanned over every person in the front room of the inn. If he was not alone, then who else was here? His hand never left the handle of his favorite knife; his sword was no option. If he tried to draw it in the packed confines of the room, there was a chance some innocent would be hurt. For though he was not alone, anything could be a threat. He still had no way to tell whether the senders of the letters were with him, or against him. There was no way to guess at how many people there might be that had come here for the same purpose, but he wouldn’t give his business away quite so easily; Caedan would let the others come to him. But his eyes never drew away from the people in the room. Any of them could be a suspect. But if they wanted to find him, they could do it with no help from him.


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    [Sorry about the delay. I've been horribly busy. I'll try to be better, I promise. I was wondering how to work Caedan into this, but I leave that to you, Nellas.]


    Names were powerful things. That was why Seth had never given anyone his. 'Seth' was a pseudonym, a nom de plume. He suspected that his new acquaintances knew it, too. The girl's name was definitely not Chickadee, because nobody's parents were that cruel. Seth took it, though, because as intrinsically criminal as he was, he understood the fundamental rules of the not-quite-human world. So he nodded, wondering snidely if the one called Aiden's secret had been spilled, or if that was a careful pseudonym too.

    He would have to press the little blue runelet to find out. He suspected that it would not be too difficult.

    Seth hesitated for a moment. Courtesy demanded that he share his name, too. However, he was well-known, and not well-liked, in the criminal circles. He debated giving another name, a name within a name. He went by 'Reginald', 'Rohan', 'Ichabod' and various other false names, all purposefully more memorable than his, for lack of a better term, 'real name'. Sometimes, he needed to be memorable. The more ridiculous, the better. If it was strange, it was hard to forget and even harder to believe.

    He opened his mouth to answer (after a pause which had dragged on far too long), but was promptly interrupted. A cold, frightened-looking woman had arrived. She was preceded by her smell, which was not exactly pleasant. Seth held back the urge to wrinkle his nose. He needed to curry favour, and disgust was not the emotion to show. Instead, he smoothed his brow and gave a charming, inviting smile.
    "But of course, milady! Plenty! Please, sit down. You look soaked to the bone."

    With a carefully-practiced look of concern on his face, Seth removed his coat and proffered it gallantly to the newcomer. He tried not to wonder whether he would have to burn it or not. He had his outer cloak, after all, which he had hung up as he entered. He could afford a bit of chivalry, and if it earned him the woman's trust, then so much the better.

    He even stood to draw out a chair.

    'Top that, Mr Mask,' he thought.

    The feeling of power, encroaching energy, grew stronger, but he blamed it on Mr Mask and his jealousy. For surely he would be jealous of Seth's quickness. In a way, the young man knew that he was being foolish, but he wanted to win. He wanted to be in control, and he felt that Mr Mask was his main competition. He ignored the power feeling.

    He did not connect the newcomer with that throb of energy. It did not cross his mind that a woman could be powerful. It was one of Seth's greater flaws.

    It would probably come back to bite him.

    He settled himself back down, and steepled his fingers. Four. Four looked about right. He looked around the table. Two hybrid males and two human girls. The group certainly fit the 'motley crew' stereotype. Seth did not smile. He decided to find out what was going on.
    "My name is Seth. Let's talk about why we're here, shall w-"

    But, before he could even finish his suggestion, the inn door opened, and a feeling of constriction passed over him, stronger than the previous occasions. The presence of so much magic in a confined sense crackled electrically. The lines between the different sources blurred dizzyingly.
    Another one.
    He could feel it.
    How many more were arriving?

    They didn't have much time. Seth glanced at the clock on the wall. Midnight was but an hour away.

    But it wouldn't happen at midnight. It wouldn't be that simple. Not the letter-sender. He liked melodrama, but he was smart. Smarter than that.

    Seth looked over to the door (reluctantly, very reluctantly, because the last thing he needed was another Mr Mask to deal with), where a man stood. 'Oh goody,' Seth thought, his eyes narrowing.

    The questions were ready to start again. Was this one the letter-sender, just in time for a dramatic entra-

    He was distracted.

    Fluttering passively behind the newest-comer was a familiar blue-gold Rune Dragon shape.

    Seth knew that shape. He had seen it in his child. His mother had called it Hiroshi. She had told him the story of their paths crossing, right down to the death of the Rune's bearer. His mother had not been one to sugar-coat the realities of life. Hiroshi, the Rune Dragon who brought luck. He'd arrive in situations where someone...

    Someone needed a little...

    A little bit of luck.

    Oh dear.

    Seth looked down at his drink, which had not passed his lips for the last hour or so. He started, astonished. There was a letter under the mug. He was certain that it had not been there before, but he had not felt it being slipped into place. He looked around the table with veiled accusation in his face.
    "Who did this?" His voice was calm but held an edge. Seth was being taken for a fool, and he knew it. He hated being out of control, and he had to confess that that was what he was.
    He repeated his question.
    "Who put that here?"

    He plucked up the letter between two fingers, feeling the envelope. It was familiar. He'd known that it would be.

    The letter-sender had struck again.

    He considered flinging the offending object into the fire, just to be defiant. He wanted to be in control.

    He almost did it, too.


    But, with a long-suffering sigh, he broke the blank wax seal, and drew the letter out of the envelope.

    In big, stark black letters, he read:

    Time to leave already?

    I would, if I were you.

    A heavy thud on Seth's shoulder made him jump. He looked around, and met the blue, calm eyes of the Oriental Rune of Luck. The creature smelled faintly of fish, but his presence was reassuring. 'I'm not leaving,' his eyes seemed to say, although he seemed uncomfortable. All Rune Dragons did, around Seth.

    This was not as comforting as it should have been. If the Luck Rune was willing to perch on Seth, he was in more trouble than he cared to think about.

    Calmly, but with a visible tension in his movements, he handed the note to the first woman, the one called Chickadee.
    "Don't panic."
    Or maybe they should have been.

    Around them, the noise level in the inn was dropping alarmingly. It didn't happen instantly, but slowly and deliberately, which was far more frightening. Looking back, Seth knew that the inn's inhabitants should have taken more notice of the strangers. Seth should have noticed that anomaly.

    It's as if they had been forewarned.

    Seth swallowed dryly as he waited for the table to read the letter. He didn't dare look around, because he could feel eyes everywhere.

    The people in the inn were watching.

    What were they waiting for?

    "If we run, they'll kill us."

    He didn't know that for certain. He couldn't.

    But, as much as he wished it otherwise, he had a terrible suspicion that he was right.

    He had never want, and probably never would have wanted, to be wrong so badly in his life.

    [From now on, anyone can receive a letter at any time. They should receive them irregularly, but frequently. The letter-writer seems to know what they're saying at any given time. The letters turn up in odd places where they shouldn't be, or weren't.

    Letters will contain riddles, suggestions, but never again (or very rarely) any more actual instructions. And they never explain anything. They're vague, ambiguous and very annoying (and slightly threatening). Their tone can be anything from formal to colloquial. I leave that up to you.]


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    Sophie wasn't sure how much more of this she could take. She hadn't even had time to reply to the rather disheveled-looking young woman who arrived at their table with a hesitant greeting before the man - Seth - pushed the letter into her hands with a warning not to panic.

    And then he had the gall to say,

    "If we run, they'll kill us."

    Unfortunately...I have a suspicion that he may be right, Delyth whispered into her mind as she shuffled closer to Sophie's head, her soft feathers pressed against her ear. Genevieve seemed to sense the growing tension as well and abandoned her pretzel in mid-nibble to crawl up the offered arm. She took her place opposite of Delyth, so that the jacket's hood was now at full capacity. Sophie felt herself beginning to warm up quickly with all of the insulation; however, the beadlets of sweat in the center of her shoulder blades were only partially due to the heat. Everywhere she seemed to look in the room now... Some shadow had passed over everyone's face. The looks cast their way were getting darker and lingering more, lingering with antagonistic intentions hiding behind slitted eyes.

    Only one set of eyes seemed to hold less terrible judgment and they belonged to a young man who was sitting in another corner of the room. Sophie couldn't help the curious squint in his direction. She was certain that he hadn't been there earlier. Plus, this new Rune, the one that smelled like a river - hadn't it been with him? Why wasn't he joining the group? With all of the Rune dragons, this was obviously the group that the damnably baffling letter-writer was dragging around.

    Maybe one of us should go invite him...? she mused, intrigued by how mysterious he looked. She couldn't tear her eyes away.

    No, Dear One, no. Leave him be. Do not draw attention to us any further. The Sunset Rune was sitting rigidly now, her amber eyes glittering from within the hood. Convince this group to leave.

    The strawberry-blonde attempted to swallow, but found her mouth feeling dry as sandpaper. She took a fortifying swig of her cider before clearing her throat. When she spoke, it was soft and more confident than before.

    "I don't know about our lives being at stake, but no one looks comfortable with us being here any longer. Even though I don't know who the heck this writer is, I'm going to have to agree with the letter's contents. We should probably leave." Scanning the room again, she sighed and leaned in conspiratorially. "Maybe we should play it like they're predators. Just leave showing no fear. No fear, no reason to attack; we look stronger than we are."

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    The distrust among their little group was very apparent and Aiden was beginning to grow tired of this game they seemed to be playing. There were far more important matters to be attending to then figuring out the meaning behind these letters and even more so, these very confusing individuals. His lack of socialization and appearance may not have been helpful, but to him he was the only one acting normal. His sharp green eyes narrowed behind his mask slightly, his patience was being strained as Tiddly Winks eyed the three back and forth. The human female now referred to herself as ‘Chickadee’ and it was abundantly apparent that that was not her real name. He could not blame her though, the waves of distrust coming from the other hybrid would make him give a fake name too if he did not have the ability to defend himself. The sound of the inn door opening once more brought his attention back, the sight of a young female with flaming hair made their way easily to the group and the magic she emitted was that of another Hybrid. Yet…her’s did not clash with his magic like the males. In fact, there was something similar yet different to his own. It reminded him of his uncle’s Ancient magic.

    Aiden shook the thought away though, he had only ever met his uncle twice and both were of unusual events to say the least. His mother Thorn did not like the man due to past history, but his father welcomed his sibling while also always appearing to be at odds with him. Confusing and none of it had anything to do with this situation, so he simply cast the notion aside. It was a welcome relief though that her magic did not grate against his own like the dark one’s did. However, he was very confused at how quickly the other hybrid welcomed the female while throwing cold challenging stares at him in the process. What was that supposed to mean? Was there something he was missing here? He ignored the glares that the male gave him as he watched him pull out a chair and offer warmth. Aiden did not take the female to be one who would take such pleasantries from another. She carried the scent of the Gypsies and had an air to her that said she was capable to do things on her own. He gave her an apprising stare through his skulled mask, trying to figure if he had seen her before but could not recall ever doing so. He said nothing however, and remained ever quiet and vigilant as the dark hybrid seemed to only come across as a fool to him. He certainly did not like his demeanor, the male was trying too hard to be accepted and for what purpose?

    It was best to just ignore him and move on. The sounds of the inn door opening and closing once more made him give a quick glance back. The appearance of another male hybrid caught his attention and Aiden was beginning to believe that so many hybrids showing themselves were certainly not a coincidence. The male stayed to himself though, something Aiden wish he had at the moment instead of being thrown into this socializing mess that the dark hybrid was unthrusting upon the females. As the flamed haired female became settled in, the dark hybrid decided to give out his name, Seth. Finally, something practical from the exuberant one! Seth spoke of getting to the point when his sentence was cut short. The atmosphere was beginning to grow heavy around them and he began to feel that he must brace himself for what was to come. His eyes moved slowly around the vicinity, scanning the faces as they all began to turn towards them with narrowed eyes. They were in the den of wolves so to speak. Humans who seemed to be filled with a unknown malice that dictated death was sure to follow. “We shall see…”

    Aiden spoke softly as he remarked to their silent message when Seth threw a sudden accusation. Aiden jerked his head to the dark man only to see a letter in his hand. He was not paying attention to have seen who had placed the parchment, but he could clearly see that Seth did not like being in the dark or not in control of the situation. Aiden gave him a sharp glance as another trait of the male showed itself, he would not want to work with this hybrid if he believed he was so foolishly control of this situation. Obviously none of them were, as the stares from the other humans proceeded to bite into his subconscious. “We are being watched.” He spoke his suspicions to the group as they became apparent to the situation as well. Seth passed the letter to the human female as Aiden felt his instincts begin to kick in and a low growl pressed up against his throat. Even Tiddly Winks could feel the oppression as she took shelter in Aiden’s pocket and Seth spoke the first words that made any real sense that night. They would indeed be killed if they moved, but Aiden would not be one to back down if they attacked. His hands began to slowly form into claws as his eyes took on the slender form of a cat’s. “Better get ready then. They don’t seem to intend to just let us walk out of here.” He started to move his magic through him, letting his body collect it in his fingertips as the humans around them began to move into position.

    Aiden said nothing as he let the magic slip, dark remnants flowed into the atmosphere as time began to slow around him. He looked behind him to the others before drawing out his hidden blade, as a nearby patron lunged at him from the side. Aiden was surprised by the unearthly strength of the man and could see the male’s eyes were not human at all. Was he possessed? He had little time to think on this as he let his time magic slip and freeze space momentarily before releasing the effect and appearing behind his attacker. “You do not know what you are dealing with.” He grumbled lowly before taking his claws and thrusting the human into a group of others. The table he was thrown upon crumbled along with the other men around him. He quickly threw a time slip at the group as it sucked them in and they were no longer of existence. “I have had enough of these games. We are not fighting something normal, this magic holds the same malice as that which has been stealing it.” He threw his comment at the others as the rest of the inn began to emerge. The humans here were being filtered with an unearthly magic…as if they were puppets on stings. Eyes were wide like animals and they grimaced as such.

    Aiden had come across this bizarre magic before; it had the same sinister air that was also stealing it's source. Lucky for him that his letter had brought him here, since these humans were now corrupted by the dark presence. He felt the familiar weakness that plagued him after using his magic and would now resort to combat with blade and claws in hand. His face showed no expression and indeed any at all was hidden behind his mask like his identity. He tensed his muscles as this unearthly presence made itself known to them. It had no intention of releasing it's victims, and was even more intent in making sure that they would not leave as well. This abhorrent perversion on the world's magic made Aiden grow silently angry as he kept his defensive stance. "Corrupted magic is in this place. Do not let it take hold of you Rune Bearer. This is the thing which has been choking the life from our world recently. I suggest we make our way out now..." His voice was deep as he eyed the door and the patrons at the same time. Weighing their options before them till they made another move.

    ~Meet Numair!~
    "Tell them to stay away from me or I shall cast them into the abyss!"

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