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    Mass Effect: Book 2- The Calling (Complete)



    Reunion and Redirection

    Post  Guest on Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:38 pm

    Bane finally released her held breath as Felix regained himself, the loud warning signal still echoing off the metal walls. She quickly switched it off and helped the Turian to his feet, unsure of whether he should be moving or not.

    "'Bout time, Turian. I nearly had you pegged as the next body bag to be hauled out."

    Bane chuckled a bit at her own remark, but still worried about Felix. She then turned to look at Raziya, grinning a bit.

    "You too Razi." she teased.

    She honestly missed her friends dearly. Bane never quite realized how much though. Until now. She was about to give Felix a reply when it was abruptly cut short. Cereberus ships.

    "This just keeps getting 'better' and 'better'"

    Bane sarcastically growled, whipping out her trusty remodeled shot gun in unison with the others. A bit of pride sparkled in her silver eye as some of the agents tensed at their uniformity, moving as one unit like a real team would.

    "Sure is a lot of them..."

    Bane tensed, her eyes glaring around at the agents and calculating how many she could take down. Her attention then quickly switched to the tall, arrogent looking woman. Just looking at the human made Bane bristle, not to mention egg on her already itching trigger finger.

    "Xiantoch Bane, age 33, female Krogan Warlord and currently leading some of the clans on Tuchanka towards a brighter future. Commendable, I always approve of any woman in power, yet your kind is limited to their potential due to barbarism and male stupidity. I would not dare set any of my agents on Tuchanka but some of your enemy clans are far too easily swayed by revenge and credits. They kept tabs on you for us for the past two years. And here you are, back with your 'old gang' and away from your home world. Do you think this is the life you want? Or perhaps you are still searching for a chance at redemption? Krogans are hard to read sometimes."

    Bane's hard gaze faultered. How did she know all this. It was a good 10 seconds before she returned the woman's cocky stare with he deathbrand classic killer glare, wanting SO bad to pound this human into place.

    Her glare was only broken by the Cerberus agents retreating at the sight of the serrounding Talon group. Even as the agents left and disappeared, Bane silver and red tinted glare could burn a hole through metal.

    "Felix, I told you that human was trouble...wait, what's with the Krogan?"

    Bane turned and stared at the female Turian, not liking what she implied about Raziya and her.

    "Take care what you say, Turian"

    Bane warned, her crimson plate still rattling from the earlier tension. Bane's anger burned deep for Cerberus. She would never forgive them for hurting her friends. Her anger was quickly quelled however.

    "Giving Bane a pat on the shoulder he gave her a friendly grin, "Glad to have you back with us Bane. Been missing all that smashing you usually do."

    Bane felt a hint of a smile curve her lips. It had been a long time since she'd talked to, let alone see, Felix and Raziya. She missed them.

    "You too, Felix"

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    Re: Mass Effect: Book 2- The Calling (Complete)

    Post  Skeseth on Thu Apr 18, 2013 6:21 am

    ~.:Raziya Arauxo:. ~ .:Razi, Raz:. ~ .:Female:. ~ .:24:. ~ .:Human:. ~ .:Vanguard:. ~

    Raziya was frowning in concern at the turian as he finally started to get himself together. “I've had worse,” she replied to his question regarding her injuries. Which is true when she compares her injuries to the time after being tortured by Cerberus to the point of insanity. To Bane she turns with a grateful smirk, “You seem to forget that I'm much tougher than I look, friend.” Looking back to Felix, she looked at his own injuries. “ And how are you? Thought we had lost you there.” Her eyes narrowed at the word 'Collectors', foreign to the human completely. Instead of questioning about the strange new creatures, she instead went on to reassure her companions, “Some of those things are dead, up there, but I wouldn't stick... around...”

    In the last two words, she had already straightened up (only a wince from the pain it caused) and drew her weapon to aim at the approaching threat. It had to be Cerberus. There was a flare of blue from her free hand, clenching tightly into a fist, as her anger began to manifest through her biotics. Still, she followed Felix's lead. Every instinct in her body wanted to either fry or burn a hole through the woman before them, but her own gray eyes continued to dart back to the turian beside her.

    It was only when the woman started to announce Razi's recent history that her finger started to tighten on the trigger without direction from the one she thought of as leader. “Bipolar?! I'll show you bipolar you xenophobic murderous bi--What the hell, Felix? Why are we asking her questions when we should be shooting her!?” No shooting yet, but she was a hair trigger away from blowing a bunch of holes into all the Cerberus agents. It wasn't until she mentioned the code that Razi faltered, her finger releasing its hold on the trigger of her weapon.

    Thankfully for the Cerberus agent and her army, there was yet another distraction. This new complication brought out some loud swearing out of Raziya, unable to keep herself quiet much longer. Because really... what did they do to earn this kind of bad karma all in one day so soon after reuniting? “You're one of the last people I'd dare call a friend, after all you people have done to us,” snarled out the human woman as she glared at the retreating blonde.

    Her arm was beginning to tire keeping it up with her weapon at the ready, and she had lowered it when she realized that the Red Talons were at least a bit friendlier of a greeting than the Cerberus crowd. It was still in her hand, ready to be used, and she was always at the ready with her biotics if needed. The adrenaline was starting to run out of her, but she still had enough energy to leer back at Nowi. “You haven't even begun to see trouble. Nowi, was it? Your jealousy is showing, Nowi.” Her eyes flicked from Felix and then back to the female turian.

    Raziya made her way closer to Bane, uncomfortable in this new crowd even if they looked like they were now willing to help instead of shooting them. “Something just isn't right in all this, or am I wrong, Bane?” she murmured to her friend. “Better to move on alone, I say. Maybe we can convince Felix together but I have no idea how close knit he's become in these last two years back on this asteroid.” The span of time that Felix was distracted, she looked down at the wound on her side that still looked fresh even after a liberal amount of medi gel she was able to apply on it. She tried her best to wipe the blood off on her armor before the turian returned. “I shielded myself better than you. Sorry about that, I should have stuck with you,” she told Felix with a wince. “I'll be fine. We both will, thanks to Bane here.”

    Her eyes turned to the transits, then to both her friends. “I'm glad they got here when they did, but I'm more grateful for having you two back. Not sure it will stay that way if we go with them... what's the chance they won't get rid of us two as soon as they get the chance, Felix? They seem to like you well enough, but I feel like I got some animosity from them for being a pesky human.” Or maybe it was just that one female turian she was eyeing up from where she was, searching out weaknesses in case she had to fight dirty later for whatever reason. They definitely weren't going to become the best of girlfriends anytime soon...

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    Re: Mass Effect: Book 2- The Calling (Complete)

    Post  Benathorn on Thu May 23, 2013 10:28 pm

    Name: Felix Lee Latibus - Race: Turian - Gender: Male - Age: 27 - Rank: Turian Havoc

    Felix looked to Raziya with concern as she apologized about not sticking with him during the initial blast from the Collectors. Though, truthfully, he would not have expected her to, "Hey don't apologize. I don't think anyone could have stuck together through a blast like that. If it wasn't for your biotic shields I may have been dead by now." He winced as he recalled the pain, still feeling his ribs hurt from his hundred foot fall, but he was lucky to have hit so many objects on the way down. "You know I could really go without all this falling we have been doing lately. There is only so much bruising and abuse my body can take in one day. Turians need to be handled gently, we are delicate and handsome creatures." He cracked a joke since it had been so long since he did so with the whole gang together.

    Felix noticed Raziya and Bane's uncertain stares towards the Red Talon group. He supposed they thought the same as him- trading one bad group for another. Raziya's comment about if they would attack them or not made the Turian glance at her thoughtfully, "I suppose they do give off a bad vibe. Even if they did help us they are still a gang nevertheless. Nowi and Virrion I trust well enough. But I guess you guys don't know about all the internal conflict going on with their leader Talos." Felix clicked his mandibles in though as he got a few passing stares from some of the other Turians. He knew those glares well enough, the distrust and taboo of having a Turian with no tribal marks like himself, unsettled them. That- and Raziya was human and Bane was Krogan. Two of the three species the gang despised for various reasons. He decided to a bit more into detail about the whole thing, "Talos owes me for helping him with some jobs a while back. But his generosity only reaches so far. He is certainly not the badest guy on Omega. Hell- he's a saint compared to most the thugs on this rock. But he's greedy. Seen him do some terrible things for the right price. That is where I draw the line though. I don't stoop that low, so I refused to join up when he first offered me a high ranking place in the gang. It was nice offer seeing as I-" Felix pointed a talon to his bare face, "Don't have any tribal marks. But I don't work for anyone but myself. It's always best not to owe people in this place. I made it a point not to, probably why I have lasted so long here till now." He remarked as he crossed his arms, "But there are a lot of issues he has with other gang members vying for power. If Talos doesn't consistently show he is in power then you start loosing favor among the lackeys. Guess that's why there has been so much tension lately. The guy loves his credits a bit too much if you ask me..."

    With that he turned once a transit arrived with Virion driving in the front. The side panels opened to reveal Nowi gesturing them to get on board. Felix was hesitant, but they were in a poor position to disagree at the moment. Giving a small glance back to Razi and Bane, he forced himself to get on the transit- all be it a bit ungracefully. His head still rang if he moved it too suddenly, something he tried his best to avoid as he took a seat in the back and buckled in. Nowi closed the transit doors as soon as his companions joined them. The female Turian seemed as distrustful as ever around the other races. Clearly she had not forgotten their little bought just moments before. But thankfully she said little as they all got comfortable for the ride over to the Red Talon's base. "I didn't know you still had armor Felix?" The male Turian turned his green gaze to Nowi as she looked to him questionably. "Yeah, the suit was given to me by my father a long time ago. Though I would bring it back out since it looks so good on me." He grinned to her as she looked away shyly- making him turn away as he recalled her infatuation with him from before. 'Shouldn't have slept with her those few months ago. I've told her time and again that I don't want a relationship. That I'm just not looking to settle- yet she's still fawning over our past.' Felix sighed, it was uncomfortable to be in such close quarters with Nowi as he tried to scoot closer to Raziya and Bane. Earning him a hurtful glare form the female gang member.

    "Sooo- Razi. Bane. Seen any good movies lately?" He tried to poorly avert his conversation with Nowi as he looked to the others. The mood just got chilly for some reason as he he shivered beneath his suit. He shook his head a bit to push past the fainting spell he was experiencing, hoping that this awkward situation would pass along with his never ending headache that was just now slowly beginning to fade. He really just wanted to get away from the Red Talons. Speak to Raziya and Bane alone about what just happened instead of feeling like that were prisoners without bars. He absently looked down at his omni-tool to see what the Cerberus Scientist Dr. Croff had sent him, only to see it was a message that was encoding. 'Dammit...going to need time to decipher this and can't really do it with this gang around.' He glanced up to see if Nowi or Virion were paying attention to them. Virion was simply concentrating on driving while Nowi looked out the window with an unreadable expression.

    Taking this as his chance, Felix gave Raziya a nudge to her ribs to get her attention. Lightly he tapped on her shoulder with a talon while not directly looking at her so as to avoid drawing attention. He smiled absently to Nowi as she glanced over, only to get an aggressive filled glare as Felix bent to whisper in his friends ear. "Got a present form Cerberus when we were talking with them. Think you can decipher it?" He clicked his omni-tool quickly to transfer the data to her when his heart nearly skipped a beat. "What are you doing?" Nowi growled lightly as her pale feature's soured. For a moment Felix thought she was going to call him on his passing of data, but was certainly relieved- yet surprised to her next comment. "So let me guess. She's that girl you always went on about? I suppose you two are still dating then now that she's back?" Felix, the one who always had a witty word or two up his sleeve, was speechless. It took a moment for him to gather his mandibles off the floor and find his tongue to speak. "Where did you get that from! I said her and Bane were close. I told you about how we struggled against Cerberus together and all three of us came out alive. Yeah, we were close Nowi, but I've never dated a human." Nowi simply looked away as she spoke, "And I suppose you will be telling me that your dating the Krogan next then, huh? I stay away from the other species for a reason Felix- but I guess what the others said were right about you. You like the taste of more exotic females seeing as few from your own race would care about a bare face."

    Felix clenched his mandibles tightly as the female Turian insulted both him and is friends. He wasn't going to indulge her since he could see the hurt behind her eyes. She just needed more time to get over things, but using his bare feature's as a means to hurt him was low. Nowi seemed to understand she had gone to far and immediately got up to go sit in the front with Virion. At least his little bought with her had given him enough time and cover to transfer the Cerberus data to Raziya. Felix looked to his companions with a hard gaze as the female Turian left, "Don't ask, okay?" He growled with disdain as he tried to push the conversation behind them. He had achieved what he wanted to- and that was to make sure to get the code over to Raziya so she could decipher it. Luckily for them they were coming in close to the base now. Already the transit doors were beginning to open as they landed. "Good. About time. That ride was getting a little to stuffy for me anyways." He grumbled, still in an off mood as he was met by a tall Turian male with light brown skin and blue markings across his face.

    "Felix, welcome back to the Red Talons. And here I thought you didn't want anything to do with us?" Talos, the Red Talons gang leader stood before the group as they exited the transit. A few of his members stood behind him at attention, always ready in case anything went wrong. "I'm not here to join you Talos. I was brought here since we had a fight with some buggy creatures on your turf." Talos let his intelligent deep brown eyes scan the group as he raised a brow plate at the sight of Bane and Raziya. "Ah, yes...the Collectors. Bet you didn't believe them to be real huh? Now who is this you've brought along. Raziya and Bane I presume?" Talos greeted them both with a placid smile, showing uncharacteristic pleasantries and he recited names that Felix did not recall giving them. He let it slide for now, green eyes narrowing in contemplation as he watched Talos eyes the three of them with unnerving interest. "Well, from what I have heard you three have had quite a day. I've arranged some lodgings and food for you all upon arrival. I hope I can get the chance to speak with you three after you have settled. For now, the lovely Nowi will show you the way to your quarters. Oh, and don't worry about the fees. Its the least I can do for you since you've done so much for me Felix. Consider it- an extension of good favor from the Turian race to the humans and Krogans. It's not everyday we get company like them here. The others would do well to get used to their presence a bit."

    Felix said nothing as he simply stared at Talos. The gang leader rarely 'extended good favors' to anyone unless it benefited him in some way or other. 'I don't like this...' He looked back to Razi and Bane with uncertainty that only they would recognize. He could only assume they felt it as well, but for now they would need to play along it seemed. 'Talos is up to something. I know that look from anywhere.' Felix thought to himself as he followed Nowi who refused to even look at them as she led them to some private quarters. At least here they could finally talk in peace. Something he had sorely missed since they had disbanded three years ago. Maybe now they could all get a chance to catch up and go over what they hell was going on here...

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    Catching Up On Old Times

    Post  Guest on Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:25 pm

    The already irritated female gave a loud growl at the fem turian's harsh comment, her crimson plates crackling against each other. Her silver and cyber eyes singed into Nowi's head, saying "watch your tongue, TURIAN." It was one thing to disrespect her, but to disrespect one of her few friends? Too far. Her warning made the place tremble a bit, snorting and returning her attention to Razi and Felix.

    "Disrespectful little-..." Her grumbling trailed off under her breath as she eyed the newest edition to the Trouble Brigade: Talos. He made her even more tense. Her fingers tightened around her shotgun belt, eying the entire place and the other Turians as he spoke. She didn't like this guy. Not in the slightest.

    Bane was glad to be rid of them as they were lead to their 'private' quarters, glaring into the back of Nowi's head. She hated a lot of things. Crowds. Cerberus. The Collectors. Solarians. ...Turians. But there were some things she did find enjoyment in. In her younger days, it seemed only fighting quenched that need but...Now..The Krogan strayed from her thoughts as the door closed behind them and they were alone. "'Bout damn time!", she growled, giving the door a passing glare and turning to her old friends. She stared at them for a few seconds before her face lit up a bit, wrapping them both with her trunk-like arms. "So!", she greeted them both with a sort of 'amused' grin, "How have you two trouble makers been?!" She squeezed them a bit before letting go, "Although, I think by our little reunion I already have my answer!" It was rare for Bane to make any sort of 'joke' whatsoever that didn't involve beating something, or someone. But she could do little to hide th joy of seeing her only 'friends' again.

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    Re: Mass Effect: Book 2- The Calling (Complete)

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