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    Mass Effect: Book 3- Act 1: Shattered Dreams (In Progress)


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    Mass Effect: Book 3- Act 1: Shattered Dreams (In Progress)

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    The galaxy is on the precipice of its extinction. The name 'Reapers' has begun to sound on everyone's lips, but many still have refused to believe their existence despite the overwhelming evidence and the attack on earth. However, other parties are very much aware and concerned for these behemoth entities slow return and none more so than Cerberus and the Shadow Broker Agency.

    These two parties have been at odds ever since the pro-human group came into power, and each has intel that the other could use against their enemy to cripple their financial efforts and obtain their secrets. But all this internal conflict has dragged the most unsuspecting of individuals to be forced allies. Fyra Roland, a young human female with a past thought to be of little concern, has drawn the eye of both the Broker and Cerberus. Agents have been deployed to make contact with the human female, but only because she is the only one who can open the black box that her deceased father has left behind in her care. A box that is only opened by whatever knowledge she posses, a knowledge she claims she does not know.

    Sorren Talibus, a Turian Assassin for the Shadow Broker, has made contact with the human female and has reluctantly been tasked to care for Fyra's well being at any cost-- only until he can retrieve the information that Roland left his daughter that is. However, his plans will soon have to change as internal conflict within the Shadow Broker's ranks begin to emerge and dark deceptions call for unspeakable acts. Unknown individuals vie for power over the agency and Sorren is soon faced with loyalty to the Broker or that of his charge-- Cerberus ever close at their heels and a constant threat to his mission.

    Each are of different worlds and race, but both find that they have to work with the other in more ways then one, as their unexpected alliance soon forces them to reluctantly rely on each other throughout their ordeal. The galaxy around both Sorren and Fyra is unraveling quickly and the powers which lay in the shadows have begun to emerge and corrupt as well. There is more to this secret Black Box intel than meets the eye and these two's forced pairing may soon have them questioning the other as what they thought to believe as truth, now soon shatters their worlds in the end...  



    [b][i] ~.:Name:. ~ .:Nickname:. ~ .:Gender:. ~ .:Age:. ~ .:Race:. ~ .:Class:. ~[/i][/b]

    [size=18][b]~ Tнɛ βɛɢιииιиɢ ~[/b][/size]
    [i][b].: Name :.[/b][/i]
    [size=9](Full Name Here)[/size]
    [i][b].: Gender :.[/b][/i]
    [size=9](Male or Female)[/size]
    [b][i].: Age :.[/i][/b]
    [size=9](Age is in accordance to race.)[/size]
    [i][b].: Race :.[/b][/i]
    [size=9](Human, Turian, Krogan, etc...)[/size]
    [i][b].: Appearance :.[/b][/i]
    [size=9](Give a detailed description of what you look like. No pictures please.)[/size]
    [i][b].: Class :.[/b][/i]
    [size=9](Vanguard, Soldier, Biotic, etc...)[/size]
    [b][i].: Relationship Status :.[/i][/b]
    [size=9](You are allowed to have a relationship with any race.)[/size]
    [i][b].: Sexual Orientation:.[/b][/i]
    [size=9](What gender do you perfer?)[/size]

    [size=18][b]~ Cнσσsɛ YѲʋя Ғαтɛ ~[/b][/size]

    [i][b].: Paragon-Renegade :. [/b][/i]
    [size=9](Are you good or evil or both?)[/size]
    [b][i].: Personal History :.[/i][/b]
    [size=9](Tell us about your past.)[/size]
    [b][i].: Your Greatest Fears :.[/i][/b]
    [size=9](What are your phobias or weaknesses?)[/size]
    [b][i].: Body Markings :.[/i][/b]
    [size=9](Do you have any scars, tattoos, head gear?)[/size]
    [b][i].: The Inner You :.[/i][/b]
    [size=9](What is your personality like?)[/size]
    [b][i].: Weapon Of Choice :.[/i][/b]
    [size=9](Assault Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, etc...)[/size]
    [b][i].: Other Info :.[/i][/b]
    [size=9](anything you wish to state? Have I forgotten anything important?)[/size][/center]

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    Sorren Leonis Talibus: Shadow Broker Assassin

    Post  Benathorn on Thu Aug 01, 2013 8:26 am


    Name: Sorren Leonis Talibus
    Age: 28
    Race: Turian
    Gender: Male
    Class: Assassin
    Theme Song 'Burn Away'

    Current Occupation:
    "Assassin, Thief, Saboteur...all those espionage jobs and the like."

    Sorren, by trait, is a thief at heart and an assassin by nature. He certainly by no means was raised to be this way, it is simply the place and environment he grew up in and the choices he made down the rode. The galaxy is in tatters and disarray after all. As such, so too are the many races and individuals that call it home, and Sorren has decided to use his skills to help the Shadow Broker exploit such confusion.

    He is currently apart of the Shadow Broker's dark agents. These individuals excel in espionage, assassination, data retrieval, thievery, and above all else, the selling and blackmailing of secrecy and information. All things that Sorren enjoys to delve into for the sake of acquiring knowledge for both his and the Shadow Broker's interest.


    Paranoid     |||||||||||||| 58% 50%
    Schizoid     |||||||||||||||||||| 90% 40%
    Schizotypal |||||||||||||||||| 78% 56%
    Antisocial    |||||||||||||||||||| 86% 46%
    Borderline   |||||| 30% 45%
    Histrionic    |||||||||| 34% 35%
    Narcissistic |||||||||||||||||| 78% 40%
    Avoidant    |||| 18% 48%
    Dependent || 10% 44%
    Obsessive-Compulsive |||||||||| 34% 45%

    Schizoid Personality Disorder- individual generally detached from social relationships, and shows a narrow range of emotional expression in various social settings; emotional zombies who stopped feeling due to trauma(s) and/or can't feel due to organic depression

    Schizotypal Personality Disorder- individual is uncomfortable in close relationships, has thought or perceptual distortions, and peculiarities of behavior; preoccupied with seeing themselves and/or the world as strange/odd.

    Antisocial Personality Disorder- individual shows a pervasive disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others; Preoccupied with disdain/contempt for others and often a need for control/power over others.

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder- individual has a grandiose view of themselves, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy that begins by early adulthood and is present in various situations. These individuals are very demanding in their relationships. Core issue is entitlement.

    "Oh great, these things-- I always get the most concerned and awkward looks when they read my psyche report. I could have sworn some of these were higher last time I took this test, wonder if that means I'm getting better or losing my edge..."

    Sorren Leonis Talibus





    Adopted Father: Felix Talibus (Turian- Alive)
    Adopted Mother: Raziya Talibus (Human- Alive)
    Birth Mother: Sarinnia Talibus (Turian- Deceased)
    Birth Father: Gavtich Aruxus (Turian- Deceased)

    "My outwardly appearance means little. You should be more concerned on what dwells within...does that sound too disturbing to you? Or perhaps you actually wish to find out."

    Now in his younger prime years, Sorren is a young Turian male of twenty-eight years in age. His form is lean and tall with a hard, yet slender, muscular build-- due to his skills in stealth rather then strength like most of his kind. He stands nearly over 6 feet 9 inches while his features are unusually darkened and his fringe curls back like a wicked thorny crown. Though at first glance the young male comes across as dark and alluring in nature, in truth, Sorren could care little about such frivolous notions. He has been approached by many females of varying race, each like the last, and all are the same dull and ditsy dames who barely hold his interests for but a few moments. For some reason he is only intrigued by woman that are out of the ordinary. Those who seem to not follow the norm of their species or whose talents and skills rival his own.

    Though others may deem his initial appearance to be handsome, Sorren simply believes it to be an asset when stalking the shadows and hanging among rafters to listen to the secrets of others. At the very least his stark white tribal markings help alleviate his dark complexion by accentuating his features. Sharp green eyes, a trait shared by all of the Talibus tribe, peer through like a predator searching the crowds for prey. He is easily overlooked often times when lingering in the shadows, such is his profession after all. It would not due to have others notice him when he wishes to not be noticed. However, Sorren is often seen in light armor and fabric that is the color of obsidian with silver rims and tailored edges. An assortment of belts also hugs his chest and hips nicely as they work to hold various blades/items and his favored Turian blade, the eight-inch ceremonial Talon. When on stealth missions he wears a black covered hood over a white skeletal mask that conceals his identity, with bright illuminating red visors that help him to see and detect heat signatures in the dark. All-in-all he adorns your classic Turian roguish look and only wears his species typical armor when not on the job since he finds the armament to be quite dull and restricting-- not to mention cumbersome to wear for one who relies on agility and ease of movement to live.

    Sorren's usual attire is that of light armor and clothing to help the assassin move with ease and without a sound. However, in doing so he sacrifices the defense that the usual Turian issued heavy armor provides, making him severely vulnerable in an all out gun fight. This makes for him having to focus on usually getting the kill in the first shot or risk a confrontation with the target and having little defense if it goes awry. For the most part the young male is quite adept enough to handle such situations but such luck can only last for so long before it runs out. If he is confronted with a Krogan or enemy that is out of his league the Turian will not hesitate to bolt. No sense in getting killed when you are the swifter one and choose to flee, right? But this does not mean he never wears the usual attire of his people. Sorren does have a dark obsidian armor with silver trims that he adorns when he is off duty. But expect him to be in a foul mood if he is required to wear it. The Turian absolutely despises the lack of movement he is unable to achieve in the heavy armor and feels hampered when out and about in the blasted thing. This may or may not compel him to ditch the suit for more lighter clothing. So do not be surprised if you turn around and see him in different attire that you probably could have sworn you saw on some unfortunate passerby just moments before.

    As for secret weaponry he also carries around a very special small dagger set that is laced with Thresher-maw venom. Only to be used in the most extreme of situations, like somehow having the misfortune of going up against a Krogan or Yhag, Sorren keeps a set on hand just in case and out of sight since Thresher venom is a hard poison to come by if you don't harvest it yourself.


    "Straight. Sorry, not into males. Human females and Turian females are more my type. Asari just live far too long for my liking and require demanding relationships. Drell are actually quite nice as well, just not that many you come across really. Never touched a Salarian or Krogan-- Krogans would crush me and I absolutely despise Salarians..."

    Sorren will occasionally take the time to be with a female companion for a few days if in the mood. At the least it provides him some relief and comfort, but it is not that often and only when he finds the time or wants to satisfy his needs. He is not the Casanova that his outward appearance makes him out to be. In fact, even though he deals in killing and thievery, he is quite the gentleman towards others, if only in due part to get what he wants or simply to tease. A trait that his human mother made sure he possessed that he has taken to a most disturbing level.

    He is always sarcastic and cynical about such things. He cares nothing for the masses of the universe and makes it a point to keep in mind that love is fleeting. Not that he has anything against those who are truly bonded and care for one another, hell, his own adopted parents are a Turian and Human, so there is little judgement in that department on his part. Simply put- Sorren does not have the time, nor the life style, to commit to a working and sustainable relationship. He has never had a female that he has truly cared for and has never been with one longer than a week or two. In his line of work there are just too many secrets and bad habits that would eventually get any partner of his killed...most likely by his hands.

    In the end the Turian avoids relationships due to their demanding nature and usually because most females are not interesting enough for him. He only truly shows a keen interest in another who is either just as morbid and crazy as he or who does not adhere to their species stereotypes. Sorren is cruel and uncaring when first presented with someone who wants a serious relationship, however, he is actually quite nervous and awkward about how to truly go about impressing a female. If he were to ever actually care for another Sorren would probably go about showing his endearment in very unnatural ways. For example, you may find the head of someone you despised wrapped as a gift for you at your doorstep. Or perhaps you will be peppered with question on who you would like killed for you or if there is someone you wished to be exterminated with no traces left behind. Point being, Sorren does not know how to properly display affection besides doing so in ways that he actually knows and understands. Such as death ,blackmailing, threats, all which can in turn make the dark plated male frustrated with how best to please you if none of those works. If the young male does offer you gifts of dead things, like that of a cat with a dead bird, it is best to simply take the gesture as a nice one and just smile and nod.



    "The past should remain in the past. Like a corpse, it deserves to rot away until it is nothing. I see little use in allowing such ridiculous things to control my life. All that matters to me is the present and what I intend to do in the future..."

    The Past- Sorren's past has been put behind him without much recollection on his part. However, it is quite the interesting tale to the few who do know his true origins. He carries a very old Turian clan title; Clan Talibus is all but wiped out now, but there are many Turians who know the name when they hear it. Only he and Felix carry the blood of his ancestors spirits these days, weather or not they will work to rebuild such a prestigious and old name is anyone's guess. For now, the two simply worry about themselves then the traditions of their race. The few who do know Sorren's background will see that he was raised at a young age by Felix Talibus and his human mother, Raziya Arauxo. He rarely speaks of his parents and few know that in truth that they are not wholly his mother and father.

    Sorren is actually the son of Felix's sister, Sarinnia, who was murdered by his true father, Gavitch. Gavitch was also the one who murdered Felix's own father, Sorren's grandfather, to gain power to become the next Turian Primarch during that time. It was no wonder that he was named after the grandfather he never met; the true 'Sorren Talibus' was known as a great Primarch and General long before his death and before the war with the Reapers, the exact opposite of who Sorren is. Are you confused yet? Well you should be since it also causes Sorren great confusion as well. All of these dark mind boggling details about his family before he came into this world makes the young male recoil at the absurdity and depth of it all. But despite all the blood and betrayal that he was conceived from, and even though his true birth father was a murderer, Sorren considers his uncle Felix to be his actual father and his adopted human mother Raziya to be his true mother, regardless of race or past history. Sorren cares little for the dead woman who birthed him. She is gone and he never did get the chance to know her nor does he regret in never doing so. The dead mean little to him and should remain in the past- and that is where his past lays now. Rotting away as a distant memory that he cares little to recollect.

    The Present- Sorren has spent the past twelve years under the Shadow Broker's agency. First entering the program at the young age of sixteen and dropping out of the Turian Legionnaire that so many of his kind go into service to. He never fancied the Turian motto "Victory at any cost!" What was worth more than one's own life? Maybe his way of thinking was in due part to how he was raised by both human and turian ideals, but Sorren feels no shame in admitting that to gain victory at any cost is a stupid mantra in his books. He likes to enjoy his victories with the satisfaction of getting out alive at the end of it and it was this separate way of thinking that certainly got him noticed in all the wrong ways.

    During his time in his short service Sorren's constant questioning of his commanding officer's actions did not earn him any respect. A soldier is not meant to ask questions after all, just simply do what they are told. This idealism was never drilled into him when he was a pup so he found it difficult to adhere to his superiors 'helpful suggestions.' The constant beatings of submission, and even down right degrading acts of humiliation forced upon him in front of others, did not help the young males attitude towards authority. Sorren recalls very well of how he was used as an example of how exactly not to be a Turian-- thus sparking a deep seething hatred for his commanders to the point of lashing out without restraint. Not surprisingly this in turn got him demoted to degrading ranks and chores till finally he up and left of his own accord. Granted, no one just leaves the Legionnaire without being humiliated and dishonored, but much of this was avoided due to server hacking and a misplaced form that suggested he was killed in action during a random routine mission in the middle of nowhere. No one would miss someone like him after all, yet, his meddling did not go unnoticed, but not by the Turian officials. Instead, Sorren was contacted by an agent of the Shadow Broker offering him a position in exchange for his technical services and giving him a chance to put his skills to better use. It seemed his hacking had interfered with a previous Shadow Broker Agent's work, thus garnering the attention of the Broker himself to look into who had disrupted the code. Instead of killing him they graciously decided to put him to better use instead.

    Sorren eagerly and excitedly accepted. A young sixteen year old pup being enlisted as an assassin for the Shadow Broker held far greater appeal then that of self-sacrificing and mindless soldiers for the Legionnaire. His Master was an older female Drell named Chell, a woman of hard and steely resolve, and also the one who took the young male under her wing with hidden glee. The next twelve years Sorren had, in a sense, been brain washed to become her tool and used as a weapon. Chell is both a respected figure in Sorren's life, one of the few he respects and yet despises at the same time, while also someone he fears greatly since he knows her skills far surpass his own. She made it a point to train the dark Turian to answer to her call alone, like an obedient Varren he eventually gave in, but his ruthless nature and silent but cruel disposition was rewarded and encouraged by his Master Assassin. She praised his stubborn streak and was happy when he did not give in to her training at first, but made sure to also have the male only submit to her in the end, the Drell's methods of training young recruits borderlined torture. If Sorren stopped to think about it he would say his selfish and demanding nature was created and nurtured in due part by Chell, however, the young male sees nothing wrong with his character and simply views the world as being the distorted rather then himself.

    Since then he has undergone rigorous training to not only downplay his young ego, but to sharpen his mind and body for the trials of working in espionage and gathering intel for the Shadow Broker. This past recent year is his first time being alone on the job without the watchful eye of one of his Master, Chell. After nearly twelve years of service, Sorren has reached the ranks of a high ranked assassin, and as such, has been given more rewarding and risky assignments as the Broker's and Chell's confidence in his abilities continues to grow. However, if he fails to provide valuable info or blunders up an assigned kill, he will then be needed to be exterminated. No pressure, but so far the past few years have been profitable and Sorren has been keeping the Shadow Broker content with his recent findings and Chell pleased with his obedient and loyal nature for whenever she beckons or calls. He can only hope to continue to impress for both his own sake and that of the Brokers or risk being put down by the very woman who trained and raised him through half his life....

    "Getting to know me may not be in your best interests...then again, maybe it would be amusing to have you see who I truly am."

    Sorren has a twisted sense of humor, there is no denying that. His amusement plays a large part in his behavior, inciting his actions to overcome boredom or to simply entertain himself. However, that is only if there is nothing to do. The the dark plated male is known for his wicked teasing of his fellow companions and often enjoys making you feel uncomfortable by invading your personal space. Do not anger him, though, Sorren will often tear right through personal boundaries and challenge you face-to-face, his usual light cynical demeanor changing to that of an uncharacteristically dark one. He seems to have issues with being touched, poking and prodding being the worst, and often snaps violently on those that do so to him. For one who finds enjoyment out of getting close and personal to make you feel uneasy, the Turian himself can not stand having the same done to himself. As to why it is unclear, but you may catch a glance of the dark male flinching under any sort of actual contact, be it out of anger or concern.

    Despite his many many quirks, Sorren is quite the nimble and stealthy individual. He revels in his kills; the last sound of one's dying breath as his omni-blade sinks into their flesh excites him to predatory levels. It is as if his assassin training has made killing a drug for him. He needs the thrill and close contact to death, he becomes rather antsy if he is not allowed to do so, and a bored Sorren means he is forced to find amusement in the misfortunes of others. He also loves to make human deals, which often ends badly for the other party member, but is a way to garner his attention nevertheless...for a time that is. The Turian does have his normal side, however oddly sounding that may be. There is one thing that does sate him and that is Turian chocolate. Obtain this and you will find it quite concerning how cooperative he can be, however much he hates it so, he would do anything for treat....anything!

    There is also one redeeming quality to him and that is his honesty...brutal honesty to be exact. Ask for the truth and he will tell you, but it is up to you what questions will garner you the answers you seek and how blatant he will be in answering them. If you do not inquire the right questions much of who he is will remain a mystery to you as well as any intentions he may have for you in the future. Another peculiar trait that the dark male has, once he consider you 'his' he will defend you till the bitter end. It is odd as to why he acts this way, perhaps a distorted sense of loyalty that was once pure now made this way due to his training, yet never fully eradicated. Or perhaps it is the only way he can consider you a friend without saying so himself. It is far better to be considered his possession rather then his enemy after all-- just look at it being simply his way of saying he will be there for you, even despite how distorted he makes it out to be, Sorren's heart is in the right place for such a thing. It is made very apparent upon meeting the male that he has entitlement issues, best to simply let it go, he will not relent if he deems you his and will certainly not allow anyone to claim you as well.

    Outside of work, when Sorren does get a chance to himself, he is quite the calm and collected individual. But he will rarely take shelter within a bar or some dance club unless he is utterly bored or forced into doing so. This would then intel that some mayhem or brawl would be incited just to amuse the Turian while he watched. You might say he is a notorious instigator when it comes to such matters. When actually content Sorren will just steal a few dextro drinks, climb the tallest building or rafter in the station, then sit quietly by himself while he enjoys looking out over the station's horizon. Sorren can be a bit of a dark romantic at heart when he is allowed to. He just loves getting a glimpse at the world from a birds eye view, as if to claim it all as his personal playground. Such things remind him of his favorite novels and the young Turian has always loved the dark literature that his life seems to play out with ease. In essence, Sorren is twisted in nature, selfish in his desires, believes that most things are rightfully his, and above all else, revels in his kills and dominance over his prey. Certainly a dark and twisted sole, like something straight out of Poe's literature-- He would take such a comment as a compliment.

    "Weapon? I'm sorry, you must mean 'weapons.' I don't carry just one..."

    Sorren's main arsenal consist of the Arc-Pistol, a serrated six inch Turian military issued dagger, and a Turian Sniper Rifle for those far off kills during them lonely nights on the rooftops. For tech purposes he carries an Broker issued Omni-tool with pre-installed codes to help combat against drones or other technical hazards. Also comes in handy for a flashlight as well.

    Sorren is more skilled when it comes to surprise attacks but is also taught in hand-to-hand combat when forced to do so. If presented without a pistol, or other artillery weaponry, he will resort to using a serrated military dagger that was given to him by his father, Felix. Though he is skilled in stealth attacks Sorren is not someone who is capable of using brute force to win a battle. He will strike where it counts using intelligence and stealth in order to hopefully make up for his lack in strength and brutality. He is adept enough for getting out of tight situations but becomes hampered when it comes to facing a militia. There is, after all, only so much you can do with sheer skill alone before you are overwhelmed, and Sorren would rather live for another day then go down fighting for a lost cause. Call it cowardice if you wish but he calls it effective living. No sense in going against six armed soldiers when you know you don't stand a chance.

    Sorren is not a graduate of technical skill and comprehension like that of a Quarian. However, he certainly knows his way around cracking codes and hot wiring a few transits for reasons that have absolutely NOTHING to do with his want for amusement or stealing a shiny new vehicle... and maybe a couple of bank accounts to throw some well deserved credits his way...

    Sorren's general skills are his way with words when in need of distracting a bartender or Volus banker to get a drink or a few credits. His knack for pick-pocketing is nothing to scoff at either, but oddly enough he only uses the skill when he gets bored with waiting around or wishes to watch the chaos ensue when he places said stolen item on another's person. There is no real reason why he does this and the Turian will simply state he did so just for the hell of it.

    Sorren has always enjoyed the dark literature of Poe and can sometimes be seen carrying around an ancient and old tattered book from a time long past. During his downtime, weather that be atop a building or empty skyscraper looking over a city or station, you will find the turian reading a page while doing his best to comprehend the human language. For the most part he understands most written English words, another teaching passed down from his human mother, yet it can still be difficult to read at times. Though he may not be well versed in it all, this possession is one of his most prized treasures on his person. No one is allowed to touch the nearly torn and dusty book, save himself. As to why he carries around such an old thing and who gave it to him, Sorren will give absolutely no insight on the matter since books are such a rarity to come by as is. (Though it can be safe to assume he probably stole the novelty.) Just don't touch the book. Ever.

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    The one and true goddess

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    ~.:Fyra:. ~ .:Fy, Fyr, That Crazy Girl, You're Insane:. ~ .:Female:. ~ .:20:. ~ .:Human:. ~ .:Adept:. ~

    ~ Tнɛ βɛɢιииιиɢ ~

    .: Name :.
    Fyra Roland

    .: Gender :.

    .: Age :.

    .: Race :.

    .: Appearance :.
    Light golden hair has been grown out to mid-shoulder blades. Falling in smooth curls, the hair fluffs out around her face, with some shorter bangs snipped to coil around her forehead and eyesight. Her face is still round with baby-fat and with a pointed chin, yet still proportional to her small physique; she is much shorter than others her age with fewer curves than most women her age, though they have begun to become more pronounced. She's fair skinned with no visible blemishes on her face and sports a small nose and thin lips. There is one mark on her skin: a thin white scar that stretches across her throat, visible when looking closely against her already pale skin. Her eyes are a clear sky blue that can be unnerving when combined with a narrow-eyed glare; such a pale color that would border on white on a bright day. Her eyes are framed by long lashes and her brows are generally low and straight on her face.

    .: Class :.
    Biotic (Adept)

    .: Relationship Status :.
    It was once said that she threatened an infamous merc leader into calling her “his sweetheart”, so that she could intimidate some young men that were teasing her at a bar. The rumor also says she was thrown out after she tore the place apart when the merc leader turned on her, and then locked up and banned from the bar. There is a scattering of men that have had encounters with her that usually end with “She's crazy, man, stay away!”

    Though Fyra is young at mind still, regardless of her age, and has her sights set on many things that are not generally of the male persuasion. She has no interest in any sexual encounters, does not possess an ounce of femininity that tends to attract the other gender, and is too busy generally being a nuisance to really be in any sort of relationship. It doesn't help that she still looks like a young girl instead of a mature woman, regardless of her age.

    .: Sexual Orientation:.
    Power... er, straight

    ~ Cнσσsɛ YѲʋя Ғαтɛ ~

    .: Paragon-Renegade :.
    Paragade/Renegon... What Fy says is the right path, that's just how she is.

    .: Personal History :.

    To say Fyra was a crazy kid growing up is an understatement... but first to start with her parents. Her father died before she could really know him, though he left a significant impression on her life as her earliest memories were of him trying to teach her how to grow their food in the garden, how to swim in the ocean, how to shoot small prey down with something as primitive as a bow and arrow... He had an accident while at work trying to rebuild the nearby city.

    On the other hand, she inherited most things off of her mother, who had been in the war and seen things up close. A lot of her looks, her biotics, her temperament usually comes from her. Her mother, Rupa, was a biotic and a student that evacuated from the Grissom Academy that settled down immediately after the war. There was definitely some PTSD that the young woman suffered from, but overall enjoyed her more quiet lifestyle by the ocean. Rupa met her husband shortly after the war ended and she simply walked away from her fellow students and the Alliance. She never looked back. When she first met Fyra's father, Fyran, it certainly was not love at first sight. The pair hated each other, her father being a joker by trade and her mother being a responsible young adult too serious for her young age. One too many drinks at the bar and after nearly killing Fyran, somehow they wound up in the same bed with a happy (not quite yet) little accident that will eventually become Fyra (who is named after her father).

    Rupa was not alone in raising Fyra once her husband passed away. After the war she reunited with her sister Soleil and older brother Tyrrol, though they both had their own responsibilities in helping get the world back into order after the Reaper War. Yet they still became a part of Fyra's life by being the aunt and uncle in passing, bringing with them stories and gossip and what is going on with the world and helped her dream of adventures in space and helping out in the recovery. And when it came to stories of adventures, none other were more coveted than Commander Shepard's.

    Fyra grew up hero-worshipping the Commander, which is the reason she wanted to join the Alliance. While her mother did not want anything to do with the Alliance or fighting any longer, she did not prevent her daughter from doing what she wanted. The girl grew up special, having a talent in biotics. A talent that she took advantage of. If her mother had not been a biotic herself, she would not have survived raising her only child. She quickly became schooled in what was a new effort of a combination of the Ascension program and Grissom Academy on Earth to avoid any more problems.

    Fit with an L3 implant, trained, and among many ambitious and failed adventures, Fyra finally was transferred to join the Alliance. What had not ever improved was her inability to work with authority. Fyra was a menace and though she respected and listened to her mother, the rest of the world was just never good enough to earn her loyalty. She had a tendency to disregard orders, disappear during assignments, and lie through her teeth over even the simplest of questions. If someone dared her to do something, she would do so without question... which did not help restraining her from borderline illegal activities. After taking off during a simple scouting mission and getting herself trapped by a merciless merc leader and barely escaping with her life, she was reassigned to a unit in charge of gathering data and possible working tech. The boredom made her choose her own path to follow...

    .: Your Greatest Fears :.

    Disappointment in those she truly cares about... Her mother is the one family member who she truly does respect. While she does joke around and occasionally does talk poorly on her mother's strict attitude, there is a lot of admiration for the older woman. Failure is another fear, especially if it costs anothers' life. She means well overall and does try to save rather than destroy. And most of all she fears fish. Growing up by the ocean was just fine, but she rarely swam. At first with her father, he took her out often enough. Her fear grew later, the unknown when something brushed up against her.

    .: Body Markings :.
    She certainly has a few scars on her body, though her skin is pale enough that it does not show easily. The most obvious one is a thin scar along her neck that is hard to see unless the person is up close and personal and looking for it. As if her throat was slit at one point... or an attempt to.

    .: The Inner You :.

    There's too much of this to put in mere words... “There is nothing I can't do, name it. Dare me? Don't have to say it twice! And-- oh, explosions? I'm in. Don't care what it is. I'm in.”

    Fyra is a daredevil, a pyromaniac, and a lot of energy all bundled into one tiny package. At five feet, it's a surprise she can get away with such big talk... and that's all she is, all bark and no bite. In reality she isn't as great as she says. Her aim is not good, her background a bit exaggerated, but overall she does qualify in biotics. They may not be as powerful as she says they are, but they certainly are enough to have gotten the attention of the Alliance, and likely the only reason they have not locked her up for good. They certainly have jailed her a few times, confined her, grounded her, and punished her in various forms for her insubordination but not ever have they broken her. Or taught her, really.

    She is unfortunately far from following in Commander Shepard's footsteps and all five feet of her want to make a big impact in the galaxy... but that is a lot tougher than she first anticipated. For now her name is barely known, except for the few places she has frequented and fellow soldiers that have called her “that crazy little blonde”. Her immaturity does stick out like a sore thumb, and as small as she is, it does not help.

    Yet there is one thing that Fyra can be relied on... Well, almost. She does try her hardest to be relatively GOOD. She wants to protect the weak, even if she isn't as strong as she thinks she is. She wants to capture and bring justice to crime... even if she has nothing to back her up when she refuses to work as a team. She wants to make the world a better place... even if she is blowing things up and being dared to steal things in the process. She wants to be seen a hero... even if the rumor is that she is hiring herself out as a merc to get credits and get the hell out of there for higher aspirations. Who knows what is on her mind? It runs in way too many directions... but she does try to be “good”. If you squint hard enough, you may see it.

    .: Weapon Of Choice :.

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