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    General Forum Rules


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    General Forum Rules

    Post  Jendalie on Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:05 am

    Please be sure to read and follow the rules that we have in place for this Forum.

    All Rune Dragon Adoptable rules from CS apply to this forum. Anyone found breaking these rules will receive a strike on the main CS thread.

    • Be respectful to others. We will not tolerate any bullying or abusive behavior of any kind. Anyone found doing this will be immediately banned.

    • Do not abuse the chat box. Everything typed is recorded in the archives and is manually cleaned out daily. This feature is a privilege and can be removed at any time. Anyone found abusing the chat box will be blocked from using it. Only one warning will be given.

    • No one under the age of 13 is allowed to use the chat box. This is for the protection of the young member.

    • Do not spam this Forum. Keep all information pertaining to the focused topic of each thread.

    • We are NOT interested in partnering with anyone. Do not post any advertisements here. Anyone found harassing other members or pressuring them into visiting other sites will be banned.

    • Do not use profanity in general posts. It is offensive to many people and unnecessary.

    • Use common sense.

    • Do not make art of Runes turning into Ancients if they are not your own. Only owners of Ancients may request commissions being made of their already existing design and you must ask their permission to make fan-art of it first. This also goes for regular runes, do not make art of other's runes if they have not requested it or you're participating in one of the judgings. You MUST have permission from the rune's owner before doing this!

    • Do not order/make art of runes who have not turned into Ancients yet. This is stealing our adoptables and will not be tolerated.

    • Do not order commissions of Runes growing if they have not been grown yet. This is also basically stealing our adoptables and making them your own.

    • Neither religion or politics are allowed to be discussed on either the forum threads or chat box. There are other locations on the internet to discuss those sensitive subjects.

    *We reserve the right to update the rules at any time.

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