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    Nobody Saw Them Arrive // Literate Rune Dragon Roleplay//



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    "But of course, milady! Plenty! Please, sit down. You look soaked to the bone."

    Cali seemed to relax slightly at the man's friendly attitude, though she still had an air of wariness to her. She was no stranger to kindness, she knew there were many generous souls in the world. However, she'd learned that there were many different forms of generosity. Sometimes it really was honest, someone who gave simply for the sake of helping another. Sometimes-- most often-- it was pity, someone throwing her a coin or a bite of food in order to assuage their own guilt. Then other times, there was... this. Thinly veiled disgust behind a mask of worry, betrayed by how planned it looked. How long the expression remained on a face, and it lingered far too long on this man.

    That was a kindness that should not be trusted.

    "Thank you sir, and yes I am-- walking a few hours through a storm tends to leave one in a soaked state," she said, giving a polite nod and sitting down at the table, though in a different seat than the one offered. "And thank you for offering the cloak, but I'm warming up just fine. Besides, I suspect you really wouldn't want some stray tramp dirtying it up, hm?" she added, giving the stranger a faint smirk before looking at the others.

    The skull-masked man: definitely creepy, but since she hadn't seen him move or heard him speak, there was nothing she could really say. The only thing about him she could really place was how the... buzzing in her head, that weird oppressive sensation grew worse around him-- or perhaps it was from the dark man? Both? At least the woman seemed normal enough.

    It seemed to Cali as if she'd barely sat down when the door opened again and another figure stepped inside. Were her eyes deceiving her (a very real possibility-- she was tired and hungry, it wouldn't be the first hallucination), or was there...? There was! A large, shimmering Rune dragon flew in and landed by the dark man, who seemed preoccupied with a letter. As she waited for it to come to her, she looked around the room and gave a slight shudder. It had been so welcoming at first, but now... now people stared. Angry stares, hostile, and that ever-present pressure only increased even more.

    She yelped and ducked as a patron suddenly lunged at the masked man, who immediately retaliated. Other patrons began advancing on the little group, but before any could strike, everything seemed to... fade, and the masked man began to speak.

    "W... what do you mean?" she asked during a break in his speech. Calliope's voice was unsteady, and she felt as if her legs were about to give out but she'd have to soldier on as best as possible for now. "Whatever's messing with those people, it... what, it's stealing magic too?"


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    Caedan’s metallic grey gaze swept across the crowd of people. Unusual. At a fairly late point in the day, it should have been mostly middle-aged drunk men with their problems, and perhaps a family or two who couldn’t afford to keep a house. The stray traveler or gypsy, maybe a merchant or a trader or two. But this… this was truly a crowd, something an inn would be lucky to have in the daytime. And though they had stiffened as he’d walked in, then appeared to relax, he noticed a certain tense anticipation in their shoulders, a sneakiness to the way their eyes slid over the other occupants. His heartbeat sped up as his stomach flipped, unbearable adrenaline surging suddenly through his veins and sending his heart into overtime until it hummed in his ears. Something bad was going to happen. He drew deeper into the shadows of his cloak until even the light reflecting off the whites of his eyes shone no longer, only a faint glow of the diffused golden light spread around the room like too much butter. One calloused hand shifted grip and grasped the handle of a long-bladed knife ever tighter, his knuckles whitening around the leather-wrapped hilt. All instincts screamed at him.

    Get out, get out.

    He had to leave. Immediately. His breath caught in his throat as a movement caught his attention, and the cool silver of his gaze skipped over to a pair of burly men rising unobtrusively, but the way they slinked towards the entrance and stood there, as if in deep conversation, told him that escape wouldn’t be that easy. He shouldn’t have come here. He was glad for his unsuspecting corner, shrouded deeply in shadow as his heart tumbled frantically around his chest, adrenaline beating and beating against him as the feeling of missing a step on the stairs surged through him again and again. The tip of his sword’s sheath scraped softly against the warm hardwood floor as he shifted to the edge of his seat, the worn wood uncushioned groaning faintly. Jaff, perched serenely on his shoulder, was tense for all his apparent calmness. He and his friend knew each other like nothing else, a bond shared by all three of their strange little family. “Still, Jaff,” Caedan clicked under his breath, and the hawk knew to relax. But in the rising tension of the once-friendly little inn, it wasn’t enough. Desperately his gaze raked across the sea of people, deceptively calm in their deceit, trying to find a way out. No, he never should have come. He’d always been too trusting. But a voice whispered in the back of his mind. It was the right thing. You knew what you were doing. But he didn’t believe himself. Even the wisest were fools sometimes. And certainly, that was to be his fate.

    His eyes screeched to a halt, drawn suddenly to a table of four. A trembling grey gaze bored into them, widening in shock. He knew instantly with a rush of sudden clarity, that these four people, two men, two women- were the others the letter had spoken of. The words, ink carved into cream parchment, burned in his mind’s eye; You will not be alone. And indeed he wasn’t. Two women, two men. Adding Caedan, that would make them an even five. Purposefully? He knew better than to assume where assumptions shouldn’t be made however; and this room, with its tense and relaxed undercurrent of hostility, was a better example than anything. He itched to up and leave. His every instinct burned fierce adrenaline like fire through his veins, power to get out of any situation- but he stayed. His gaze skimmed, caught and tumbled over the little group, the table’s four occupants.

    A tall man slouched with dark hair interrupted only by a single silvery streak; Caedan could see the bright green of his eyes from here, and he supposed that from a woman’s point he wouldn’t be unattractive, but there was something off about him that sent a warning thrill in his stomach. A sweet-featured reddish blonde woman with a soft smile and a friendly manner. Caedan didn’t doubt she would be the peacemaker of the group, the friendly one. But what did he know. A slender, somewhat bedraggled red-headed woman whose vibrant fiery hair stood out like white against black; yet apart from appearances he had trouble distinguishing a certain feature from her… yet. And the last; a tall, dark stranger, with a pale mask covering each and every feature of his face... mysterious. A certain extra pull in his already thrumming heart let Caedan know he wasn’t entirely human, and against his will his eyes widened slightly in surprise. The mask was to hide the markings of a hybrid, perhaps? He thought he’d know if the man was of pure Ancient blood. The static magic energy crackling between the men in the inn rose the hair on the back of his neck.

    And there were Runes.

    Beautiful, intricate, fascinating Rune dragons. His breath froze in his throat as his heart ached for them; a tide of memories pushed against the barriers in his mind, but he held strong and with an effort, pushed thoughts of that way. He couldn’t think of the past right now; at the moment, the present was too precarious. It appeared no one knew what was happening; as they passed a letter around the table, he couldn’t help the tilt of his head in that direction. Was it the old letter, that someone had lost and needed to read again? Or was it a completely new one? Was the sender even among them? Semi-consciously he found his hand slipping over the smooth surface of the envelope broken only by the severed wax seal; inside his pocket, the letter rested safely in its envelope.

    In one brief, startling moment, he turned to find the bright birchleaf gaze of one of the young women rested curiously on him. With a pang he noticed her two Runes. A certain kind of intrigue was held in the shimmering shades of green and gold held swirling within her eyes as hazel met bright grey. He tensed immediately, warily, but he knew- or hoped- that she would hardly be able to make out the features of his face, drawn into the shadows as he was with his hood pulled over his head. The only thing truly standing out being the tip of his sword sheath and the various pommels of his knives as they glimmered back reflected light from the all too cheery setting. All else would hopefully rest in shadowed darkness; he couldn’t give too much away about himself when he didn’t know these people. He had been in Singleshire only recently, and that was why he’d been allowed to return so quickly; he was simply too well known. If he and the four ever actually met up, he would have to decide whether to give them his real name or not.

    But he knew one thing; it was not safe to stay here. They had to leave. And though the pair of men were still standing at the entrance to the inn, he knew it was worth a try. Anything was worth a try. One simply had to believe they could do it. A lot of anything had to do with the state of one’s mind; a runner might be in top condition but believe they weren’t, and because of that they could only ever run as fast as they mistakenly believed they could.

    He only hoped the four would follow. He could slip out himself a lot easier than with other people hanging on to his tail, but he knew he had to do this. He’d come too far already to let himself down now.
    And with that, he stood up; a singly, fluid movement, but perhaps the stupidest one he could have made.

    Immediately, a ripple of quietness flowed over the crowd and they stilled, tensed, all eyes turning to him. Only several quiet murmurs remained, bubbling softly in the background like a forgotten fountain, tuned out by the fantasies of the reader’s mind. Hand on the hilt of his sword to keep it completely vertical, he walked slowly, carefully towards the counter. Silently, the people shifted to let him pass. “Water, please,” he murmured, tossing a couple coins onto the scuffed wooden surface that were snatched quickly away. Every eye was on him. As he pivoted on one heel and appeared to turn back in the direction of his seat, his eyes flickered briefly over the table of four. I’m helping you, or attempting to, so take this chance, he wanted to say. But he judged it might not be a good idea to convey messages to the three Runes yet.

    Hoping that they realized what he was doing, he walked towards the two men at the entrance, supple leather boots whispering across the wooden floor, one knife faintly clinking against another. Jaff was wide awake and still as a statue, but his talons threatened to pierce the fabric of Caedan’s coat. He could sense how dangerous a situation this was. The two men, tall and burly, stepped in his way.

    “Where do ye think yer goin’?” one of them asked languidly, taking a sip of whatever they had in their mugs; spiced ale, most likely. He could catch a whiff of it on their breath. Every sense was on a livewire at the moment.

    “Leaving,” he said simply, silver eyes drawing up to meet the murky brown ones of the man who had spoken. His voice was quiet, as always, but a certain determination rang in the lilt of his voice and he saw the man’s expression relax slightly and then harden again as the two men sized each other up.

    “I don’ think that’s a good idea, sonny boy,” the other man guffawed, and suddenly they reached for him at the same exact moment a flood of movement burst from the little table of four.

    Sonny boy? Caedan thought, and then he ducked, slipping beneath one’s hands to appear on the other side, knives whirling into his hands. Jaff let out a brief screech of protest and flapped his impressive wingspan for balance, but hung grimly on as the two came out with weapons of their own; a thick quarterstaff and a hatchet. Why a hatchet? he would have thought idly, if not for the situation. Probably the only thing the man had on him, yet he must be good with one after all to have been chosen to guard the door. It appeared the townsfolk had been expecting them. Yet at the masked man fought against a couple patrons, time seemed to take a deep, shaky breath, and became irregular, the electric charge of magic crackling and hissing through the air. He should have known. He could sense the dark magic seeping against the other hybrid’s, trying get under his defense. These people were corrupted.

    But he couldn’t worry about that at the moment; more and more townsfolk were advancing upon Caedan and he was forced into action. From his vantage point near the door, it wouldn’t have been hard to escape without having to fight the whole lot of them, but he had people to worry about as well; the other three hadn’t been spurred into movement yet and he couldn’t help but worry about the two women, hoping instead they would just try to melt into the shadows and safely escape. He knew it wouldn’t be that easy.

    Lunging with the grace of a snake his long-bladed knife reached out to stab a man before he could react; slipping beneath another’s guard to barely avoid being clipped with his dagger a slash to the chest was enough to drop him. He turned and didn’t have time to breath before raising a blade to counter an attack, but with his second knife he drove the cold steel hilt-deep into the man’s sternum and watched him slump off the blade. He was able to fight them easily enough; his instincts and skill trained by the wilderness and long hours of practice lent him an air of comfort and ability with weapons that many would never gain; however he was not inclined to be foolish, and knew that with the amount of men advancing on him, milling around and pressing in to take their turn in the fight, he would eventually be overridden. There was no choice. The people were innocent, but corrupted, and at the moment their sole purpose was to murder the little group, or at the very least Caedan and the masked man. He had a feeling they weren’t inclined to be friendly to the Runes, either. And with a brief pang of regret he stabbed a man and left the knife in, leaving one hand free to draw his sword. He was unable to avoid slaying a man in the very act of pulling the weapon from its sheath, and now he was finding it easier and easier to scythe through the mostly untrained townsfolk, dangerous as their numbers were. Their size was the real problem; Caedan was used to enduring, but they pressed in on him from all sides and was never able to take a breath before turning to parry and counter the next advance.

    He called to the third man from across the room, hoping and praying to whatever gods existed that over the shouts and cries of fighting and dying men, that he would hear. “Try to help the women!” He hadn’t trusted the shady-looking man on sight, but there was no choice; he was in the little letter-bearing group and Caedan had no choice but to at least partially rely on him. A short hiss drew from his clenched teeth as a blade cut just below the joint of his shoulder and arm, but years of survival let him thankfully not drop his sword. Yet he could feel the warm blood seeping through his torn sleeve. He would have tried to help the women out himself, but he was too far away; the best he could do at the moment was keep cutting down the men and even the odd woman or two, yet hating himself for it all the same.


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    Seth's offer was rejected, firmly and with a good amount of snap. Seth was far too composed to react. He simply retrieved his jacket (very slowly, mind, for there were eyes everywhere) and put it back on while trying to appear at ease. He considered making a retort, about how the woman's hair matched her temper, but he suspected that there was a time and place for such jibes, and the moments before quite possible death were not ideal.

    Besides, women did tend to become rather huffy if men said that sort of thing.

    He thought it best to hold his tongue anyway.

    The letter went around, and the mood, which had not exactly been playful to begin with, grew more somber. Each person sitting at the table tried to find a way to escape. The Chickadee woman was the first to offer her solution, which sounded utterly ridiculous. Humans were not predatory animals. If they knew that they were hunting, they would hunt, no matter what the group did. However, it wasn't as if Seth had any better ideas. He kept his mouth shut. His father had always said that a truly wise person knew when to speak and when not to, no matter what they knew. It was a useful enough piece of advice. It had served Seth well.

    Mister Mask was equally unhelpful. Yes, Seth was well aware that they were being watched. How on Eldemore had he worked it out? Might it have been the fact that every single eye in the room was by then fixed on their table?

    It wasn't about that, though. Seth could feel it too. They were being watched by people, yes, but there was something behind the people.

    It was watching, too.

    Aiden gathered himself. Seth was not sure that being so blatantly obvious was right. Part of him still hoped that nonchalance and some bluffing could see them through (although he knew in his heart that their period of peace had ended). An innhabitant (oh, how sharp he was! Conflict situations did strange things to his thoughts) leapt to the attack. Seth stood to defend himself, but Aiden was quicker. He defended himself crudely, but it was effective. His little flourish at the end was... Cute. Tactless and clumsy, by Seth's standards. He couldn't help but smirk.

    He was smirking no longer when Aiden did something softslitheryherebutnot. It happened in a great rolling clash of unpleasant, and they were alone and not where they should have been. Seth felt faintly ill.
    Aiden made another speech.
    "You don't say," Seth drawled back.
    "Could you get 'round to telling us things that we don't already know? We're wasting time... Time which I don't think we have..."

    The condescension was fleeing from his tone. The villagers were coming. They shouldn't have been. Not when magic was at work. Humans didn't work like that.

    Something else was helping them. And it was bad.

    Seth had thought that he understood 'bad'. He had always thought that he was 'bad'. He had been wrong. He was self-serving and prioritised himself, his happiness and his entertainment above the needs and, yes, even the lives of others. But he wasn't bad. Not truly. He didn't go out of his way to be malicious. Certainly not if it inconvenienced him.

    The entity controlling the villagers, though was Bad. It wanted them dead, and would not stop until the little group was utterly destroyed.

    It was an ambush. The whole thing had been an ambush. Seth had followed the letters blindly, and had walked straight into it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. It was too late to lament, though. He was stuck in the mess, and he was getting himself out of it. He felt claws dig into his shoulder, and the smell of riverweed tickled his nostrils. The dragon was breathing into his face. It seemed to be asking him something.
    "Don't look at me," Seth muttered sullenly under his breath.
    "If you can see a way out, please, lead the way."

    That's when the fight began.

    The man by the door started it, and shouted out a command to Seth as he did so. Seth was affronted, indignant. How dare he? A knife whistled past his ear, and he decided to be far less superior and more self-preserving. He considered running to the stables, grabbing his horse and riding, riding far away and never returning. He almost did it too. That's when the Luck Rune bit his ear. Seth could have sworn that it was scowling at him.

    He rolled his eyes. He was stuck, then, with the group of misfits. He watched the fighting, avoiding getting involved. He was a defensive fighter, and not particularly effective. Still, the villagers were approaching with murder in their eyes.

    It was time to move.

    "If you two ladies will follow me..." He gave a little bow. He knew better than to act gallantly towards Fire-Hair, but he would keep an eye on them both, just in case.

    A villager ran to meet Seth, and was swiftly disarmed. He showed no surprise (they seemed incapable of surprise, these villager-shells) and instead threw a punch. Seth grabbed the arm and threw the man languidly over his shoulder. This was easier than it looked, to one who knew how to do it. He strode through the crowd, his bee-line for the door barely wavering as he tossed one villager, ducked another, and generally made his way through with minimal fuss. He treated it like a game, and enjoyed it.

    It was all a game, really. The winners were those who knew how to play.

    "When you two are done playing at being warriors," he called out above the din, his tone lazy and nonchalant even as his voice carried, "Would you be so kind as to meet us in the stables? We'll need fast transport."

    Besides, Seth wasn't leaving his horse behind. He'd paid good money for that horse. It was a good, dependable horse. It would be a waste to leave it.

    He fought his way to the door, and then held it, mock-gallantly, open for the women (who he was searching for amid the ruckus). A fist full of broken glass lurched towards the back of his head. The owner of the first found himself lying on the floor, with Seth standing casually on top of him.

    "When you're ready!" he called out impatiently.

    He wanted to be away from the chaos and stink of fighting. It was untidy, unpleasant, and he had been hit in the face one too many times.

    Body shots he could handle, but not his beautiful face! He needed that!


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    (( I am SO SORRY for the delay in replying, everyone! I must have missed the email notifying me. Uber embarrassed now. >.< ))

    Sophie felt like everything was moving too quickly.

    The fighting had broken out in seconds with the first lunge at the masked man and Genevieve was quick to add her frantically frightened trill to the deafening sound of the melee. The young woman felt pinned in her chair behind the table.

    Silence, Genevieve. Sophie: head towards Seth, the man by the door. He has a way to safety. Act timid, afraid, cringe; they won't hurt you because you're female. As Sophie rose to her feet, she realized the logic in Delyth's instructions, but still felt a fiery streak of indignation rush through her blood along with the adrenaline. Act weak? Her? You can either act like you're afraid or end up injured, Dear One. Go. Ooh, the steely tone. Giving her cider a longing look and feeling silly for it, the strawberry-blonde rose to her feet. Eying the nearest open pathway between brawling groups, she ducked a flying mug and felt her heart skitter at the sound of it shattering on the wooden wall with a sharp clatter.

    "Isn't there any way you can calm down this crap?" Sophie said to the Sunset Rune as she wadded past an overturned table. Something blurred in her peripheral and she cringed, looking up into the enraged face of a drunken man. There was no humanity in his eyes, but as he paused in mid-punch, teeth bared, his posture seemed to relax. Sophie realized that the gentle pulse of power was rippling from Delyth. Peace, it seemed to say with each flow. Peace.

    "Sorry, m'am. Thought you were another bloke. Make a run for the door, eh, before this gets worse!" He grinned and turned immediately back around to continue pummeling the nearest person. Sophie swallowed down disgust as she ran behind the bar for safety. Where was everyone else though? A quick scan of the room showed that the group had splintered. The red-headed woman - Calliope? - was still near the table along with the masked man, Aiden. Seth was by the door, apparently holding his own; he was her eventual goal. The stranger, with the hood, in the shadows - where was he?

    Her stomach clenched and nearly walked up her throat.

    She found him across the room in mid-swing. The knife plunged into his drunk attacker's chest and the man dropped like a sack of grain.


    "Oh my god..." she breathed, her hands over her mouth.

    Sophie, to Seth. GO!!! The Sunset Rune's talons digging into her shoulder was enough to break Sophie from her horrified stare and focus on getting to Seth once more. Crawling over the sticky surface of the bar, she stumbled over to the tall man. Instinctively, she took a half-hidden stance behind him. He was her shield right now, whether he cared or not. Besides, he seemed to be holding his own. There was no one immediately near him and he was seemingly unscathed.

    FIRE!!! SOPHIE, FIRE!!! The strawberry-blonde cringed as the young Rune's voice rattled her skull with its fright. Opening her slitted eyes, she saw that in the corner opposite to them, behind the far end of the bar, one lamp had been knocked to the floor and smoke was beginning to rise from where the hot oil had contacted the wood.

    "We need to get out NOW!!!!" Sophie had no idea whether or not Seth heard her, but she was getting close to not caring. One more minute of this chaos and she was walking out of this inn, whether the rest of the group came or not.


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    (( Don't worry about it- Nobody gonna hate you forever Mal, let alone at all c:

    I'm typing up my post right now; I'm just wondering, the tall man she mentions is Seth right? Just for reference, so I know. Good I hate asking questions like this XD But I'd rather ask and feel foolish then make a mistake and feel worse ^^" ))


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    Nellas Lissësúl wrote:(( Don't worry about it- Nobody gonna hate you forever Mal, let alone at all c:

    I'm typing up my post right now; I'm just wondering, the tall man she mentions is Seth right? Just for reference, so I know. Good I hate asking questions like this XD But I'd rather ask and feel foolish then make a mistake and feel worse ^^" ))

    It is indeed Seth that I reference as "the tall man." Smile It's all good!

    P.S. Love that your location is Middle Earth, Nellas. X)


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    (( Haha, thanks. I just wanted to make sure ^^"

    Why of course, m'dear! Nowhere better to be <333
    You should see the pair of shirts I'm getting off the Warner Brother's websites... In the middle of the Silmarillion at the moment too, I'm not just a movie-watcher but an everything-Tolkien reader too. XD

    Ahah, better go type up my post c: ))


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    Caedan growled under his breath as he swung his sword, tainted scarlet blade flashing and glittering in the low light. He was fighting his way towards the door, wading through throngs of crazed townsfolk who wanted to kill him, and now was not very far off from where the dark-haired man was shooting off annoying little comments even as he obeyed Caedan’s order. It was easier over here now that two of the fighting men were close together, and he was able to keep the villagers at bay with a knife now instead of having to kill them or be overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. Easy as killing was with a sword, it pained him to see life forcefully extinguished, especially at his own hand, and innocents too. But they were corrupted, their minds tainted with evil intent, and they were to kill him and his company. He had no choice. They were less packed in this area, though with so many of his group in one place he was drawing them nearer towards the women. Never a good thing.

    A sudden bloom of magic drew Caedan’s head around in surprise; peace emanated from one of the strawberry-blonde’s Runes, the quiet of the middle hours when it was neither night nor day. It was surprisingly powerful, and he could see a slight effect in most of the townsfolk; they faltered, a couple dropping whatever makeshift weapons they’d picked up. But he worried all the same even as it appeared to work. The sense of evil had thickened in the air, coiling sinuously around them. Be careful, Lady Rune, he thought towards the dragon, trying to send the mental message as best he could. In mental speech, he’d been rusty and far out of practice for a while, but he’d be able to get used to it again. Being rusty was one thing, but being ignorant was another, and ignorant was something he was most definitely not.

    He frowned at the man’s words, glancing over at him incredulously. Of course they’d need to get to the stables, how else were they going to get out of there if Caedan and, apparently, this man, were the only ones with horses? He supposed the two ladies could each double up with them, they were certainly light enough, but about the third man, he didn’t know, and it would be hard to go as fast as they liked if the two horses were burdened down so. Concern turned to worry as he glanced around and wasn’t able to find Jaff; he’d left his shoulder some time ago and Caedan had been keeping track of him, somehow amid all the clamor, but now, he was gone.

    He picked up smoke almost as soon as the lamp fell with a crash, oil trickling onto the wooden floors and seeping against the wall as the wick flickered, hesitated, and then whooshed along the path of spilled oil in a wall of fire. Tensing immediately, he shot a look towards the man and decided that though he sensed he had the wrong motives, he would have to do for now. They were near enough to the door that it shouldn’t be a problem. “Get. Her. Out,” he growled in passing, struggling his way through the crowd of people as a haze of smoke began to thicken and be illuminated by flickers of flame. Where was the second woman? He saw the masked man fighting in another place, but no- there. For the second time he really looked at her; and this time, something clicked. She, too, was a hybrid. This could not be a mistake. But what magic did she have? Clenching his teeth in pain as someone brushed against the cut on his shoulder, he held out a hand to her regardless. “We have to go now, my lady,” he struggled to let his low, husky voice be heard over the din of screams and shouts, and as he spoke he glanced over his shoulder quickly. This was all wrong. The magic, the people, the corruption, the fire, his whole group in general really. He didn’t even know where Jaff was; with a pang Caedan realized he could have been killed, and that only fueled his anger. It couldn’t be a coincidence. But it appeared they were just going to have to do the best they could with what little resources and knowledge they had.

    (( I'm hating myself right now for this post 3: I didn't want it to be too long though, since Commander Shepard hasn't posted yet I wanted to give her a chance for whatever ^^" ))


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    Smoke in his nostrils.

    When Seth was a very little boy, he'd been well-aquainted with fire. Fire was part of his soul. It was part of his inheritance. In his small, simple home, there had always been a log burning in the grate. Sometimes, on an early Autumn evening, his father would build a towering bonfire outside. Seth would help him pile the logs up high, and they would burn. The three of them would sit around it, roasting spears of meat on sticks. They didn't say much. They didn't need to. They'd listen to the crackling and popping of the wood.

    They'd been so happy.

    Seth shook nostalgia out of his head. There was smoke in his nose, yes, but it wasn't a friendly sort of smoke. This smoke was dirty and oily and very angry. This smoke came from a fire which wanted to maim and destroy.

    Seth was leaving, whether the others followed him or not.

    The stables were attached to the inn. Sounds of conflict and the smell of death and burning filtered through the dusty scents of horse and hay. The beasts stirred restlessly as they senses the panic around them. All twenty stalls were full. This must have been a novel occasion for the Dancing Dragon, Seth thought rather cynically. It had probably never seen so many visitors who were not in walking distance. Most of them, Seth began to suspect, had been called by some dark and twisted force to kill them.

    What a lovely way to start an adventure.

    Seth wasted no time. He walked down the aisle, gathering horses with the practiced eye of a regular escaper. He picked out seven beasts, all with sturdy bodies for stamina but good legs for running, and a sensible look in their eyes. Four of the animals did not look like village brawn. He surmised that these belonged to his companions. He tacked these four up (some kind stable lad had left the equipment of each horse by each door), and his own, but only bridled the other two. They would be pack beasts, to be ridden in an emergency. Seth knew how unreliable horses could be, and prided himself on always being prepared.

    Horses liked Seth little more than Runes did. He was bitten on the elbow by one monster, and narrowly avoided being kicked by another. The animals milled about, eyes rolling and ears pinned back, until Seth grabbed handfuls of reins and towed the snorting, skittering beasts towards the barn door.

    Smoke made the air hazy. The inn's wall had caught alight, and the sparks had soon set the hay blazing. The horses still locked in stalls shrieked in fear. They would probably perish in the blaze. Seth could not spare a thought for them, though. He was far too concerned with saving his own hide.

    He pulled the horses after him with his teeth gritted and his eyes on the half-open door.
    "Come on!" he called, hoping that his efforts had not been in vain, and that at least some of the group had made it out of the inn alive.

    He shouldered his way through the heavy barn doors. They swung about, clattering into the already-nervous horses, which sent them into fits of hysteria. Seth scanned the grounds for signs of sensible life.

    Preferably life that didn't want to kill him.

    In fact, he wasn't even that picky. He'd settle for life which only wanted to kill him, but didn't act on it.

    "Hello? Is there intelligent life to be found? We need to leave!"
    A beam crashed down in the barn. The inn was ablaze. The firelight turned Seth into a crackling being from Hell.

    This was not far wrong, as far as Seth was concerned.

    "Preferably now, if you'd be so kind!" he added. The taint of dark magic sat heavily at the back of his throat. It was all around him, and it would not rest until it had caught the group and used it for whatever its foul purpose happened to be.

    Seth was jostled by his own anxious chestnut mount. He grunted, annoyed, and swung himself into the saddle, still draped with reins and looking less and less impressed by the second.

    It was probably safer to be off of the ground.

    He hoped that his companions could ride.

    [I'm so sorry about the lag! I hope that we can continue where we left off!]


    Re: Nobody Saw Them Arrive // Literate Rune Dragon Roleplay//

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    (( Lag doesn't bother me. As long as it doesn't die! I'm in love with the plot! Plus, I don't believe that I can think of a more capable group with which to RP. I'm feeling rather spoiled with all of the correct grammar/spelling and detailed responses. X) ))

    Sophie was aware of Seth making his exit only after she finished coughing out the wisps of thick smoke that had finally reached the main door to the inn. The entire back wall was now completely ablaze and the heat, even from a distance, was starting to swelter. It flickered off the bottles of liquor stocked on their solid shelving and - oh gods...the alcohol! It was going to explode! Icy fear made her limbs go shivery-weak before she felt a bolstering rush of warmth emanate once more from Delyth.

    Courage! Leave now then, follow Seth! Horses - I can tell that he's in the stables now. Knowing later that the desertion of the other members of their group would eat at her heart until it was ragged with guilt, the strawberry-blonde pulled herself away from the sight of the melee and stumbled into the night. It felt like stepping into a fridge; the contrast was so startling that she coughed purely as a shocked physiological response to her lungs rebelling momentarily. The stables are to your left. Go in, Seth has saddled them.

    Now, Sophie wasn't unfamiliar with horses. It probably saved her life for this reason. Whether she was still a competent rider - well, that remained to be seen. She had been thrown and that deep-seated fear did prick at her conscience as she saw Seth standing with an entire herd of them, all shivering, snorting and generally looking like he was going to eat them alive.

    Actually, that's not far from the truth. The young woman made eye contact with Delyth and the Sunset Rune gave a slow shrug.

    We're going to talk, Sophie thought angrily at the elder Rune as she scrambled over to Seth.

    You won't like it, I'm sure. Delyth's response was dry. Genevieve hadn't made a peep in what seemed like ages, but Sophie somehow knew that the younger Rune was hiding in her knapsack once more.

    "Hey, I'm here! I'll take this mare," Sophie said over the squealing of the other frightened horses. It was a sturdy thoroughbred mare, a champagne dun with reddish points instead of the normal dark. She was a beauty and becoming a handful even in Sophie's hands as she yanked the reins from Seth's grip. "I'll be over here!" Whether he heard her or not and responded, she wasn't certain. The young woman had to jog to keep up with the mare as she was practically dragged farther out into the stone courtyard. She suspected - and shortly confirmed - that the mare would go nowhere near the inn or stables at this point, so mounting the worn saddle was going to be a problem. As Sophie pulled the mare's head down and tucked it against her chest, shielding the view of the animal with her arms, she got caught in staring at the inn. Now the flames were licking from the roof, having eaten away at the beams.

    This was going to be a horrid memory that would haunt her for years to come.

    To go from making sure that the Rune baby didn't get poked too hard by a vaccination needle and now....now watching someone's home, their life, other lives be consumed by uncontrolled and irreversible devastation....

    I am here, Dear One. Delyth pressed her small feathered warmth close to Sophie's face, borrowing into her neck. Get on now, Seth is going to leave shortly and despite the fact that I trust him as far as to the end of my nose, he's our lifeline right now. Swallowing and scrubbing at her eyes, Sophie looked around. A low wall delineating the courtyard from the decorative shrubbery would have to suffice. Yanking the mare over, Sophie managed to clumsily make her way into the saddle only after worming across it on her stomach and finally throwing one leg over. It felt much more familiar once she was settled and she dared to direct the mare closer to the small group Seth was still holding captive. He has about a minute and then we're leaving him. Yes, leaving him. Just wait and see. Sophie was dubious, but as her mare sidled in response to half of the stable collapsing, she wasn't going to argue anymore.

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