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    The Archive of Rune Bearers


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    The Archive of Rune Bearers

    Post  Skeseth on Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:39 pm

    Rune Dragons are very special creatures that come in a variety of colors and species. Through my many travels of exploring the world, I will introduce new Runes that can be adopted to good homes with loving owners. Most Runes have talents and quirks that belong to just that one species but in the end every rune is special and unique. You will find a companion for life in these little creatures ,who are about the size of owls, and can be mainly seen perched on their owner's shoulder giving any passer by an inquisitive stare. Any Rune that I find I will be sure to inform you of and maybe one day you can own your own special Rune too.

    Runes are dragons that inhabit our world of Eldamore. They can not speak but they are extremely intelligent and sociable creatures and those who own them appear to be able to know what they are saying. Many Runes are only indigenous to certain parts of the globe, but I have been traveling quite frequently and come across many findings that I write in my journal for others to view later on. There are even very special runes that we call 'Ancients', dragons who are capable of speech and very large in size, they hold immense power and dominion over certain elements and are rarely seen by others. These dragons can only be summoned by special rune stones that I rarely come across. However, these stones call out to those who are destined to befriend these giant beasts and are only found once every month. Every human has a rune dragon as a companion for most of their lives since runes are known to live as long or longer than their owners. When one bonds with you then the two are bonded for life and even a special connection is made between the owner and dragon. It is my job to pair each person with their soul rune, and I hope to achieve this goal through much exploration and findings!~Benathorn


    Benathorn (Creator and Artist)
    Jendalie (Co-Owner and Artist)
    Ashenjoy (Artist)
    DracosCanine (Artist)
    Maluruloki (Artist)
    Verdana (Artist)

    Rune Dragons Adoptables Page
    This is an Archive for Rune Dragons and are not owned by me. Please do not steal or ever claim these as your own, these ideas are not to be used without permission.

    If you want one of your own, these are the current Rune Dragons up for Adoption!(Please go to the dragons page to fill out adoption forms.)

    Runes Dragons are listed by owner name and are in alphabetical order (listed by ancients, adults, babies). Male Rune names are in Blue and Female Rune names are in Pink. Black names have unknown gender. All unlinked owners need to PM me (Skeseth) so that I may know your name change and properly mark it down for the archives.

    Rune Bearers A-D
    Rune Bearers E-H
    Rune Bearers I-L
    Rune Bearers M-P
    Rune Bearers Q-T
    Rune Bearers U-Z

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    Rune Bearers A-D

    Post  Skeseth on Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:29 pm


    Rune Name: Willow Tree || Rune Type: Lorikeet Plumed


    Rune Name: Kira || Rune Type: Leaf Peeper


    Rune Name: Ramses || Rune Type: Tomb Guardian

    Rune Name: Tami || Rune Type: Plumage


    Rune Name: Tane || Rune Type: Nightingale

    Amxen no.XV

    Rune Name: Neoark || Rune Type: Siphon


    Rune Name: Pikelet || Rune Type: Flapjack


    Rune Name: Luka || Rune Type: String


    Rune Name: Ardor || Rune Type: Hearth


    Rune Name: Mersera || Rune Type: Spider

    Rune Name: Nadja || Rune Type: Hope

    Rune Name: Razim || Rune Type: Myth Song

    Rune Name Anastacia || Rune Type: Whisper

    Rune Name: Faloin || Rune Type: Shimmer

    Rune Name: Sezene || Rune Type: Ikran


    Rune Name: Vorren || Rune Type: Toruk

    Rune Name: Zade || Rune Type: Varren


    Rune Name: Brambleleaf || Rune Type: Thicket

    .:autumn leaves:.

    Rune Name: Felis Orbis || Rune Type: Fairy


    Rune Name: Mephistopheles || Rune Type: Pestilence

    Rune Name: Andromeda || Rune Type: Black Fire Gryphon

    Rune Name: Calamity || Rune Type: Under The Bed

    Rune Name: Grimald || Rune Type: Gargoyle]

    Rune Name: Iggy || Rune Type: Emerald Lizard

    Rune Name: Nymphaea Stellata || Rune Type: Utpala

    Rune Name: Sonic || Rune Type: Sonic

    Rune Name: Fizzle || Rune Type: Celebration

    Rune Name: Ganymede || Rune Type: Soul Snatcher

    Rune Name: Kynval || Rune Type: Portal II


    Rune Name: Aludra || Rune Type: Spring

    Rune Name: Serca || Rune Type: Pictish Beast

    Rune Name: Shivali || Rune Type: Nocturne (female)

    Rune Name: Cei || Rune Type: Folklore


    Rune Name: Icecube || Rune Type: Rain


    Rune Name: Crowley || Rune Type: Vampire

    Rune Name: Mano || Rune Type: Hammerhead


    Rune Name: Meyve || Rune Type: Harlequin


    Rune Name: Numair || Rune Type: Time and Space

    Rune Name: Gadzooks || Rune Type: Steam Gear

    Rune Name: Garrus || Rune Type: Garrus

    Rune Name: Big Red || Rune Type: Tea Leaf

    Rune Name: Tiddly Winks (co-owned) || Rune Type: Messenger


    Rune Name: Aijin || Rune Type: Kirin


    Rune Name: Lavent || Rune Type: Peach

    Catastrophic Blend

    Rune Name: Micah || Rune Type: Nemicolopterus

    Celestial Skies

    Rune Name: Sapphire || Rune Type: Dewdrop

    Rune Name: Harlequin || Rune Type: Mischief


    Rune Name: Astra ||Rune Type: Purple

    Commander Shepard

    Rune Name: Nyarlathotep || Rune Type: Chaos

    Rune Name: Adrian || Rune Type: Paragade

    Rune Name: Ashlyn || Rune Type: Dream Catcher

    Rune Name: Bonnibel || Rune Type: Bubblegum

    Rune Name: Artemis || Rune Type: Asari

    Rune Name: Borealis || Rune Type: Blizzard

    Rune Name: Mirala || Rune Type: Banshee

    Rune Name: Oriana (co-owned) || Rune Type: Dark Matter

    Rune Name: Silha || Rune Type: Drell


    Rune Name: Flaminis || Rune Type: Talisman Shaman

    Rune Name: Marina || Rune Type: Blue

    Rune Name: Nigrum et Flavum || Rune Type: Bumble Bee

    Rune Name: Hyacintho Favum || Rune Type: Bumble Blue


    Rune Name: Morgause || Rune Type: Nightshade


    Rune Name: Selaria || Rune Type: Arcane

    Rune Name: Jia || Rune Type: Charm


    Rune Name: Nieve || Rune Type: Snow Leopard


    Rune Name: Volare || Rune Type: Skyflier


    Rune Name: Riki || Rune Type: Miasma

    Rune Name: Bane || Rune Type: Krogan

    Rune Name: Enyo || Rune Type: Puppeteer

    Rune Name: Haytham || Rune Type: Assassin

    Rune Name: Armani || Rune Type: Fawn Thief


    Rune Name: Charon || Rune Type: Lantern


    Rune Name: Grass || Rune Type: Green

    Rune Name: Spade || Rune Type: Spade


    Rune Name: Aeon || Rune Type: Fossil

    Rune Name: Aura || Rune Type: Fox Flame

    Rune Name: Aite || Rune Type: Golden Fox Flame

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    Rune Bearers E-H

    Post  Skeseth on Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:31 pm


    Rune Name: Lhach || Rune Type: Red


    Rune Name: Dúlin || Rune Type: Neon Glow


    Rune Name: Coralina || Rune Type: Dragonet


    Rune Name: Attina || Rune Type: Snowy Owl

    Rune Name: Flora || Rune Type: Carefree Flowery

    Rune Name: Nanook || Rune Type: Jingle Dog


    Rune Name: Voodoo || Rune Type: Patchwork Spirit


    Rune Name: Xochi || Rune Type: Wildflower

    giam dau

    Rune Name: Aiveye'se || Rune Type: Moon


    Rune Name: Sio Tien Sin || Rune Type: Dumpling

    Ǥʋαя∂ιαи σғ Єƨℓяɛℓℓα

    Rune Name: Auberon || Rune Type: Grizzleback


    Rune Name: Alakai || Rune Type: Lemur


    Rune Name: Arthur || Rune Type: Leaf


    Rune Name: Rhiannon || Rune Type: Samhain

    Rune Name: Ehemberin || Rune Type: Nightlight

    Rune Name: Ozikiel || Rune Type: Chimera

    Rune Name: Salem || Rune Type: Zombie

    Rune Name: Festeus || Rune Type: Spirit Flame

    Rune Name: Loki || Rune Type: Imp

    Rune Name: Niyx || Rune Type: Poltergeist

    Rune Name: Shai || Rune Type: Will-o'-The-Wisp

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    Rune Bearers I-L

    Post  Skeseth on Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:33 pm

    I ᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ Ian ♥

    Rune Name: Ethoria || Rune Type: Scoria

    Rune Name: Lorelei || Rune Type: Siren

    Rune Name: Murmuro || Rune Type: Celtic Wolf


    Rune Name: Azara || Rune Type: Grizbok

    Rune Name: Leonardo || Rune Type: Clock Gear

    Rune Name: Sabastion || Rune Type: Firelight

    Rune Name: Tiddly Winks (co-owned) || Rune Type: Messenger


    Rune Name: βράχος || Rune Type: Rock

    Rune Name: Cazo || Rune Type: Techno Zebra

    Rune Name: Nya || Rune Type: Zebra

    Rune Name: Sula || Rune Type: Sunlight

    Rune Name: Aurum || Rune Type: Golden


    Rune Name:Ankh || Rune Type: Mummy


    Rune Name: Keyoto || Rune Type: Kitsune Fox


    Rune Name: Aurora || Rune Type: Morning Snow

    Rune Name: Moss || Rune Type: Lichen

    Rune Name: Kerrigan || Rune Type: Giganto

    Rune Name: Kiyoko || Rune Type: Shyling

    Rune Name: Nachu || Rune Type: Brittle Bark


    Rune Name: Victoria || Rune Type: Albino


    Rune Name: Nigris || Rune Type: Black Knight


    Rune Name: Myth || Rune Type: Sternenlicht Drache

    Rune Name: Fantasy || Rune Type: Gypsy Star


    Rune Name: Gemstone || Rune Type: Topaz Lizard

    Rune Name: Sparrow || Rune Type: Thistle

    Rune Name: Tangerine || Rune Type: Velociraptor

    Rune Name: Candy || Rune Type: Candy Corn


    Rune Name: Tmavý || Rune Type: Volcanic

    Rune Name: Fiamma || Rune Type: Spark Flame


    Rune Name: Lylo || Rune Type: Blue/Green Striped


    Rune Name: Elestai || Rune Type: Silver Spirit


    Rune Name: Maru || Rune Type: Bells

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    Rune Bearers M-P

    Post  Skeseth on Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:34 pm


    Rune Name: Delyth || Rune Type: Sunset

    Rune Name: Genevieve || Rune Type: Flash

    Rune Name: Muse || Rune Type: Henna

    Rune Name: Phaedrus || Rune Type: Grassland

    Rune Name: Summanus || Rune Type: Spark

    Rune Name: Ammolitia || Rune Type: Tropical


    Rune Name: Kora || Rune Type: Ocean

    Rune Name: Twitch || Rune Type: Technology

    Rune Name: Night Skies || Rune Type: Telepathy

    Rune Name: Sharni || Rune Type: Toxic Techno


    Rune Name: Nistre || Rune Type: Flame

    Metallic Dragon

    Rune Name: Kyoko || Rune Type: Pygmy Tiger


    Rune Name: Zocoreth || Rune Type: Conquest

    Rune Name: Zeuis || Rune Type: Earth

    Rune Name: Mooni || Rune Type: Shadow Fox


    Rune Name: Kibera || Rune Type: Drifter


    Rune Name: Kiara || Rune Type: Orphaned

    Mysty Fox

    Rune Name: Ignis Inceptos || Rune Type: Phoenix

    Rune Name: Lacette || Rune Type: Lace

    Rune Name: Arcanum || Rune Type: Mystic

    Rune Name: Δя∂ɛиƨ Ǫʋαтʋσя || Rune Type: Ember

    Nellas Lissësúl

    Rune Name: Ar'fëa || Rune Type: Autumn


    Rune Name: Inferno || Rune Type: Crimson Breasted


    Rune Name: Zeyus || Rune Type: Wind

    Rune Name: Iya || Rune Type: Spectral

    Rune Name: Kozmar || Rune Type: Dream Eater

    ~ Nix |Ink Weaver ~

    Rune Name: Scitus || Rune Type: Battle Gear

    Rune Name: Solem || Rune Type: Psychic

    Rune Name: Oriana (co-owned) || Rune Type: Dark Matter


    Rune Name: Corshine || Rune Type: Comet

    Painted Pawz

    Rune Name: Cyro || Rune Type: Winter

    ραяαησямαℓ єηтιтιєѕ

    Rune Name: IceBrisk || Rune Type: First Frost


    Rune Name: Jangwa || Rune Type: Desert


    Rune Name: Gypsy || Rune Type: Periwinkle

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    Rune Bearers Q-T

    Post  Skeseth on Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:36 pm


    Rune Name: Nocte || Rune Type: Lapis Lazuli Lizard

    Rufioh Nitram

    Rune Name: Alaunus || Rune Type: Lights

    Rune Name: Laima || Rune Type: Wraith


    Rune Name: Lila || Rune Type: Ribbon

    Rune Name: Deoradhan || Rune Type: Fez


    Rune Name: Nina || Rune Type: Pastel Iridescent Dragonfly


    Rune Name: Brilla || Rune Type: Patience


    Rune Name: Kumosagashi || Rune Type: Cloud Chaser


    Rune Name: Arbaro || Rune Type: Cameo

    Rune Name: Cemerlang || Rune Type: Gypsy

    Rune Name: Nokoto || Rune Type: Dark Specter

    Rune Name: Santos || Rune Type: Dream-lit


    Rune Name: Lilify || Rune Type: Pony

    Shiko Hayashi

    Rune Name: Absinthe || Rune Type: Skull


    Rune Name: Electro|| Rune Type: Nocturne

    Silver Bullets

    Rune Name: Aku-Aku || Rune Type: Obsidian


    Rune Name: Eidolon || Rune Type: Kelpi

    Rune Name: Kedge Halyard "Hal" Fitzroy || Rune Type: Seafarer

    Rune Name: Lóegaire || Rune Type: Belted

    Rune Name: Mariana || Rune Type: Deep Sea

    Rune Name: Ceallach || Rune Type: Kells


    Rune Name: Demeter || Rune Type: Harvest

    Rune Name: Làzhú || Rune Type: Candlewax

    Rune Name: Nare-Zushi || Rune Type: Sushi


    Rune Name: Styrlakr || Rune Type: War

    Rune Name: Azaka || Rune Type: Nightmare Bolt

    Rune Name: Mirrikh || Rune Type: Red Death

    Rune Name: Norina || Rune Type: Portal

    Rune Name: Rooz || Rune Type: Hallow

    Rune Name: Sovereign || Rune Type: Reaper

    Rune Name: Uruloki || Rune Type: Fire Opal

    Rune Name: Kijani || Rune Type: Prothean

    Rune Name: Nazara || Rune Type: Reaper Mark II


    Rune Name: Tsalagi || Rune Type: Wild African


    Rune Name: Navnik Mitne Vaeriar || Rune Type: Mayan

    Rune Name: Night Laced One || Rune Type: Tinsel


    Rune Name: Murtagh || Rune Type: Bronze


    Rune Name: Celeste || Rune Type: Witchcraft

    Rune Name: Daydream || Rune Type: Fluffy Sleep

    Rune Name: Mizu || Rune Type: Froth


    Rune Name: Atum Ra || Rune Type: Sun

    Rune Name: Anidori || Rune Type: Jubilee

    Rune Name: Shadow || Rune Type: Toothless

    Rune Name: Star Dust || Rune Type: World of Colors

    Rune Name: LemonAid || Rune Type: Lemondrop

    Rune Name: Mia || Rune Type: Glitter Dust

    Rune Name: Orion || Rune Type: Norse


    Rune Name: Nemestrinus || Rune Type: Forest

    Rune Name: Alouette || Rune Type: Carol

    Rune Name: The Doctor || Rune Type: Time Lord

    Rune Name: Iklyn || Rune Type: Sea Salt

    Rune Name: Wibble || Rune Type: Dreamlord


    Rune Name: Alchem || Rune Type: Journey


    Rune Name: Xsurkay || Rune Type: Spectral

    Rune Name: Akasiya || Rune Type: Celestial

    Rune Name: Aritu || Rune Type: Okapi

    Rune Name: Olokun || Rune Type: Galaxy

    Rune Name: Serenity || Rune Type: Dragonfly

    Rune Name: Amethyst Shepard || Rune Type: Paragon


    Rune Name: Canvas || Rune Type: Artist


    Rune Name: Fino || Rune Type: Pyro

    Starmz ♥

    Rune Name: Odette Serah Gabrielli || Rune Type: Tiara


    Rune Name: Plum || Rune Type: Soft Plume


    Rune Name: Nilla Cherry || Rune Type: Sweet


    Rune Name: Sirri || Rune Type: Aquatic


    Rune Name: Amber || Rune Type: Maple Syrup

    Rune Name: Natalia || Rune Type: Candy Cane

    Syn + Jessy

    Rune Name: Danika || Rune Type: Woof

    Rune Name: Marlow || Rune Type: Burrowing Owl


    Rune Name: Kernel || Rune Type: Sunflower


    Rune Name: Rulei || Rune Type: Flora

    ℑʜᴇ ℬᴜʀɴɪɴɢ ℛᴏsᴇ

    Rune Name: Nyx || Rune Type: Negative

    Rune Name: Tennebrae || Rune Type: Bitter Ink


    Rune Name: Falsk Syn || Rune Type: Mirage

    Rune Name: Piuma Beato || Rune Type: Piebald Peafowl

    Rune Name: Dovleac Dans || Rune Type: Pumpkin Patch


    Rune Name: Bronwyn || Rune Type: Mist


    Rune Name: Zebulon || Rune Type: Extreme SnowSports


    Rune Name: Razigran || Rune Type: Red Panda

    Rune Name: Tulu || Rune Type: Dawn

    T R U T H

    Rune Name: Iridesent Murmur || Rune Type: Cave and Crevice


    Rune Name: Valerius || Rune Type: Gatekeeper

    Rune Name: Pyry || Rune Type: Ice

    Rune Name: Pyrrhos || Rune Type: Renegade


    Rune Name: Azreth || Rune Type: Summer


    Rune Name: Morrighan || Rune Type: Ink Weaver

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    Rune Bearers U-Z

    Post  Skeseth on Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:37 pm


    Rune Name: Sahariel || Rune Type: Lost Phantom

    Rune Name: Nagazdiel || Rune Type: Mecha Sea

    Rune Name: Nilaihah || Rune Type: Bone Gobbler


    Rune Name: Mbarim || Rune Type: Death

    Rune Name: Ardent || Rune Type: Ruby Lizard

    Rune Name: Hiroshi || Rune Type: Oriental Luck

    Rune Name: Margana || Rune Type: Seeker

    Rune Name: Taimu || Rune Type: Dark Arts


    Rune Name: Leünau || Rune Type: Native

    Rune Name: Link || Rune Type: Zelda

    Rune Name: Rose || Rune Type: Bumble Blue

    WhiteFire Raven

    Rune Name: Chaos || Rune Type: Shattered Dreams

    Rune Name: Serafin Nevar || Rune Type: Fire Raven

    Rune Name: Unknown || Rune Type: Sylph


    Rune Name: Jiwa Hilang || Rune Type: Lost Soul

    Rune Name: Lemon || Rune Type: Lemon

    Rune Name: Ellayne || Rune Type: Glimmer

    Wolf's Spirit

    Rune Name: Serena || Rune Type: Lovely Heart

    Rune Name: Méntas || Rune Type: Mint


    Rune Name: Void || Rune Type: Battle Worn


    Rune Name: Shi-Long || Rune Type: Foo Dog

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