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    Archive of Events



    Archive of Events

    Post  Guest on Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:36 pm

    Welcome to the Archive of Events.
    This is a place where events that happen in the main thread will be recorded.


    Congratulations Silverhart, Bast, and Soul in getting their new bred dragons Cei and Ceallach!

    Congratulations Skeseth in getting a gift egg!

    Congratulations Cougar28 and Jendalie, your dragons grew! <3

    The Ancient of War and Ancient of Conquest are up for auction!

    iSolar28 made a new roleplay!

    Bena made The Harlequin Rune!

    Skee's egg grew! Congratz Skee and Momoply on winning War and Conquest!

    The Emerald Lizard Rune by Jendalie is up for adoption!

    The Peafowl Rune by Maluruloki is up for adoption!

    Congratulations Cougar28, Morgause has grown!

    Congratulations Skee, you are now a mini-mod!

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